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Dr. Bruno Broich CEO Technology Foundation Berlin Regions for economic change – Innovating through EU regional policy.

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1 Dr. Bruno Broich CEO Technology Foundation Berlin Regions for economic change – Innovating through EU regional policy Brussels – 12/13 June 2006 Combining national and Community funding : experience and prospects from Berlin

2 2BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin Content Berlin´s Strategic Starting Position Innovation Strategy and Role of TSB Berlin´s Centers of Excellence

3 3BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin Berlin: German Capital City and Federal State Federal Republic of Germany Capital City One of 16 Federal States Senate Government 3.4 million inhabitants GDP: 78 billion 4.2 % for research and education

4 4BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin After German unification 1991: Rapid de-industrialisation Heavy loss of jobs High unemployment Only few big companies left Thousands of SME but on the other hand: Enormous Scientific and Cultural Potential Managing Structural Change

5 5BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin Berlin Today: Most Exciting City of Science and Culture

6 6BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin FU Charité University Potsdam HU High Science and Research Density 4 Full Universities 7 Universities for Applied Science 70 Research Institutes 89 Clinics and Hospitals 6 Big High Tech Parks TU Berlin provides a solid Base for the Knowledge Economy 150.000 students 4.2 % of GDP for R&D

7 7BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin Creation of a knowledge based economy Employment of the enormous scientific potential Strengthening Berlin´s strengthes Concentration on new high tech industries and innovation in Berlins special fields of competence Key role of TSB in strategy development and management Berlin´s General Strategy Pursue

8 8BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin TSB – Brief Overview Science Promotion Technology Transfer Science and Industry Networks Joint Projects for Innovation Strategic Iniatives for Centers of Excellence Innovation Strategy Development Strategic Dialog with Opinion Leaders Market and Technology Evaluation Consultancy TSB is a neutral and independent institution in Berlin Major Tasks:

9 advancement of science networks technology transfer cooperative project to map out a strategy consulting management of competency fields International cooperations strategic dialog / PR management of subsidies Board of Trustees Executive Board Integrating Function TSB Innovation Agency GmbH TSB Technology Foundation Berlin traffic engineering medical technology biotechnology ICT Media Optics Microsys Mathematics Energy, Water Construction, Nutrition Centers of Excellence Further Innovation Fields Zukunfts- fonds Friends of the TSB TIR * * Technology and Innovation Council

10 10BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin With its major tasks TSB acts at the interface of science, economy and politics and leads the strategic dialog between these sectors TSB Central Role in Berlin Economy Science Politics TSB

11 11BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin One of the goals of the strategic dialog is the development of a coherent and overall tuned technology and innovation strategy within Berlin, that is accepted by the Senate and other key decision makers in science and economics Strategic Dialog in Berlin Goal: Coherent Innovation Strategy TSB Economics Science Politics Years

12 12BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin Assignments by Key Actors Within the coherent innovation strategy functions and tasks are assigned to the main actors. IBB Financing Promotion Programs Venture Capital Finance Consultancy BP / CC Business Location Growth Investors Marketing SENATE political goals strategic frames promotion strategy growth fields Innovations- strategie Berlin TSB Consulting Innovation Management Technology Transfer Networks innovative Projects Fields of Competence Coherent Innovation Strategy

13 13BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin Wissenschaftliche Exzellenz Innovative Companies Fields of competence master plan strategic objectives measures FinancingFormationSettlingMarketingTechnology transfer ProjectsNetworks Steering Committee leadership: Senat for Economics, Labour and Womens Issues Business environment Infrastructur Quadriga - Organisation

14 14BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin TSB Technology Foundation Berlin TSB strategy is designed to achieve maximum results in the citys effort to establish Berlin as a leading knowledge economy center in Europe and to develop its centers of excellence towards sustainably growing science and industry clusters.

15 15BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin TSB Ongoing Innovation Process Years Life Science and Health TSB Engagement Technology Areas Fields of Innovation Centres of Excellence Cluster decision Nutrition Construction Bio Traffic Evaluation IT Optics MedTec WaterEnergy Mathematics decision

16 16BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin Berlin Centers of Excellence TSB develops Berlin´s Centers of Excellence Bio Technology Optics Photonics Traffic Mobility ICT Media Medical Technology TSB Strategic Iniatives TSB Strategic Initiatives

