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1 Meeting with regional offices 18 November 2009.

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1 1 Meeting with regional offices 18 November 2009

2 2 Agenda: coming up…. Next meeting with regional offices – 18 December 2009 –Presentation of reflection paper by Commissioner Samecki Hearing with RegioStars finalists – 27 January 2010 (Brussels) –For more information: contact Conference - Building on 20 years of community support for urban development – 4 February 2010 (Brussels) –For more information: contact

3 3 RegioNetwork Virtual networking platform for all regions Online discussions –Sustainable development –Innovation –OPEN DAYS online community Working group includes regional offices Launch date: May 2010 For more information contact:

4 4 Regions for Economic Change Conference 20-21 May 2010 – Towards EU 2020 RegioStars Ceremony – 20 May in Square Brussels Main themes: ICT and green competitiveness –For more information: contact

5 5 OPEN DAYS 2010 4-7 October 2010 Opening session – hemicycle European Parliament on 4 October 2010 Kick-off meeting with partners –11 December 2009, 11-12.30 (JDE 51) –For more information contact:

6 6 Call for projects DG REGIO improving its online database of projects but also… 2010 – Collection of so-called symbolic projects –Easily recognisable to the average citizen –e.g. Mont St Michel in France; AVE in Spain; Eden project in the UK Must be co-financed by the ERDF or Cohesion Fund Projects will be used to raise citizens awareness of cohesion policy Please send your projects in by January 2010! For more information contact:

7 7 Questions?

8 8 Suggested topics for next meeting?

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