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“ Transparency, Efficiency, Participation ”

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1 “ Transparency, Efficiency, Participation ”
ENTERPRISE AND INDUSTRY DIRECTORATE-GENERAL Regulatory policy Notifications EUROPEAN COMMISSION EUROPEAN COMMISSION DIRECTIVE 98/34 : An instrument of co-operation between institutions and enterprises to ensure the smooth functioning of the Internal Market “ Transparency, Efficiency, Participation ” Sabine LECRENIER – Head of Unit ENTR/C/3 - June 22th, 2005

2 The Internal Market : a sharing of values

3 Transparency , cooperation and mutual confidence .

4 Communication of the draft regulations to the

5 Translation Transmission to the Member States Internet Site :

6 Three months standstill except :
urgency fiscal measures

7 A collegial decision Finding a balance between interests A legal and political approach

8 Input from : the sectorial units of the Commission industry

9 Detailed opinion : Standstill extended to 3 extra months Request to amend the draft

10 95% success rate

11 Saving time and money for administrations and enterprises.

12 Comments : “ A lighter dialogue ”

13 Blocking : of 12 months to facilitate the finding of a common position

14 Identification of the real needs of harmonisation
Orientation of the Community’s industrial policy

15 A pedagogical tool

16 Role of the procedure in emerging sectors

17 An instrument for “ Better Regulation ”

18 A model exported to the international sphere

19 An extension to the field of services ?

20 The system exists and is operational.
Just Use It !

21 “ Omne malum nascens facile opprimitur, inveteratum, ingravescit ”
Ciceron « It is easy to put an end to a newly-born evil; it is aggravated if allowed to grow »

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