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INTERREG III 2000-2006 Cohesion Forum Brussels, 21-22 May 2001.

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1 INTERREG III 2000-2006 Cohesion Forum Brussels, 21-22 May 2001

2 2 Structural Funds In billion

3 3 COMMUNITYINITIATIVES 2000 - 2006 INTERREG4.9 billion euro LEADER2.0 -- EQUAL2.8 -- URBAN0.7 - - TOTAL 10.3--

4 4 Increased budget: è 2000-2006: 4.9 billion euro è 1994-1999: 3.6 billion euro INTERREG

5 5 Allocating 5 billion EURO - some of the shares: n Spain900 million n Germany737 million n UK362 million n Sweden 159 million n Netherlands 349 million n Finland 129 million n Denmark 34 million n Luxembourg 7 million n Networks 47 million

6 6 General principles: –Economic and social cohesion – Balanced and sustainable development of the European territory development of the European territory – Territorial integration with candidate and other neighbouring countries INTERREG III 2000-2006

7 7 3 strands : 3 strands : A: Cross-border co-operation A: Cross-border co-operation (67%) B: Trans-national co-operation B: Trans-national co-operation (27%) C: Interregional co-operation C: Interregional co-operation (6%) INTERREG III 2000-2006

8 8 Cross Border co-operation Eligible regions INTERREG III - STRAND A

9 9 n Priority actions (not exhaustive): –urban, rural (incl. coastal) development –entrepreneurship, SMEs, local development –labour market integration & social inclusion –RTDI, culture, info/communications networks, –environment and energy (espc. renewable) –transport infrastructure –institutional capacity building But only select a few priorities!! INTERREG III STRAND A

10 10 INTERREG III STRAND B Budget: n 1997-1999: 440 million euro n 2000-2006: 1.3 billion euro Trans-national cooperation

11 11 13 Strand B Co-operationAreas Caraïbes Açores Madeira Canarias Réunion

12 12 n The thematic priorities: è Spatial development strategies è Cities and Rural/Urban co-operation è Transport and communications systems è Management of natural resources (e.g. water) è Management of cultural heritage è Small-scale infrastructure è Maritime and insular co-operation Linkages of outermost regions Linkages of outermost regions INTERREG III B Trans-national co-operation

13 13 n 6% of allocation: 293 million euro n Programme-based approach n Regional strategies n Co-operation, exchange of experience & Networking INTERREG III STRAND C Interregional co-operation Interregional co-operation NEW

14 14 Programme areas: South Zone North-West Zone East Zone North-East Zone Programme approach: a management tool

15 15 Interreg IIIC Operations ProgrammeProgramme Individual projects NetworksNetworks Regional Framework Operations

16 16 n Preparing and running a programme: è Partnership: local / regional / national è Joint strategy and joint structures è INTERREG-Agreement INTERREG III 2000-2006

17 17 n Preparing and running a programme: è Evaluation - ex ante è Baseline data è Indicators è Objectives INTERREG III 2000-2006

18 18 Thank you very much for your attention

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