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Partnership in Action: Innovation Connectors in NE England Laura Woods 26.9.08.

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1 Partnership in Action: Innovation Connectors in NE England Laura Woods, 26.9.08

2 Innovation connectors as a regional policy tool Leading edge facilities Business/university R&D Education Employment opportunities Community awareness and engagement A focus for local physical regeneration Supporting sustainable, inclusive economic growth

3 Innovation Connectors in the NE Newcastle Science City NetPark Regional Energy Centres The Wilton Centre Software City Design Centre North DigitalCity All governed by the same principles of physical centres, leading-edge innovation, business growth and public engagement

4 The impact of ERDF Fundamental to delivery of regional economic strategy Aligned with funding and strategy for maximum impact Has created the platform (technology, innovation and partnerships) for Innovation Connectors through previous investments

5 DigitalCity: A case study

6 DigitalCity – embedding innovation in the wider community Aim: To generate and sustain a high-growth economic base in digital media and technologies, with a world-class reputation for creativity and innovation Location: Tees Valley City Region Core Partners: University of Teesside, Middlesbrough Council, One NorthEast

7 Origins of DigitalCity Digital technology and media strengths Graduate start-up record and infrastructure Community reach-out focus Business development and regeneration role of Middlesbrough Council A mature working partnership Outstanding project champions - Responding to regional economic need

8 Key features DigitalCity Fellowships – fostering graduate talent Technology transfer – an environment for researchers, businesses and graduates Digital inclusion and digital skills – promoting community engagement in digital opportunities Passionate about digital – events and festivals Business growth and acceleration – unique business growth, mentoring and networking programme tailored to digital companies Physical regeneration – business and technology hubs

9 The DigitalCity pipeline

10 The Innovation Connector effect A joined-up approach – using innovation and creativity as the driver for growth and inclusion A physical location, connected to its environs A solid foundation of partnership delivery & experience Fostering true collaboration between business and academe

11 Halch: A digital success story

12 Next stage for DigitalCity Expansion of fellowships Increased community/school engagement New business growth at the technology/creative interface New business hubs across region Extended regional reach - Supported by ERDF

13 Loo The 07/13 OP and beyond: Extending the reach of innovation Integrated packages of investment to expand activity Joining up innovation, infrastructure, business growth, skills and community engagement Establishing, developing and embedding the IC model And connecting the connectors!

14 Thank you!

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