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Age of Exploration Obj: Identify Explorers and their Motives.

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2 Age of Exploration Obj: Identify Explorers and their Motives

3 Team Portugal

4 Bartolomeu Dias  First to sail around Cape of Good Hope (Southern tip of Africa)

5 Dias wanted to name the Cape “The Cape of Storms” because of the fierce storms that his ships encountered.

6 Ferdinand Magellan  First to circumnavigate (go around) the globe.


8 Vasco da Gama  First to sail directly from Europe to India (1497 - 1498)

9 Vasco da Gama’s landing at Calicut, India

10 Prince Henry the Navigator  Patron of explorers (like a Coach) -Create navigation schools -Used new technology Ex: Magnetic Compass, Accurate Maps, Faster ships (caravel) -Pushed for exploration Q: Is there another modern or historical figure who pushed for new ideas?

11 Portuguese Empire

12 Team Spain

13 Christopher Columbus  Sailed for Spain  Discovered the “New World” (Bahamas, Cuba, Hispaniola, etc.)  Enslaved native islanders, made them mine for gold



16 Hernando Cortez  Conquered Mexico for Spain (defeating Aztecs)  Aztecs thought he was sent from the gods Brought horses+gunpowder He exploited this to force Montezuma to surrender Enslaved indigenous population (local people)


18 Francisco Pizarro  Conquered Incan Empire


20 Cortez and Pizarro’s men were Conquistadors (heavily armed Spanish warriors). Conquistadors means “Conquerors”

21 Team England: Sir Francis Drake  First Englishman to circumnavigate the globe  Helped defeat Spanish Armada (1588)  Engaged in Piracy: Stole from the Spanish



24 Team France: Jacques Cartier  First to lay claims in Canada  Searching for North West passage.



27 Motivations for Exploration 4ab

28  God: to spread (diffuse) Christianity  Religious groups (Puritans, Protestants, Catholics) come to New World  and convert indigenous (native) people to Christianity.

29  Gold (or anything valuable) Demand for gold, spices, and natural resources in Europe Example: Pepper cost $20.00 a pound. Do the Math: 50 ton ship x 2,000 x 20=

30  Glory Political / economic competition

31 TECHNOLOGY 4a  Inventions / innovations in navigational arts from China, Ottomans, other countries  Prince Henry the Navigator combined all the new technology. Better ships (Caravel) Accurate maps Better Instruments (magnetic compass)


33 Exploration Impact: Europeans R.A.C.E.D. to conquer the Americas (4c)

34 Create a chart that looks like the following in your notes: Make the “R” row 5 spaces. R A C E D

35 Rigid class system and dictatorships in Latin America. Encomienda System=right of Spain to demand work/money from natives. R: Spanish on top Mestizos--part Spanish, part Native American Native Americans, slaves on bottom

36 Africans brought to Americas as slaves A: The cargo hold of a slave ship was hot, cramped, and putrid.

37 C:  Colonies imitate culture and social patterns of parent country.  Ex: Language, Customs, traditions, religion  1. Mexico=Catholic Religion because Spain was Catholic  2. United States= English-heritage because Great Britain created colonies.  3. Brazil=Portuguese Language

38 Europeans immigrate to Americas E:  They claim more land for their country

39 Diseases kill Natives Americans  Demise of Aztec, Maya, and Inca Empires D: Small Pox

40 Impact on Africa (4c)  Create trading posts along the coast that trade in slaves and gold

41 Impact in Asia (4c)  Colonization by small groups of merchants (India, Japan, China)  Influence of trading companies -Portuguese -British -Dutch

42 Where did they R.A.C.E.D to? (Use Map)  Spain North/South America, China, Japan, Philippians  Portugal Brazil, Coast of Africa, India, China, Japan  France Quebec (Eastern Canada), Western America, India, Haiti, China  England Eastern America, India, Australia, South Africa, China, Japan

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