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George Washington By: Joshua Owenby px.

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1 George Washington By: Joshua Owenby px

2 Essential Question What were the roles and accomplishments of George Washington?

3 About George Born February 22 nd, 1732 Born in Westmoreland County, Va Raised on a farm Father died at age 11 Studied surveying

4 About George Became the heir of Mount Vernon at age 20 Believed farming to be an honorable profession Increased the land of Mount Vernon to 8000 acres

5 About George Appointed to Major in VA Militia in 1750’s Influential in starting the French and Indian war Served with the British in the French and Indian War

6 About George Led a decorated military career Married Martha Dandridge Custis in January 1759 With marriage, became one of the wealthiest landowners in VA

7 Why Was He Famous? Introduced a Bill to boycott British goods, in the House of Burgesses Member of the First and Second Continental Congress Appointed Major General and Commander in Chief of the Colonial forces against the British

8 Why Did The Colonies Need A Commander in Chief? Tensions were very high between Great Britain and the colonies Britain was imposing taxes without allowing the colonies to be represented in Parliament A war was coming

9 George’s Character Never sought after any of the positions he was appointed to Always elected because no one else thought to be as qualified as him

10 Why Was He Famous? Though most qualified, he had very little management experience in war Washington & colonies won the war through many battles and thousands of lives lost

11 Why Was He Famous? Left the position of Commander in Chief on December 23, 1783 Now spent time helping leaders of the new republic restructure the government with a new constitution

12 The Most Important Facts To Remember Elected as the first president of the United States; April 30, 1789 Only president ever to receive a unanimous vote into office Set the precedence for only serving two terms


14 Let’s Review EQ: What were the roles and accomplishments of George Washington?

15 George Washington By: Joshua Owenby px

16 Resources/Standards Standard:4-4 The student will demonstrate an understanding of the beginnings of America as a nation and the establishment of the new government. Indicator: 4-4.4 Compare the roles and accomplishments of early leaders in the development of the new nation, including George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Marshall, and James Madison.

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