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HP - NCPs - 23 Oct 2002 1 6th Framework Programme Implementation of Priority 3 Dir G - DG Research Brussels - 23 October 2002.

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1 HP - NCPs - 23 Oct 2002 1 6th Framework Programme Implementation of Priority 3 Dir G - DG Research Brussels - 23 October 2002

2 HP - NCPs - 23 Oct 2002 2 Materials Nanosciences Processes robotics, Intelligent production New trends, health, etc. New processes for new products Ex-ante ideas of strategic areas to support radical changes in industry & society Clean Techn. & Life Cycle design Links with P2Links with P6

3 HP - NCPs - 23 Oct 2002 3 Refining Priority Areas Possible topics of integration as identified through the EoI exercise: l from traditional to high added value industry l flexible and intelligent production systems, incl. robotics l sustainable production & construction (new paradigms) l Industrial technologies for health (e.g. tissue engineering) Other possible topics: l technologies for security of citizens (sensors) l from atoms to cities (habitat, cultural heritage, etc.) l and Generic Technology Areas on Nano and Materials

4 HP - NCPs - 23 Oct 2002 4 The approach WP FP & SP EoI Calls

5 HP - NCPs - 23 Oct 2002 5 Two Areas of more Generic nature lNanotechnologies and nanosciences: Long-term interdisciplinary research Nanometre-scale engineering Nanobiotechnologies Handling and control devices and instruments lNew Generation of materials: Understanding materials phenomena New materials by design Mastering Chemistry for materials Surface science and engineering

6 HP - NCPs - 23 Oct 2002 6 Processes and devices related to socio-economic issues lTowards transformation of industry: –From traditional to high added-value industry –Flexible and intelligent production systems –Sustainable and safe industrial systems lSecurity and well-being of people, e.g.: –Technologies for safety and security of people –Industrial technologies for medical applications

7 HP - NCPs - 23 Oct 2002 7 Materials Nano Processes & devices Transformation of Industry Security and well-being of people Links with P2 What are your feelings on l the different main topics? l the balance between these areas ?

8 HP - NCPs - 23 Oct 2002 8 Networks of excellence Four major instruments will implement the thematic area and should ensure high European impacts on selected technico-socio-economic issues Integrated projects Coordination actions Targeted projects Traditional projects New Instruments

9 HP - NCPs - 23 Oct 2002 9 … among Participants and funding bodies governments, structure owners, contractors, industry, universities, research institutes, … across Activities from basic research Support to SMEs Technology transfer to dissemination and training… … across Technical Areas Design, life-cycle aspects, Materials, Processes, Maintenance, repair, etc... Objectives Real breakthroughs, Support to Industry, Sustainable Developmt Integrated Projects in Priority 3 Clear and Quantified Deliverables and Integration... 50% EC Funds

10 HP - NCPs - 23 Oct 2002 10 Participants Wishing a Progressive and Lasting Integration of Research Capacities Joint Program of Activities (JPA) Ambitious and merging national or regional activities … to strengthen EU poles of excellence New Materials Nanotechnologies New technologies Objectives To assemble EU Research Capacities and strengthen S & T Excellence Advancing Knowledge and Integration... Networks of Excellence 100% EC Funds for Integration of resources

11 HP - NCPs - 23 Oct 2002 11 lStimulating cooperation & coordination between EC and MS activities lEC funds only for coordination actions lSpecific targets, e.g. research at frontier of knowledge lEC funds to RTD activities (traditional RTD projects) Traditional Projects will help preparing more ambitious and strategic projects Targeted projects Coordination actions

12 HP - NCPs - 23 Oct 2002 12 Support to SME aspects is important... Apart of CRAFT and Collective research, at least 15% of the total budget of FP priorities will be allocated to SMEs; Large possibilities exist to include either high-tech SMEs in consortia, or to consider specific modules for SMEs in future projects (e.g. 15% of budget) and / or to launch specific actions & measures (mini IPs) Role of industrial associations to be highlighted

13 HP - NCPs - 23 Oct 2002 13 MARKET APPLICATIONS NoE … generation of knowledge and technologies IP … breakthrough approaches Integrating Structuring + RTD CA At the end of FP6, the use of the different instruments might lead to mini programme concepts

14 HP - NCPs - 23 Oct 2002 14 l Both new and traditional instruments could be used. l However, for the first call(s), we may recommend as a preference a particular instrument... l Should we also open all areas … or only part of them ? How to use the different instruments ?

15 HP - NCPs - 23 Oct 2002 15 lRelevance to the objectives of the call lPotential impact (including on education and skill development (IP, NoE)) lQuality of the management lQuality (SM), S&T excellence (IP,STRP) or Quality of integration (NoE) or co-ordination (CA) lExcellence of participants (NoE), incl. their resources, or quality of consortium (IP, STRP, CA) lMobilisation of resources (IP, STRP, CA, SM) Selection Criteria

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