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EURODECO Transnational networking for change and anticipation Maria João Filgueiras-Rauch.

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1 EURODECO Transnational networking for change and anticipation Maria João Filgueiras-Rauch

2 EQUAL Programme ESF Community Initiative aiming to tackle inequalities in the labour market 2 phases from 2000 to 2006 created more then 3000 partnerships across Europe Main principles now being mainstreamed into the ESF: - Partnership - Gender Mainstreaming - Transnationality - Innovation

3 Networks/Partnerships as tools For fighting against social problems through more participative approaches To improve creativity, equal opportunities, and new common working forms To be closer to the solutions and interests of the addressed target groups To improve the synergies and the potential of innovation through the common work and learning To improve efficiency in the use of resources

4 Partners MS (Ostrava)- Competencies for the Labour market MUC (Munich) – MünchenKompetent VOC (Valles Ocidental) - IMPAC-TEM VALLES SOP (Sopot) - On the Wave PT (Portugal) – B- SAPIENS NAP (Naples)– FILOME

5 Valles Ocidental Continuous increase in number of companies Continuous increase of salaried workers Mismatch between offer and demand Predominance of micro enterprises: 83,1 % + small number LE: 0,4% Decrease in industrial activity + delocalisation of textile and metal companies Weak presence of R&D activities in companies Poor penetration of IT in businesses Little tradition of inter-company cooperation

6 Moravia Silesian Region Typical steel and coal region in the process of restructuring (high unemployment) Development of transferable key competencies (soft skills) demanded by employers to increase employment opportunities for school leavers and unemployed as well as the adaptability of employees Existing education system focused mainly on development of general and profession related knowledge Key competencies barely present in training programmes for adults (unemployed and SME employees) Growing number of both Czech and foreign investment companies in the region

7 Region of Munich Positive picture… No big unemployment rates No big lack of resources But… High technology enterprises demand highly qualified HR Transformation of models – labour intensive to technology intensive Disadvantaged people, especially women have integration problems on the labour market Big companies are the focus of the policy making

8 Objectives - Structured Exchange of knowledge, experience, Methods and Tools - Test and Transfer of methodologies and instruments - Joint Development - the Booklets (WG) -Development of a discussion platform about Governance and further cooperative learning possibilities



11 Key Success Factors Initial planning and organization and the effort to continue Commitment between partners, between people Individual versus collective interests - direct link between the national projects content and EURODECO working groups Taking advantage of the opportunity to get to know different realities, acquire knowledge, … Progressive increase in confidence Development of good interpersonal relations

12 Critical Factors Diversity of projects and organizations Different schedules for national projects Harmonise the individual interests with collective interests Lack of time for completing the work within the predicted time frame The lack of continuity in the participation of technical experts Language and cultural differences

13 Transnational results Thematic transfers Training seminars on methods and tools for LLL by each partner Entrepreneurship models between Naples, Munich and Sopot Efficiency / Results – 4 Booklets Transnational Cooperation and European Networks Development Key Factors of Organizational Development New ways in Development of Competencies and Skills Work inclusion through Entrepreneurship Europe is more visible!

14 Learning Effects and Outcomes Multicultural perspective of problems Transnational Partnership as good communication and exchange platform Transnational Partnership as learning and accelerator instruments Scale economy effect on research and development investments Gaining influence in policy design Policy EURODECO Transnational Cooperation Agreement with consequences – first INTERREG waits for approval!


16 Thank you for your attention! Questions are welcome and support common learning! Maria João Filgueiras-Rauch

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