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In-service Aircraft for a Global Observing System New European Research Infrastructure (ESFRI Roadmap 2006) Preparatory Phase since 2008 16 Partners Scientific.

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1 In-service Aircraft for a Global Observing System New European Research Infrastructure (ESFRI Roadmap 2006) Preparatory Phase since 2008 16 Partners Scientific institutions (D, F, UK) Aviation industry and aerospace Meteorological services Funding agencies Users Scientific community GMES-Atmospheric Service Aviation

2 IAGOS-Bucharest 9.11.2012 1.Equip approx. 20 commercial long-haul aircraft with scientific instruments for continuous measurements of: –atmospheric chemical composition (H 2 O, O 3, CO, CO 2, NO x, NO y, CH 4 ) –aerosol number concentration (total, non-vol., size distribution) –cloud particles (number, size) 2.Deploy the CARIBIC Container (4 flights per month) Large number of species, including those above plus VOCs, CFCs, aerosol chemical composition, H 2 isotopes, SO2,...... Long-term deployment (20 years) Quasi-global coverage Open data policy (GEO/GEOSS) Near-realtime data provision to GMES-GAMS and Met Services Support to aviation industry (hazardous weather, fuel consumption, volcanic ash, climate impact) Objectives

3 IAGOS-Bucharest 9.11.2012 IAGOS-ERI Partners Forschungszentrum Jülich, D Deutsche Lufthansa AG, D Laboratoire dAérologie, CNRS, Toulouse, F University of Cambridge, U.K. University of Manchester, U.K. Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, Oberpfaffenhofen, D Max-Planck-Institut für Biogeochemie, Jena, D Leibniz-Institut für Troposphären- forschung, Leipzig, D Centre National dEtudes Spatiales, Toulouse, F AIRBUS, Bristol, UK and Toulouse, F British Airways plc, U.K. enviscope GmbH, Frankfurt, D Météo France, Toulouse, F World Meteorological Organization, Genva, CH European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, Reading, U.K. Natural Environment Research Council, U.K. 1st IAGOS-CORE IAGOS-CARIBIC 2 MOZAIC since 1994 Partner MoU signed 2008; 2nd IAGOS-CORE MoU signed 2012 3rd IAGOS-CORE 1 MOZAIC -2008 MOZAIC -2006 MOZAIC since 2005 MoU signed 2012 5th IAGOS-CORE, 08 2013 MoU signed 2012 4th IAGOS-CORE, 02 2013 Interest in collaboration Associated Airlines

4 IAGOS-Bucharest 9.11.2012 Impact IAGOS provides essential information for Climate Change (IPCC) Air Quality (CLRTAP/HTAP) Carbon Cycle (Kyoto Protocol) Ozone layer (Montreal Protocol) Impact of Aviation (ETS) Aviation operation (volcanic ash, mineral dust, icing conditions, climate-optimized routing)

5 IAGOS-Bucharest 9.11.2012 Scientific Value Changes in the Tropopause Region –high spatial and temporal resolution of in-situ observations, i.e.: background and trends for ozone, water vapour, aerosol, GHGs, etc. Validation of Atmospheric Models and Satellite Retrievals –tropospheric profiles of H 2 O, O 3, CO, NO x, CO 2, CH 4, aerosol, cloud particles Global Air Quality –influence of developing regions –long-range transport of air pollutants –biomass burning, climate change,... International Transfer Standard –same systems everywhere –regular Quality Assurance

6 IAGOS-Bucharest 9.11.2012 History IAGOS builds on two succesful European research projects: MOZAIC:Start in 1994 Five aircraft equipped with instruments for ozone and water vapour (3 remaining). Funded by EC until 2003, it was the basis for IAGOS and its inclusion on the ESFRI-Roadmap 2006. CARIBIC:Start in 1996 One aircraft equiped with a special inlet and provisions for deployment of an instrumented cargo container. Merged into IAGOS in 2008. The open data policy of the projects has led to more than 200 scientific publications and several new findings. The support of the international community was a major driver for the proposed transformation into a sustainable RI.

7 IAGOS-Bucharest 9.11.2012 Roadmap Towards a Legal Entity 2011Agreement on AISBL (option open for ERIC at a later stage, if suitable) 2012Preparation of Statutes 2013Founding of IAGOS-AISBL Founding Members: DE: FZJ, MPG, DLR, KIT, IFT, Univ. Heidelberg? FR:CNRS, Meteo France, Ineris? UK:Univ. Manchester, Cambridge?, East Anglia? Honorary Members: Airlines, WMO, ECMWF, etc.

