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Biography of George Washington

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1 Biography of George Washington
by Ava .H

2 Personal Information George Washington was born on February 22, 1732
in Westmoreland, Virginia at his family home. George Washington died in 1799 at Mount Vernon. George Washington lived with his dad Augustine and mom Mary . Their kids were Betty , Samuel , John, Charles and Mildred.

3 Personal Information 2#
George Washington was a land Surveyor and he ran his family plantation then he Became a British officer in the French and Indian war. He became the first president of United states of America.

4 Personal Information 3#
George Washington did not go to school or college . They think that George Washington learned to read and write on his own or by his brother. George Washington wanted to be a sailor but his mom didn't let him.

5 Fun Facts George Washington had some wooden teeth.
A lot of people think Abraham Lincoln and George Washington were friends but Abraham Lincoln was born in February 12th 1809 George Washington died in 1799.

6 Accomplishments George Washington the first was President Of united States of America. George Washington all so got to lead the french war. He got on the dollar bill because he was first president ever!

7 Bibliography George Washington Father of the Nation by Tracie Egan the pictures are from George Washington in images Click to add notes

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