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European Investment Bank

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1 European Investment Bank
EIB financing of (regional) airport investments in the light of Global Warming Messages Discover the new cohesion policy : it opens a wide range of public and private investment opportunities. Public-private partnerships: working together for more competitiveness, innovation and sustained regional growth. EU Cohesion policy means achieving more together – Structural Funds investments make enlargement a success for all. Investing in Europe: Regions and cities deliver the Growth and Jobs agenda. Markus Pfeffer European Investment Bank

2 EIB – The European Union’s financing institution*
European Union’s long-term lending bank set up in 1958 by the Treaty of Rome Subscribed capital EUR bn EIB shareholders: 27 Member States of the European Union Lending in 2006: EUR 45.8 bn (EUR 47 bn in 2005) EUR 39.8 bn within the EU (EUR 42 bn in 2005) Borrowing in 2006: EUR 48 bn through bond issues in more than 10 currencies (EUR 50 bn in 2005) *Figures subject to change

3 Growth in Subscribed Capital and Lending Portfolio

Economic and social cohesion in an enlarged EU Development of Trans-European and access Networks and other transport projects of common interest Support for SMEs Innovation 2010 Initiative (i2i): R&D, technology networks, dissemination of innovation, education, health Environmental protection and improvement Support for EU development aid and cooperation policies Promoting European Union policies

5 EIB Air Transport Policy So Far Airport projects should...
be part of a national/regional strategy (e.g. TEN) be based on a detailed master plan incl. EIA consider a phased development to avoid over-investment serve all stakeholders (passengers, airlines, GA) take into account environmental and social aspects be economically viable respect state aid and competition rules have a transparent and fair charging policy have a competent operator (Technical Assistance) guarantee continued maintenance consider tailored operating and security procedures

6 Examples of Regional Airports (to be) Funded by EIB
Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster-Sheffield, UK (2003) Tivat Airport, Montenegro (2003) Edinburgh / Aberdeen, UK (2004) Alicante, Spain (2005) Sibiu Airport, Romania (2006)

7 Recent Policy Trends Focus on revised COP Priority Objectives (i.e. cohesion and convergence; SMEs; environmental sustainability; Innovation 2010 Initiative (i2i); TENs; Sustainable, competitive and secure energy) Invitation to take more risk Technical assistance through various mechanisms Incorporation of climate change considerations into funding decisions

8 Trans-european Transport Network - Airports
Criteria Map International connecting points: Airports with traffic >= 5 mpax, or… Community connecting points: Airports with 1 to 5 mpax, or… Regional connecting and accessibility points include all airports : - with an annual traffic of to passenger movements, of which less than 30 % are non-national, or with an annual traffic between and passenger movements, or with an annual traffic volume of between and tonnes freight, or - located on an island of a Member State, or located in a landlocked area of the Community with commercial services operated by aircraft with a maximum take- off weight in excess of 10 tonnes.

9 SME: possible but untested
Cohesion Policy Other Eligibilities SME: possible but untested Energy efficiency: possible, but no examples as yet

10 Invitation to take more risk Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)
Structured Finance Facility (SFF) Technical assistance through various mechanisms Within EU: JASPERS (Joint Assistance to Support Projects in European Regions) for EU assisted areas Outside EU: FEMIP (Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership) Support and Trust Fund, some technical assistance for the Investment Facility (ACP), Climate Change Technical Assistance Facility (CCTAF) Project Acceleration Facility (PAF)

11 Incorporation of Climate Change Considerations into Funding Decisions
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12 Thank you for your attention

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