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Understanding modern farming techniques and sustainable alternatives.

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1 Understanding modern farming techniques and sustainable alternatives.

2 Contemporary Farming Other names: modern farming, factory farms, industrial farms, mono planting farming, big business farms, large scale farming, corporate farms. Individual farms focus on large scale production of a single crop or livestock. Chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, and growth hormones produce larger amounts of food with less expense. Little emphasis on natural needs of farm animals. Most food production in the U.S. uses this technique.

3 Benefit of Contemporary Farming A lot of food can be grown at minimal cost to the consumer.

4 Concerns of Contemporary Farming Environmental: loss of natural diversity, pesticides, water quality, fuel costs of transporting foods. Animal Treatment: tight quarters, lack of natural life prior to slaughter, sickness and resistance to antibodies, overuse of hormones creates unnatural bodies. Local Economy: loss of small farms, lack of food dollars going to farmer, loss of local jobs. Health of Consumer: long term effects of pesticides, fertilizers, and hormones in foods.

5 Sustainable Farming Definitions Sustainable Farming: system in which the farmer produces adequate yields and good profits while minimizing negative short-and long-term effects of farming on the environment and local community. Organic Farming: process of producing food naturally (no pesticides or chemicals). Humane Animal Welfare: caring for food animals from birth to slaughter in kind and natural ways.

6 Definitions Continued Free Range (cage free): raising animals with access to open air, sunshine, and space to roam. Fair Trade: movement in selling of goods that helps farmers receive a good price for their products. Allows farmers to make a sufficient profit to continue farming and support family. Localvore: person who’s diet consists of foods mostly grown locally.

7 Food Technology Definitions Genetically Modified Foods: (GMF, GMO, GE) Plants and animals that have had changes made to their DNA through genetic engineering to produce a specific outcome. Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH or rBST): genetically altered growth hormone given to cattle in order to increase milk production.

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