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Wetsus Technological Top Institute for Water technology

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1 Wetsus Technological Top Institute for Water technology
Martijn Bijmans Europe Coordinator combining scientific excellence with commercial relevance

2 Water Quality is Crucial
1.1 billion people no safe drinking water 2.5 billion people no safe sanitation Increasing shortage Irrigation water

3 Wetsus’ Fields of Activity
Entrepreneurship SME companies Venture capital Demosites Education MBA Water MSc Talent program Research Excellence Universities (EU) PhD students

4 Technological Top Institute Model
Developments at Universities Industrial Need for Knowledge Financial Multiplier Companies 25% Universities Government 50%

5 Wetsus: Top research by unique bundling of know-how disciplines
75 PhD students 20 academic research groups 65 companies 20 themes Wetsus is a facilitating intermediary for trend-setting know-how development in the field of sustainable water treatment technology

6 Multidisciplinary team Membrane technologist
Biotechnologist Chemical engineer

7 Research Program General directions for research:
Production of safe and healthy drinking water Safe and cost effective disposal of waste water Reuse and production of components and energy from water New sources for water from air, sea water and waste water Detection of pathogens and micropollutants

8 Education Technology needs Talent Talent needs Technology

9 Wetsus academy Master Track Water Technology
Multidisciplinary program: biotechnology, chemical engineering and process technology Started in September 2008 International, dynamic and high tech environment

10 Participating companies
2003 Unilever Vitens Shell Nuon 2004 Bioclear Magneto Energy Valley Landustrie/Hubert Norit/X-flow Triqua Grontmij Royal Haskoning Thermphos Heineken 2005 Nalco NAM Frisia Zout BV Waterb. Groningen Waterm. Drenthe Paques Numico DHV Boskalis Procede Evides Global Membrains Rabobank Wetterskip Fryslân Bright Spark 2006 KWR / BTO Dura Vermeer Hunze en Aa's Hi Light Opto Schlumberger TCNN Westt Friesland Foods Lionix Kurita 2007 Triodos bank Aquacare PWN Brabant water Dow Chemicals WS Dommel Coram Stowa DSM 2M Engineering Multifund Trojan UV CvO - BTO 2008 Hednesford Fuji Film Oasen GMB Ingrepro Eneco Rosendaal Energy Syngenta Neste Oil Biosoil/Solarix/Tendris Microlan Feycon Delta Essent

11 Incubator business centre

12 U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
Example: Blue Energy Electricity production, gradient in salinity: ~ 2 MW per m3/s river water flows to sea Global potential: 2.6 TW (20% of total energy consumption) = U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

13 Full-scale applications
Roadmap 2005 – 2009 PhD projects Wetsus 2007 – 2010 Pilot Harlingen > 2010 Full-scale applications mW - W kW MW

14 Innovation: Blue Energy
Wetsus Research project Business Success Patent applications Demo projects …… Spin off companies & New business …… Venture capital Talent Larger companies join

15 Water for a changing world
Top Research: combine commercial relevance with scientific excellence Demand driven and Multidisciplinary Facilitate development of new technology Education for technology workers

16 Thank you for your attention
combining scientific excellence with commercial relevance

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