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Florence BEROUD – Project Officer Management of Natural Resources – RTD.I.4 Research Directorate General - Environment - RTD.I EUROPEAN COMMISSION 8-9.

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1 Florence BEROUD – Project Officer Management of Natural Resources – RTD.I.4 Research Directorate General - Environment - RTD.I EUROPEAN COMMISSION 8-9 Octobre 2009, i stanbul, Turkey 3rd GEO European Projects Workshop Agenda


3 Detailed Review of the Agenda Poster Session Organisation of the Workshop Presentation overview

4 Thursday 8 October - Morning session Presentation of Regional South Eastern Europe Earth Observation activities and European coordination activities. 9.30Morning Session: Welcome Chair: Cihan Kızıltan, EC FP7 National Coordinator, Environment, Space, Security - Welcome by Gilles Ollier, Head of Sector, Earth Observation, DG RTD, European Commission - Welcome by Okan Kara, TÜBITAK, EC FP7 National General Coordinator Presentation on "Recent Development in Turkish Research Area". - Presentation of the Workshop Agenda - Florence Béroud, EC - Presentation of the activities of EO in Turkey by Tamer Özalp, TÜBITAK 10.30 - 11.00 Coffee Break Opening of the Poster Session Morning Session (Continued): - Presentation of activities in South East Europe by Ms. Eleni Christia, Greek GEO Office - Presentation by EnviroGRIDS of Capacity Building for the GEO in the Black Sea basin by Nicolas Ray, University of Geneva - Eugene presentation by Udo Gärtner, DLR - RTD EO Infrastructure activities by Anna Maria Johansson, EC 12.00Lunch Break

5 Thursday 8 October - Afternoon session 1 Setting the stage for the focussed Working sessions 13.30Afternoon Session 1: GEO Current Strategic Focus Chair: Florence Béroud, EC The GEOSS Common Infrastructure - GCI and Data sharing by Alan Edwards, EC - The role of OGC as a standardisations organisation in European funded projects by Athina Trakas, OGC The Ministerial Summit in 2010 - Preparation of the 2010 Ministerial Summit by Gilles Ollier, EC Questions and Discussion

6 Thursday 8 October - Afternoon session 2 14.30Afternoon Session 2: European contribution to Global Data Sets relevant to the implementation of the GEO 2009-11 WP: European existing data sets and potential to support the GEOSS. Chair: Gilles Ollier, EC - DG RTD Moderator: Mauro Facchini, EC - GMES Bureau Rapporteur: Udo Gärtner, Germany 15.30– 16.00 Coffee Break Introduction: - Data Way Forward discussion at GEO and INSPIRE contribution to GEOSS by Max Craglia, Joint Research Centre, EC - GEO Global Datasets by Douglas Cripe, GEO Secretariat Land datasets: - GMES - Geoland – by Stefan Knabe, Astrium Services, DE - Global Land Cover by Jérôme Béquignon, ESA - Global Soil data by Vincent Van Engelen, ISRIC, NL - Digital Geological Map data by Ian Jackson, BGS, UK Ocean: - GMES - MyOcean by Dr. Emin Özsoy, METU, TR Water: - Water Cycle Data Integration by Massimo Menenti, ENSPS, FR Atmosphere: - GMES - MACC by Leonard Rivier, LSCE, FR - Global Carbon Tracking by Philippe Ciais, LSCE, FR - Mozaic Airborne dataset by Prof. Andreas Wahner, JÜLICH, DE - Global Observation Systems for Mercury - Nicola Pirrone, IIA CNR, IT - EDGAR database, global map of CO2 emissions, Max Craglia, JRC Registration - The GEO component registration, Bruno Greco, EC Discussion: The way forward and practical implementation. Registration effort: what is the next step? 18.00End of the Day

7 Thursday 8 October - Afternoon session 2 The development of global sets of data is a necessity for environmental research in many domains: climate (e.g. Carbon Cycle), ocean, health etc… European Researchers have both a lot to gain and much to contribute for those global data sets: – Access to new data – Data cohesion at international level – Constitution of global data repositories. What we are looking for: What we have in Europe to contribute to GEOSS Global Data Sets What barriers are preventing contribution and registration of European components in the GEOSS. How can we help?

8 Thursday 8 October - Dinner The Dinner will be hosted by TÜBITAK and served in the Galata Tower on Thursday 8 October from 19:00-21:00. Transport will be provided between the Workshop Venue and the Galata Tower Please inform us if you cannot come

9 Friday 9 October – Morning parallel sessions Climate BiodiversityEcosystem Health CAPACITY BUILDING Disaster Energy

10 Friday 9 October – Morning parallel sessions Participants have been allocated to one of the 4 sessions -Climate Monitoring including Global Carbon Observing System -Environment & Health -Biodiversity & Ecosystems -Capacity Building What we are looking for: Support in the preparation of the November 2010 Ministerial Summit in the form of: - Major European achievements that can be attributed to the GEOSS - Other achievements that can be presented - Messages to be taken on-board by the ministers 3 hour sessions with a moderator and a rapporteur: The output will be used to shape and motivate the work of the Task Force preparing for the communication to the ministers. Nippon Hotel Point Hotel

11 Friday 9 October - afternoon session Final Working session. Report the Dataset and Ministerial sessions Plenary Discussion Decision on Way Forward

12 Poster Session The poster session is an integral part of the Workshop. –A number EU projects represented can benefit from knowing of each other: networking effect leading to optimisations and synergies –Posters from Turkey and South Eastern Europe region contribute to networking and to partnering in the current and future calls All coffee breaks will take place in the poster session. (Nippon Hotel // sessions also)

13 Organisation of the Workshop Please contact Ms Ebru Imren or Ms Pinar Bozoklu, for all practical question on the Workshop organisation Lunch will be served on the 9th floor of the Point Hotel Galata Tower Dinner: be on time for transport (19.00 in front of the Point Hotel), business casual dress.

14 GEPW-3 Enjoy a fruitful Workshop

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