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Nothing about us – without us Active citizenship in European Regions based on Mainstreaming Youth in the AER Svein Kr. Waale Deputy Chairman of Vestfold.

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1 Nothing about us – without us Active citizenship in European Regions based on Mainstreaming Youth in the AER Svein Kr. Waale Deputy Chairman of Vestfold County Council, Norway Head of Sub Committee Youth in the Assembly of European Regions Anton Kuzmin Vice-President of the Olomouc Youth Council, CZ (Both members of the AER Youth Team) CoR Seminar in Pecs, Hungary, September 11th 2006

2 Nothing about us – without us Created in 1985, the AER is the political organisation of the regions of Europe and their speaker at European and international level. Its mission: To defend the interests of the regions in the political process and to develop interregional cooperation. Currently (2006), AER has more than 250 member regions from 30 countries, and 13 interregional organisations. The headquarters are in Strasbourg (F), with offices in Brussels (B) and Alba Iulia (Ro). AER is divided into 4 committees (A,B,C,D) The Sub-Committee Youth and the AER Youth Team are placed under the Committee D (Culture, Youth, Education, Media)

3 Nothing about us – without us AER YOUTH RESOLUTIONS AND WORK PROGRAMMES 1999 General Assembly LYON - A Message for Young People 2000 General Assembly SEINÂJOKI - AER Youth Activities 2001 General Assembly SOPRON - Sub-Committee Youth planning First Youth Summer School 2002 1st Youth Summer School OPATIJA - Youth Declaration 2002 General Assembly NAPLES - Support to EU Youth Convention of 2002 2003 2nd Youth Summer School NAPLES 2003 2004 3rd Youth Summer School OLOMOUC - Youth Declaration 2004 General Assembly VIENNA - Resolution on Mainstreaming Youth in the AER 2005 Work programs of the AER committees – Youth perspective 2005 4th Youth Summer School MOSTAR - Elections to and constitution of the AER Youth Team 2006 5th Youth Summer School MARAMURES - Start of the Eurorpean Youth Ambassador Scheme & Election of a President of the AER Youth Team

4 MAINSTREAMING YOUTH IN THE AER – WHY? Enable exchange of best practice between the regions and their youths Making democratic institutions in Europe work Implementing obligations of youth participation in local and regional politics Implementing European and International obligations in the field of youth affairs

5 AER Organigram 2005

6 Committee D Culture Education Youth Media Sport Committee C Regional policy Territorial cohesion Infrastructure Environment Tourism Committee B Social cohesion Service services Health affairs Committee A Institutional affairs MAINSTREAMING: Youth perspectives are taken into account in all committees Mainstreaming Youth in the AER

7 Organising Model - Youth Team 2 Committee D Sub Committee Youth 2 Committee C 2 Committee B 2 Committee A 8 from Youth Summer School

8 Nothing about us – without us MAINSTREAMING YOUTH – MAIN POINTS (1) A structure where both politicians and young people work together The new model provides new ways of participation, that is what young people ask for in their declarations from the AER Youth Summer Schools Establishing a Youth Team consisting of 8 youth representatives, 8 politicians (2 from each committee) and the Sub Committee Youth 4 members from the YSS are elected to the Youth Team every second year

9 Nothing about us – without us MAINSTREAMING YOUTH – MAIN POINTS (2) Political issues from the committees can be dealt with, and topics that young people are engaged in can be put on the agenda Democracy is not a game we play, it has to do with involvement, participation and influence We hope this model will renew and strengthen the Youth perspective in the AER structure – and in the AER member regions

10 Building bridges… AER Youth Summer School 2005 Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

11 AER Youth Team Members elected in 2005 Committee D: *Pandora Ellis (UK) *Kaj Nørholm (DK) Sub Committee Youth: Svein Kr. Waale, president (N) – Eva Almhjell (N), Saxon Spence (UK), Gerard Segu (ES) – Ares Montardit (ES), Alfred Kager (AU) Committee C: *Geir Knutson (N) *Eszter Balázsy (HU) Committee B: *Roel Augusteijn (NL) *Maidi Wiklund (S) Committee A: *Aida Cvjetkovic (CR) *Stephan Tange (A) Armel Sukovic (BiH) C Elisenda Anton Carbonell (E) D Marianne Bjerkeli (N) B Anne Gammon (UK) B Anna Kajava (FI) A Graham Duncan (UK) C Anton Kuzmin (CZ) D

12 Anton, Anna, Marianne, Laura, Holly, Gabriela The current young members of the AER Youth Team (September 2006)

13 General principles (of the youth team) 1. Active citizenship by participation and involvement 2. Use of already existing arenas 3. A forum for young people and political institutions 4. Bottom-up and top-down approaches combined 5. Representivity, election rules 6. Gender equality 7. Age (18 – 25) 8. Reporting system 9. Ownership

14 MAIN PRIORITIES OF THE YOUTH TEAM 2006 Issues given priority by the AER Youth Team 23 rd of November 2005 Implementing EUs plan D for debate, dialogue and democracy. Debate on Youth: The Future of Europe Papers etc. with an understandable language for young people Access to arenas of political decision making: Youth Participation, Youth Services, promote youth exchanges Making youth services accessible to all people of all locations and all ages: Drugs and alcohol, pregnancy, sexuality and family planning, migration, improve the European social model to strengthen the voice of young people – also the disadvantaged group Access to transport and youth services: Tourism, European Peace Youth Travel Pass, environment Access to volunteering and citizenship opportunities. Culture, education, European Youth Pact, Youth exchanges, Youth Summer School 2006, marketing of the YT across Europe Planning the Youth Summer Schools Help to prepare the 2006 GA Youth Section Youth Team as a part of the jury of Most Youth Friendly European Region Communication strategies within the Youth Team-Youth Web Site External evaluation of the trial of Mainstreaming Youth in the AER

15 Building bridges is about using common, democratic, meeting places and hard work: 87 hard working young people at the AER Youth Summer School Baia Mare (Ro) 27th August to 2nd September 2006

16 EUROPEAN YOUTH AMBASSADOR SCHEME Start: 27th August in the AER Summer School with 87 participants from all over Europe Objective: Enable young people to participate and conduct projects on European issues in their home regions as well as between European regions. First Success: During the Summer School 40 projects were developed by the participants Next steps: Implementation of the projects in the regions and monitoring their success

17 Any Questions? Thank You!

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