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Certificate IV in Project Management Course Structure Course Number 17871 Qualification Code BSB41507.

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1 Certificate IV in Project Management Course Structure Course Number Qualification Code BSB41507

2 Certificate IV Project Management
In the Certificate IV in Project Management course site you will find information about the following – Course outline, structure and delivery schedule Assessment information Introduction to project management Project Management professional bodies Project Management standards Project Management Ethics and Code of Conduct

3 Project Management Qualifications
This course reflects the requirements of the Certificate IV in Project Management under the Business Services Training Package (BSB07). The Business Services Training Package (BSB07) includes three project management qualifications from Certificate IV to Advanced Diploma. The Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE has been running the Certificate for the last 4 years and the Diploma for the last 3 years. The Advanced Diploma is currently being phased out. The units of competency in this course map to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

4 Certificate Overview The Certificate IV in Project Management is a specialist qualification which covers the competencies required by project officers or project team members. A project team member usually performs their functions under the overall management of the project manager and works with other project team members to achieve project outcomes. The Certificate covers 8 of the 9 key knowledge areas detailed in the PMBOK, these are detailed on the next slide Project Integrative Processes is introduced in the Certificate within the Apply Project Scope Management Techniques unit. It becomes a separate area of study in the Diploma of Project Management

5 Units of Study – Certificate
Units in the Certificate IV of Project Management BSBPMG401A Apply Project Scope Management Techniques BSBPMG402A Apply Time Management Techniques BSBPMG403A Apply Costs Management Techniques BSBPMG404A Apply Quality Management Techniques BSBPMG405A Apply Human Resources Management Techniques BSBPMG406A Apply Communication Management Techniques BSBPMG407A Apply Risk Management Techniques BSBPMG408A Apply Contract and Procurement Procedures 5

6 Target Audience Anyone who requires project management skills to perform their work or who has some experience on projects and wishes to formalise their project management qualifications.  Students from diverse backgrounds such as customer service, business analysis, information technology, trades, building, landscaping and event management have all benefited from the successful completion of this course.

7 Preferred Pathways There are no formal educational requirements for entry into this course, however the following pathways are preferred – Completion of Certificate III in Business, OR Evidence of competency in the majority of units required for the Certificate III in Business, OR Completion of Year 12, OR Completion of Year 10 and a relevant Trade Certificate, OR Completion of relevant short courses in Project Management, OR Vocational experience in project based work but without a formal project management qualification

8 Course Outcomes At the end of the course you will -
Understand the key knowledge areas of project management Be able to apply the tools and techniques covered in the 8 units of study Contribute to all aspects of project management Have well developed project planning and co-ordination skills The types of roles you should be able to obtain after completing this course include – Project co-ordinator Project officer Project team member Project administrator

9 Course Delivery Schedule
The Certificate has been designed to be undertaken over a 20 week period, including 2 weeks break in the middle. A timetable has been developed that will enable students get through the learning for all 8 units of study and submit assessment activities within this timeframe. If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to review and download the Course Delivery Schedule. It is available under Resources in the Course Delivery Schedule folder and also as a link from the Learning Program for this module.

10 How do I submit work? There are a variety of tasks and activities in each unit of study. You will be directed to submit work in a variety of ways, including – post findings and opinions to the discussion board completed tasks to your facilitator undertake online quizzes and activities 10

11 Course Facilitator The role of the your course facilitator is to provide - Guidance throughout the course via phone and Communicate with you via the chat room, announcements and in the discussion forums Answer questions about course delivery Answer questions about course content Facilitate your learning outcomes Provide feedback on activities Track and monitor your progress Mark and provide feedback on assessment events

12 How to get help? Contact your course facilitator for help with the following- Logging on to Sakai Questions about assessments Questions about the course delivery program Guidance on how to make progress For help with using the Sakai online learning environment, please refer to the How to Use Sakai – Student Guide which is available in the Online Learning Resources module in the Learning Program.

13 Submission of Work You will receive instructions from your facilitator as to their preferred mechanism for submission, generally - Tests that count towards your mark are completed online using Tests & Tasks Individual and Team Assessment Activities are submitted online using the attachment feature of Assignments Forum participation is assessed based on the frequency and quality of your contributions

14 Student Introduction Exercise
Please go to Tests & Tasks – Student Introduction and Assignment Selection and complete the review questions that have been assigned. This is a simple survey to allow your course facilitator to get to know you. You will also be asked to select your preference from the case studies for the Team Assignment. This will assist your allocation to a team. The Case Studies can be accessed from the Learning Program – Assessment Information Team Assignment Details. It is likely that you will be allocated to your preferred case study, but this cannot be guaranteed. Practice Learn Improve

15 Next Steps Please proceed to Tests & Tasks and complete
the Student Introduction & Assignment Selection activity. Then you can proceed to the Project Management Overview in the Learning Program. The Student Introduction & Assignment Selection is due at the end of Week 1 in the Course Delivery Schedule 15

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