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“Toolbox of Methodologies on Climate and Energy for the Covenant of Mayors” Miriam Badino, Provincia di Genova (IT) 1 1

2 E4M project motto: “BETTER CLIMATE AND ENERGY FOR ALL“ Communities and Covenant Supporters and Coordinators Intro about project working together towards a smart sustainable energy future! 2 2

3 E4M project: Supporting sustainable energy agenda at local and regional level Focus: What? Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs): build capacity to support planning, development, financing and organising stakeholder involvement Who? Targets: Local actors, incl. local governments and their stakeholders, as well sub-national government level (provinces and regions) Why? To support Covenant of Mayors as an important European initiative for local governments (to commit and report). How? Identifying needs, tools, resources and offering support to local governments as well as their Covenant of Mayors Coordinators and Supporters.

180 new municipalities joining the Covenant of Mayors 60+ municipalities accompanied with their SEAP development and implementation 34 new Covenant Coordinators (CC) or Covenant Supporters (CS) created to help communities 10 Energy Days organized per year in the project regions 8 pilot Energy Management Systems (EMS) implemented PARTNERS: Province of Genova (IT) - Coordinator  Sogesca s.r.l. (IT) Province of Modena (IT) Italian Local Agenda 21 Association (IT) City of Zagreb (HR) Polish Network Energy Cités (PL) Kaunas Regional Energy Agency (LT) Region of Central Macedonia (GR)  Province of Huelva (ES) Province of Barcelona (ES) ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, European Secretariat (DE)  Association for development of mountain municipalities of Republic of Bulgaria (BG) Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (GR) European Center for Quality Ltd. (BG) Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities (BG)

5 Covenant Coordinators and Supporters
Organisations that support cities and towns to achieve their Covenant of Mayors (CoM) commitments are called Covenant Coordinators & Supporters (previously Supporting Structures - SSt). Covenant Coordinators are: National Coordinators (e.g. national energy agencies) Territorial Coordinators (e.g. provinces, regions, ...) Covenant Supporters Networks of local governments 5 5

6 E4M responding to needs:
Communities and their Covenant Coordinators & Supporters Conduct survey: The 1st ENERGY FOR MAYORS (E4M) survey was conducted in 2010 helped to: Identify & analyse existing support offered by SSt / Identify good practice & replicable methodologies / Identify SSt needs Summary of Survey on Approach and Needs – Diputació de Barcelona Build capacity: Workshops: Huelva (2010), Genova (2011), Krakow (2012) Develop guidance material – Support Package for Covenant Coordinators and Supporters: Brief Analysis of Needs of SSt - ICLEI Europe Basic Guidelines for SSt – ICLEI Europe Centralise resources in the TOOLBOX Public resources in E4M project, also with the use of the toolbox. In particular, there is a “support package” for Covenant Supporters and Coordinators (formerly called SSt). 6 6

7 SEAP: Wide range of topics
(also for Covenant of Mayors) ACTIVITIES / PHASES / STEPS: Starting up (e.g. political commitment, goals, resources, etc.) Assessment (e.g. Baseline Emission Inventory) Target setting SEAP development SEAP implementation SEAP monitoring and evaluation Participation processes Communication campaign Financing activities SECTORS COVERED BY METHODOLOGIES: Adaptation Buildings Energy Mitigation Transport Waste Water Mainly to introduce the icons of the toolbox…try to focus their attention on them so that they understand what we are about to talk about. Types: sectors covered by methodologies (DEFINITION), they will have an icon. V SLIDE DOPO. CROSS CUTTING topics: policy, people (participation, communication,...), financing and technology are to be considered in each and every step of the process. They influence in a transversal way all the SEAP development steps or integrated action. Supported by 7

8 E4M Toolbox - Entry Point
The toolbox has been designed to provide easy access for users to the best resources available; to facilitate the user the Toolbox has been developed in order to be user-friendly thanks to the usage of icons addressing both steps of the process and cross-cutting topics: technology, financing, people, policy. The toolbox aims to be “visual“ and immediate, reducing the amount of text. Toolbox intends to be a "live" tool that by its own nature will never be “finalized” in the traditional sense, since there will be always room for improvement and room for further enrichment of the quality and number of resources collected in it. To help the user, the NAME of each icon is popping up when passing with the mouse on the icon. Toolbox is growing continuously: register and add resources!

9 E4M Toolbox - Icons This is the help menu.
Limited need for language Search function linked to icons This is the help menu. The icons are a specific choice in order to facilitate the user: Make the toolbox more visually effective; Reduce the amount of descriptive text towards language-neutrality The icons have been linked directly to the search results: it is possible to implement a search clicking on the icon directly from the home page, or from the search for (linked directly to the resource upload form)

10 Icons available in 10 languages - downloadable
E4M Toolbox – Icon meaning Icons available in 10 languages - downloadable To exaplain the meaning of the icons text is needed so: - the list of icons and their meaning has been uploaded in English and other 9 languages: Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, German, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish and Spanish The help sheet can be downloaded as pdf and printed as reference during the search/upload

11 E4M Toolbox - Search function
Detailed criteria for effective search List of all Methodologies: Alphabetical / by Language / by Type The search form features detailed criteria for the search. - tools can be uploaded in every language, the languages are listed in original version and in English to facilitate non-english speakers -The icons will be represented in the search form to make the search more immediate and appealing, directly linked to the resource upload form -The resources are listed in alphabetical and by language: new listing by Type Search

12 Every language version available
E4M Toolbox – Resource example Best methodologies Every language version available Example of methodologies: MODEL Guide for municipal decision makers and experts Municipal Energy Planning, Common Framework Methodology. Available in English, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak..great methodologies developed in a project co-funded by IEE. This is a very good guideline. PNEC, partner of E4M project, worked on that too and it is available in many languages (see above in the note). This is the type of resources we want to add: help for all, best quality…example of Best quality resource. When adding a resource, it has to pass by criteria to be uploaded: it passes by the administrator before being published online.

13 E4M Toolbox - Add resource
Easy to upload different resources Guidance - pop-up boxes FAQ to help user The resources are easy to upload; Pop up boxes give guidance explaining type and purpose of the resource FAQ address further issues the user might raise : available in the help session. You have to select the icons related to your rescource in the upload resource form (Back end = upload resource form)

14 USE! E4M Toolbox - Invitation Rate Comment Feedback
Register Add USE! Rate Comment -- The feedback form is available for both registered and not registered users. It is send directly to the administrator and can be use for general comments, suggestuions for improvements: we encourage users to fill it and give us constructives criticisms in order to improve the toolbox! The form can be also used to request changes in critera/description of resources uploaded by other users. -- rating system: Every user can see the rating but only registered users can rate. Registered users can contribute a rating to the resource, selecting their choice with stars from 1 to 5; the rating displayed will be an average of the ratings obtained by the resource; the rating is allowed for each of the resources just once. Ogni risorsa può essere valutata da ogni user una sola volta. Rating è online per chiunque, la media. Perchè non c’è un ranking? Coprono tale vasta area e diversi topics che non ha senso. No ranking di risorse più visitate… - STRESS a lot the importance of USING and Registering to upload resouces Feedback

Contact Need for further information on the project? Please contact: Dario Miroglio/ Miriam Badino Province of Genova Comments on the Toolbox? Please contact: Maryke van Staden/ Giorgia Rambelli ICLEI Europe THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! Thank you for your attention and we hope to see you all registered and using the toolbox!

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