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2 1 st Review Paper Assignment Goals:  Understand key methods and findings of the a scientific article  Journal article  Understand empirical and theoretical context in which the study/article is rooted  Review article  Evaluate accuracy and potency of dissemination through news media  News release

3 Journal Article Summarize the original article  What were the question(s) and the predictions for the study?  What was the main contribution of the study in relation to previous work?  What type of study was it? Sample characteristics? How were they selected/assigned to different conditions (if any)?  What were the equipments/questionnaires that were used?  Independent and dependent variables in the study?  What were the key findings and how were they analyzed?  What were the broader conclusions (e.g., were hypotheses supported? Did the findings support/contradict previous work?)

4 How to Read a Scientific Article “The worst way to assimilate a research paper is to read it word for word, title to literature cited, as if it were a textbook” (Collins, 2002). Have an idea of what you’re looking for when reading!

5 How to Read a Scientific Article Read the abstract carefully and make a mental note of their claims  Does the data support those claims and conclusions? Read the Introduction like it’s a persuasion essay  Is it clear how the current study fits into previous work and theory?  Is it convincing?  Do the authors clearly describe hypotheses, aims, and purposes?

6 How to Read a Scientific Article Evaluate the Methods and Results sections  Are the procedures set up in a way that accurately tests hypotheses?  Do their data analyses accurately assess their hypotheses?  Do the results accurately describe and represent the data presented? What analyses were used?  Do the tables and figures tie to the results that are stated? Scrutinize the Discussion Section  Why were hypotheses supported? Not supported?  Are the authors over-generalizing conclusions?  Do the authors bring up anything seemingly “out of the blue”?

7 News Release and Review Article News Release:  Key findings highlighted?  Other relevant information discussed? Review Article:  Key questions and topics addressed?  What were the theories or perspectives that exist in regards to this topic? How were they compared/contrasted?  Overall conclusion about the state of the field?

8 Comparisons How well does the news release summarize the original journal article?  Give strengths and weaknesses How well does the journal article relate to the current state of research (as summarized in the review article)

9 References in APA Style Don’t forget to cite all articles referred to in your paper using APA style 

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