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2 2 An innovative project to attract aerospace companies in Auvergne : AIRSET

3 3 Auvergne, a region of France with key aeronautics assets Auvergne, a crossroad region in the heart of Europe 1 300 000 inhabitants A large airport platform (regional hub for Air France) A GDP per capita of 21 455 euros (2003) Auvergne, a key player in the aeronautics industry 4th aeronautics region of France Aeronautic background linked to national history (WWII building of bomber aircraft) A wide range of skills in mechanics and metal working International notoriety in composite materials for aeronautics 2000 employees devoted to maintenance Key know-how in the electronics and connectics sector European leadership in alloys A worldwide reference for pneumatic tire technology Air France Group MRO center Certified for Embraer aircraft World-class leader in radial aeronautics tires Leading European player and the worldwide co-leader in aluminium alloys for the aeronautics industry European Leader in steel manufacture French leading company in the work of aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, steel Manufacturer of the 1st 100%-composite material aircraft in the world Auvergne Aéronautique AIA (latelier industriel aéronautique) - MRO center for military aircraft The aeronautics industry in Auvergne 10th largest airport of France Turnover of 13 bn euros 100 companies regrouped in one association (AVIA) 16 000 employees A world leader for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

4 4 A strong motivation from the Regional Government of Auvergne to structure and consolidate aeronautics industry A strong motivation and commitment to foster economic regional development Willingness to launch federating projects in key industrial fields of Auvergne, among which Aeronautics, to help : – regional companies to improve their competitiveness –new companies to create jobs in Auvergne Resources available to boost economic development in Auvergne Dedicated human resources for the regional economic development –Operational arm of the local government (ARDE) where dedicated resources can supervise the implementation of big industrial projects –Strong involvement of the Regional government in various economic development projects

5 5 The Region Auvergne initiated an ambitious aeronautic project launched in 2006 under the name AIRSET What is AIRSET ? A one-stop shopping solution for aircraft asset management For which type of aircraft? 1. Regional aircraft 2. Business aircraft & Who is it for? 1. Aircraft owners 2. Aircraft operators & Where will it be located? In the Auvergne region, the heart of Europe

6 6 A global offer, available from a one-stop shop, to optimize the fleet management of regional and business aircraft Service portfolio of AIRSET Remarketing of aircraft Delivery of aircraft Return of aircraft Repossession of aircraft Support to acquire an aircraft (…) Financing scheme Lease management Risk management Site selection Tailored storage program Ferry of aircraft to storage facility Induction into storage Storage surveillance Reactivation and preparation for Ferry (…) Checks pre and post-flight Planned checks Customization Cabin modifications Cabin refurbishing (…) One-stop shop

7 7 One contact in one location federating in-situ and external expertise to help customers save time and money ONE STOP SHOP Asset management Online technical documentation database Multilingual call center as client interface CUSTOMER SERVICE H24 Network of certified expertise Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Cabin refurbishing Production and repair of parts made of composite material Boilermaking work CMS (Cabin management system) IFE (In-flight entertainment) Painting Fully-serviced Airport zone Modern airport dimensionned to cope with a growing traffic Resources and infrastructure available to AIRSET

8 8 AIRSET, a commercial company that exploit the concept developed on public funds The Regional government Holder of the AIRSET license as it financed the preliminary studies and the pre-launch phase, the regional government has the license property The government is also supporting the economic development of the Auvergne region by helping local companies to acquire the necessary expertise and attracting new companies. The commercial company AIRSET Company status: The private company is a SAS Société par actions simplifiée (Simplified corporation) with 10 shareholders. Relation with the public authorities: –The private company is the licensee of the AIRSET concept which will remain the property of the public authorities Shareholders: The identified potential shareholders have complementary activities to avoid business conflict and have competence that will be useful for the commercial company. S.A.S. AIRSET K : 500.000 Shareholder B license contrac t client Xclient Z…client Y Supplier m… Supplier l Supplier k Shareholder C… Shareholder A Supplier jSupplier i ARDE Shareholde r

9 9 All new services are being organized around the modern Clermont-Ferrand airport A Modern airport, dimensioned to cope with growing traffic Special skills available in airport maintenance 1st European airport authorized to experiment the EGNOS signal for aircraft landing A hub planned to receive 150 daily flights, 1 million passengers Certified ISO 9001/2000 Aircraft wiring and system integration (IFE, CMS) Parts & small mechanism production Surface treatment Cabin refurbishment (seats, galleys, carpet) MRO (Embraer, Fokker & Saab Ratings) Asset Management Engineering Aluminium, titanium, stainless steel & steel work TODAY

10 10 An ambitious project to attract new investors Fully-serviced Airport zone A 33-hectare zone reserved for subcontractors of the aircraft industry, connected to the 3000 meter runaway by a private taxiway A space allotted for temporary plane parking sufficient to host 20 mid-sized planes Available premises Zone located one-kilometer away for the motorway + Wheel & brake maintenance center + MRO (ATR, Cessna, Beech ratings) + Aircraft painting cabin + Composite Repair shop + Retrofit for EGNOS equipments 2008

11 11 A project imagined to stimulate the regional aerospace industry and attract new companies A new dynamic This unique one-stop-shop for global and centralized aircraft asset management is a true locomotive for aerospace-related services in Auvergne. Opportunities for external partners New opportunities for development taking advantage of the Airset dynamic include: Specialised training institution for aerospace technicians Facilities to test and experiment satellite navigation applications for aviation using EGNOS and Galileo Composites training centre An aircraft paint shop meeting the strictest environmental standards ? ? ? ?

12 12 The Airset service company in Auvergne whose clients are regional and business aircraft owners and operators with service needs in Europe has the ambition to extend the Airset network and create one stop shops for aircraft asset management worldwide. This is why the Auvergne Regional Development Agency, owner of the Airset concept, is promoting its implementation in other regions of the world. Opportunities in other places of the world Canada India Émirates China

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