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Launch of OPEN DAYS 2009: The Agenda Welcome by Gerhard Stahl and Dirk Ahner OPEN DAYS 2008 Evaluation: Some results Application to the OPEN DAYS 2009.

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1 Launch of OPEN DAYS 2009: The Agenda Welcome by Gerhard Stahl and Dirk Ahner OPEN DAYS 2008 Evaluation: Some results Application to the OPEN DAYS 2009 Timetable Questions and Answers DG REGIO and CoR: 2009 outlook 1 4 2 3 5 6

2 2009 Policy agenda and events of DG REGIO Key themes: Impact and results of cohesion policy, territorial cohesion, territorial cooperation, contributing to the process of reflection on future cohesion policy Major events in the coming months: 16/17 February: Regions for Economic Change conference – Brussels including Regiostars awards 23/24 April Informal meeting of Ministers in charge of Regional Development in Maránské Láznĕ 11-12 May: Regional governance in a global context, conference in Brussels May: Sixth Progress Report on Cohesion

3 2009 Policy agenda and events of the CoR Four key themes: Cohesion policy; re-newed Lisbon agenda; climate change; external relations/regional cooperation Major events: 12 February Territorial Dialogue 5/6 March: European Summit of Regions and Cities in Prague 21/22 April: Forum on Europes creative regions and cities including 100 young talents invited 13 May: First ARLEM meeting (regional partners in the Mediterranean) 17/18 June: Regional Cooperation with Europe's Eastern Neighbours 2/3 December: Decentralised cooperation Europe's regions and developing countries

4 OPEN DAYS 2008 evaluation Quality of the event: improved as compared to previous years, expectations of all those involved met by high degree; critical: lack of time for debate and networking; Events organisation: overall satisfaction with services; complaints, however, on the badges' distribution and communication overkill by organisers; Recommendations: focus more on quality than on quantity, to limit the number of presentations per workshop, to amend the quality of the printed programme and the online sources, and to revise the registration process; Themes 2009: most frequently mentioned regions and climate change; regional responses to the economic crisis; and innovation and creativity.

5 Organisers' orientations The event's impact: reflect on political and concrete results, avoid annoying annuality; develop reporting system; The events organisation: clarity of information and guidance The 'Investors' Café': will be reviewed in 2009 Local OPEN DAYS: extend the concept to other partners Communication and media: keep format in general and diversify

6 OPEN DAYS 2009: slogan and themes Global challenges, European solutions Restoring growth: Innovation in Europes regions and cities Regions and climate change: Europes way Territorial cooperation: Working together across borders Achieving results, looking ahead: EU cohesion policys evaluation and future prospects 1 4 2 3

7 OPEN DAYS 2009: The Conferences 1 0 0 S e s s i o n s DG REGIO seminars (30) taking place in Commissions buildings The Meeting Place (30) taking place in the CoR building Regional Partners seminars (30) taking place in regional offices O p e n i n g s e s s i o n combined with the CoR Plenary Session C l o s i n g s e s s i o n OPEN DAYS University (10) taking place in a seperate building

8 OPEN DAYS 2009: The Meeting Place A flexible concept for bringing together regions, cities, business partners and banks through seminars and networking opportunities will replace the « Investors Café » Themes are the ones of the OPEN DAYS. No permanent exhibition any more but flexible stands and corners instead. Application by regions, companies and banks in parallel with the regional partner applications.

9 OPEN DAYS 2009: The University Bringing together academics on questions related to regional development, territorial cohesion and innovation. Working together with universities and associations and networks specialised in the field such as the Regional Studies Association or the European observation network for territorial development and cohesion (ESPON)

10 OPEN DAYS: The Local Events Build on the success and develop a "European Month of Regions and Cities" in October each year showcasing European themes and projects. Extend the format to more local organisers, not just to OPEN DAYS partners. Themes are the ones of the OPEN DAYS. Develop partnership with DG COMM and Representations/Delegations in the Member States. Activate local media to cover the events.

11 OPEN DAYS 2009: Media coverage Regional and other partners to nominate journalists from local media – no institutional press officers - and to prepare their individualised programme instead of a joint media day. Joint press event by the organisers maintained. Briefings by country can be prepared upon request by REGIO/the CoR. In case, organisers are ready to reimburse travel and accomodation expenses.

12 OPEN DAYS 2009: The Application (by 13 March) Regional Partners: at least five and not more than 12 European regions and/or cities from four or more countries, including one lead and one deputy partner; to deliver: 1-2 seminars in Brussels and at least one local event per partner. OPEN DAYS-The Meeting Place: Proposals for events to be made by regions/cities, companies and/or banks related to the OPEN DAYS themes and linked with networking activities.

13 OPEN DAYS 2009: The Timetable 13 March Application deadline for all partners 3 April Results of selection procedure made public, > 3 April individual meetings with organisers on demand 8 May 1st Information meeting, last corrections JuneOPEN DAYS brochure will be published 6 July Registration begins 10 July 2nd Information meeting 4 Sept. Speakers abstracts and presentations sent SeptemberOPEN DAYS programme will be published 5-8 Oct. OPEN DAYS 2009 seminars in Brussels October OPEN DAYS 2009 local events all over Europe

14 OPEN DAYS 2009: Ouestions and Answers

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