8 2006-IAGOS identified in the roadmap of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI). EU supports IAGOS in its design phase and its preparatory phase 2010 - CARIBIC container revised and certified - Instruments on 3 MOZAIC aircraft back to operation 2011 - IAGOS-STC installed on Lufthansa A340 2012 - IAGOS-STC on China Airlines & Air France (Dec. 2012) 2013- greenhouse gas package (CO 2, CH 4, H 2 O) certified -aerosol package (number conc., size distr.) certified - IAGOS-STC on Cathay Pacific (A330) - IAGOS-STC on Iberia -US-Airline? => 5 IAGOS aircraft, plus CARIBIC, plus 3 MOZAIC aircraft by 2013 STC: Supplemental Type Certificate (approval by EASA) Roadmap for Implementation

9 IAGOS-Bucharest 9.11.2012 Executive Board 3-5 Members incl. chair General Assembly Member Organisations Strategy Budget Reports Approval Secretariat - Executive Secretary - Administrative Assistant Coordination Reporting Activties carried out by Institutions FZJ, CNRS, MPG, KIT, MF, UMAN... Advisory Committee IAGOS-AISBL

10 IAGOS-Bucharest 9.11.2012 IAGOS Data 1. Complete data set stored in IAGOS data base hosted at Toulouse (CNRS) as part of ETHER free access for scientific users via data protocol transmission via GSM Modem after landing of aircraft implemented 2. NRT transmission of vertical profiles via Satcom to GTS/WIS ca. 40 levels after ascent and after descent under development (IGAS) requires GMES funding

11 IAGOS-Bucharest 9.11.2012 IAGOS-CORE Measurements ParameterTime Res.PrecisionResponsible Package 1 All aircraft O34 s± 2ppbCNRS CO15 s± 5ppbCNRS H2O4-10 s± 5% RHFZJ Cloud Particles4 sUMAN Package 2 (1 option) Option aNOy4 s± 50 pptFZJ Option bNOx4 s± 50 pptFZJ Option c Aerosol Particles 4 sDLR=>FZJ Option d CO2 CH4 H2O CO 4 s ± 0.1 ppm ± 2 ppb ± 6-15 ppm ± 10 ppb MPI-BGC TR: Time resolution or data rate, whatever is longer

12 IAGOS-Bucharest 9.11.2012 Goal: Quasi-Global Coverage FINAIR Quantas, South African Airways since 1994 China Airlines Cathay Pacific US-Airline since 1994 Lufthansa, Air France, Iberia

13 IAGOS-Bucharest 9.11.2012 Quality Assurance / Control Use of proven technology (field campaigns, intercomparisons...) One lab responsible for each type of instrument on all a/c Calibration against reference instruments during maintenance (2-6 month) In-flight calibration (O3, CO, NOx, GHGs) Comparison of measurements from different IAGOS aircraft during regular flights (consistency) IAGOS Partners are strongly involved in international QA/QC activities: –FZJ: GAW WCC for O3 sondes and for NOx –IfT: GAW WCC for Aerosol –MPI-BGC: ICOS Central Facility for GHG analysis IAGOS data contribute to harmonisation of global networks through data assimilation by, e.g., MACC, GMES, GEOSS

14 IAGOS-Bucharest 9.11.2012 Datasets for GEOSS ParameterMOZAICIAGOS Ozone19942011 Water Vapour19942011 Carbon Monoxide20022011 Odd Nitrogen (NOy)20012011 Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) 2011 Carbon Dioxide2013 Methane2013 Aerosol2013 Cloud Particles2011 Plus many more from CARIBIC aircraft at lower frequency

15 IAGOS-Bucharest 9.11.2012 Limitations and Strengths IAGOS cannot replace other observing systems, because it cannot: sample the marine boundary layer (=> ships) sample the remote continental boundary layer (=> surface networks) probe the austral polar region (=> research aircraft, ships, surface stations) probe the middle and upper stratosphere except over the arctic (=> satellites, balloons, research aircraft) But it is currently the only way to: provide regular observations in the UTLS over midlatitudes at high spatial resolution provide regular tropospheric profiles of greenhouse gases, reactive gases and aerosol concentration in the troposphere over continental locations

16 IAGOS-Bucharest 9.11.2012 Future Developments 1.IGAS (IAGOS for the GMES Atmospheric Service) FP7-Project, start 1.1.2013 for 3 years, Lead: MPI-BGC, Jena WP2: Data Assimilation and Usage in Models for GAMS WP3: Implementation of Realtime Data Transmission WP4: Quality Assurance (with WMO-GAW) WP5: Development of Novel Instrumentation (SO2, H2O, Aerosol extinction) 2. Enhancement of the capabilities of the BCP: Discrimination between ice, water, and sand/ash

17 IAGOS-Bucharest 9.11.2012 Summary Scientific instruments aboard civil aircraft Scientific quality AND aviation safety aspects Germany, France, and UK main partners Strong industrial involvement (partners and subcontractors, incl. SMEs) Benefits for science policy and industry –Air Quality, Climate, NWP and Aviation operation Important component for GMES in-situ 18 years history (MOZAIC, CARIBIC)

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