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LIFE external communications team AEIDL 1 LIFE+ communication Presentation at LIFE+ Kick-off meeting.

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1 LIFE external communications team AEIDL 1 LIFE+ communication Presentation at LIFE+ Kick-off meeting

2 March 20102 Contents of presentation External communications team (CoT) LIFE communication tools Your projects communication

3 March 20103 External Communications Team (CoT)

4 March 20104 Role of the CoT CoT AEIDL EC ASTRALE Monitoring Team Beneficiaries Assisting the EC with LIFE communications to facilitate transfer of experience and know-how to promote the LIFE programme to the general public based on information provided by monitors and beneficiaries Providing communication assistance to beneficiaries

5 March 20105 Composition of Communications Team Coordinator (Christophe) Ref. Persons Env. Pol & Gov (Gabriella) Nat & Bio (Joao) Info & Com (Eveline) Editorial Journalists (Wendy, Justin, Tim, Jon, Stephen, Eamon, Ed) Production Web master (Thomas) Graphic/Web design (Daniel) Graphic design/layout (Anita) Dissemination Knowledge Transfer Facilitation (Eveline) InfoDoc Info & database Assistant (Sophie) Assistant (Monique)

6 March 20106 What does the CoT do: LIFE communication tools 1.Website 2.LIFEnews 3.Thematic brochures 4.Best projects brochure 5.Project database 6.New projects compilation 7.General dissemination material 8.Multimedia archive 9.Communication assistance to projects (e.g. factsheets) For more information (including advice for good project communication) see also your LIFE+ Welcome package, that you will find on the distributed USB stick.

7 March 20107 Your projects communication

8 March 20108 Why communicate? improve participation of relevant stakeholders share knowledge and experience achieve synergies with other projects promote yourself and your product

9 March 20109 Communication requirements Common provisions (CP) and contractual obligations

10 March 201010 1. Visibility (CP §13.1) Publicise project and its results Acknowledge the support given by the Community in all documents and media: books, brochures, press releases, videos, software, audio-visual material Details to be given in each activity report

11 March 201011 2. Website (CP §13.4) Create a new or use an existing website should be online the latest 6 months after project start and kept for at least 5 years after project end shall be regularly updated disseminate project activities, progress and results Web address must be indicated in the reports

12 March 201012 3. LIFE logo (CP §13.2,13.3, 13.8) should appear on all documents, media and durable goods LIFE+ Nature projects shall also use the Natura 2000 logo However LIFE logo may not be referred to as a certified quality label or eco-label Use of the LIFE logo is restricted to dissemination activities Please note: products not bearing the logos are considered ineligible costs (CP §26)

13 March 201013 4. Notice boards (CP §13.5) Erect and maintain notice boards describing project display at strategic places accessible carry LIFE (Nature 2000) logo

14 March 201014 5. Laymans report Contractual obligation: In electronic and paper format To present the project, its objectives, its actions and its results to a general public For decision-makers and non-technical parties 5-10 pages In English and in the beneficiarys language

15 March 201015 6. After-LIFE communication plans Contractual obligation for ENV&POL, INF&COMM and BIO projects: as a separate chapter of the final report in paper and electronic format sets out plans for continued dissemination and communication of results after the projects end in the project's language and (optionally) in English Please note: LIFE Nature projects have to produce an After-LIFE Conservation Plan

16 March 201016 7. Further requirements Events Inform Commission of and invite to all seminars and public conferences (at least 3 weeks in advance) Audio-visual material (CP§13.9.) The EC shall not be considered co-producer Credits shall include an explicit and readable mention of the LIFE support (e.g. With the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Community) Non-exclusive rights are granted to the EC to reproduce, dub, distribute and use any audio-visual documents produced by the project

17 March 201017 Last but not least

18 March 201018 Use the external communications team! Send us: News of your project Meetings and events Prizes the project has won, etc. Products (in e-format) Photos (captions, credits) DVDs Guidelines and recommendations Newspaper clippings, etc. To be uploaded on the LIFE website or database

19 March 201019 Contact us Please do not hesitate to contact the CoT directly Tel.: +32 (0) 2 736.49.60 …. As always, with a copy to your ASTRALE monitoring team.

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