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1 Webgoat

2 Webgoat Blame it on the Goat! Run through and solve all exercises
This part is broken up into hour blocks


4 Webgoat General HTTP Basics Thread Safety

5 Webgoat Code Quality HTML Clues

6 Webgoat Unvalidated Parameters Hidden Field Tampering Unchecked Email
JavaScript Validation

7 Webgoat Broken Access Control Remote Admin Access
Path Based Access Control Role Based Access Control

8 Webgoat Broken Authentication and Session Management
Forgot Password (N/A) Predictable Session Identifier Weak Authentication Cookie Basic Authentication

9 Webgoat Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Stored XSS Reflected XSS

10 Webgoat Buffer Overflows Buffer Overflow (N/A)

11 Webgoat Injection Flaws Parameter Injection (N/A) Command Injection
Numeric SQL Injection Blind SQL Injection String SQL Injection

12 Webgoat Improper Error Handling Fail Open Authentication

13 Webgoat Insecure Storage Encoding Basics

14 Webgoat Denial of Service DOS Multiple Login

15 Webgoat Insecure Configuration Management Forced Browsing (N/A)

16 Webgoat Web Services Soap Request WSDL Scanning
Web Service SQL Injection

17 Webgoat Challenge Start Challenge!

18 ?

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