17 17BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin 1Forschungszentrum für Molekulare Pharmakologie 2 GKSS Forschungszentrum 3 MDC für Molekulare Medizin 4TFH Berlin 5Robert Koch Institut 6 Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin 7 Charité Campus Mitte Charité Campus Virchow-Klinikum 8 MPI für Infektionsbiologie 9Deutsches Rheuma Forschungszentrum 10 Humboldt Universität Berlin 11Technische Universität Berlin 12 Freie Universität Berlin 13Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin 14Institut für angewandte Chemie e.V. 15MPI für Molekulare Genetik 16Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum für Informationstechnik 17FHG für angewandte Polymerforschung –AG chromogene Polymere 18Humboldt Universität Institut für Chemie 19MPI für molekulare Pflanzenphysiologie MPI für Kolloid- und Grenzflächenforschung 20FHG für Angewandte Polymerforschung 21Universität Potsdam 22Deutsches Institut für Ernährungsforschung DIFE 23FHG für Biomedizinische Technik -AG Molekulare Bioanalytik 24TFH Wildau 25Charité Campus Berlin Buch A Unique Hotspot in Life Sciences Berlin Area

18 18BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin Traffic Systems Technology and Mobility The TSB – FAV strategic iniative develops international cooperation projects in areas such as Automotive Engineering Rail Technology Logistics Telematic Aeronautics Urban Mobility

19 19BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin UniversityIGZ / OWZ Technology CentersProduction Research InstitutesEnvironment Companies Advisory serviceCoaching Infrastructure Projects Development SupportNetworks MarketingInternationalization Financing Trade shows, Events Generation / SeedIncubation Growth Expansion SCIENCEMARKETS Support at Any Stage Growing New Enterprises

20 20BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin EFRE-Funds in Berlin Berlin acquires in total 762 Millon from the EFRE from 2000-2006. Areas on Promotion EFREEmphasis 1. Productive Investments 356,8 Mio. Industry`s competive postion Product in investments Promotion of R&D, specially SME Improvement of SME´s entrepreneurial potentials 2. Infrastructure317,0 Mio. Promotion of Infrastructure Promotion of economic Infrastructure Infrastructure in science, research & development Infrastructure in education and training State and local Infrastructure Traffic Infrastructure 3. Environment80,5 Mio. Preservation and improvment of Environment Environment credit programm – for example – thru promotion of Resource conservation (Technical EFRE Surpport ) 7,7 Mio. Technical Help financial support for preparation, further development and for implementation by EFRE-loan program and strategies Total762 Mio.

21 21BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin Programms are partly co-financed by EFRE researchdevelopmentmarket entrygrowth high low medium RISK Joint Task (GA) For the Improvement of the Regional Economic Structure TSB ProFIT Zukunftsfonds Berlin IBB- VC-Fonds Inno Assi KMU Fonds Subsidies Table About 80% of 100 Million subsidies flow into Berlins fields of competence

22 22BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin ITC Media and Culture Bio- technology medical tecnology traffic engineering Optics Microsys Total competence fieldothers Total ProFIT Zuschuss 3,3002,201,500,603,3010,901,2012,10 Zukunftsfonds Berlin Zuschuss 2,2507,502,256,902,2521,150 Innovationsassistent 0,890,04 0,060,090,021,141,072,21 TSB-Innovationsförd. Zuschuss 0,4500,020,330,180,031,010,411,42 GA-gewerblich * 2,429,233,879,944,588,9939,0321,1860,21 Total benefits 9,319,2713,6314,0812,3514,5973,2323,8697,09 ProFIT Darlehen / Beteiligungen 1,8001,000,500,201,004,502,406,90 Zukunftsfonds Berlin Darlehen/ Beteiligung 0,250 0,650,251,650 Zwifi Filmproduktion 03,500000 0 VC-Fonds 3,6001,800,60 1,007,601,208,80 Darlehens- programme bei IBB 1,50 02,501,5007,008,8015,80 Total credits / shareholding 7,155,003,053,852,952,2524,2512,4036,65 TCC-Beratungen 0,5700,100,130,040,060,900,231,13 TSB GmbH- Beratungen 0,060,050,060,050,06 0,34 0,68 Total consultancy 0,630,050,160,180,100,121,240,571,81 TOTAL 2006 17,0914,3216,8418,1115,4016,9698,7236,83135,55 Subsides distribution

23 23BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin Resources Development Phase ScienceEconomy / SME New knowledge and ideas Product development and marketing Promotion of Joint Projects thru Zukunftsfonds & ProFit TSB Zukunftsfonds – Building Bridges

24 24BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin 12 % 15 % 37 % 27 % 9 % Medical engineering Biotechnology ICT / Media Traffic / Mobility Others Zukunftsfonds – Project Grants Since the year 2000 twenty joint projects with a total funding volume of 42,5 Million (thereof 22,1 Mio. from EFRE) have been granted

25 25BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin 12 % 15 % 37 % 27 % 9 % Medical engineering Biotechnology ICT / Media Traffic / MobilityOthers Zukunftsfonds – Project Grants Since the year 2000 twenty joint projects with a total funding volume of 42,5 Million (thereof 22,1 Mio. from EFRE) have been granted

26 26BB / 17/02/14Technology Foundation Berlin Contact Adress: Dr. Bruno Broich CEO Technology Foundation Berlin Fasanenstraße 85 10623 Berlin / Germany

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