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Local PPP projects in Flanders Steven VAN GARSSE Knowledge Centre PPP - Manager.

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1 Local PPP projects in Flanders Steven VAN GARSSE Knowledge Centre PPP - Manager

2 Overview Some reflections on PPPs in Flanders Types of PPPs Area development projects DBFM(O) projects Some learnings

3 Some reflections on PPPs in Flanders PPPs in Flanders Flemish Parliament Act on PPP 18 July 2003 Role of the knowledge centre – Knowledge broker, field developer, process coach – Support for Flemish projects – Also a supporting role vis-à-vis the local governments Through workshops Models & brochures Help desk …

4 Types of PPPs Regionally based – Urban renewal, development, brownfields Custom work/standardisation. Models see website Object-related Often DBFM/DBFMO structures Custom work/standardisation. Models see website

5 Area development projects Local initiatives for the most part The Government of Flanders wishes to provide financial support to cities for the realisation of well-founded and carefully considered multifunctional urban renewal projects. These projects need to give leverage to a neighbourhood, district or part of the city and contribute to a new momentum. The following cities can submit projects: the metropolises of Antwerp and Ghent, the regional cities (Aalst, Bruges, Hasselt, Genk, Kortrijk, Leuven, Mechelen, Ostend, Roeselare, Sint-Niklaas and Turnhout), the provincial cities (Aarschot, Deinze, Dendermonde, Diest, Eeklo, Geel, Halle, Herentals, Ieper, Knokke-Heist, Lier, Lokeren, Mol, Oudenaarde, Ronse, Sint-Truiden, Tielt, Tienen, Tongeren, Vilvoorde and Waregem) and Brussels through the Flemish Community Commission. The Act requires all projects to be carried out in the frame of a public - private partnership. A multidisciplinary jury shall evaluate the projects that have been submitted.

6 Area development projects ART. 6. Decision§ 1. The Minister calls on cities to submit concept papers in which they present potential urban renewal projects. A concept paper demonstrates that the potential urban renewal project complies with the provisions set out in Articles 4 and 5 of the Flemish Parliament Act and should at least contain the following elements: 1° a project description listing the various functions and subprojects to justify its integrated character and the multifunctionality of the urban area; 2° a justification of the strategic vision and its operational implementation (realisation of the municipal spatial structure plan, the relationship with recent policy achievements, the link with the municipalities' multiannual plans); 3° a motivation of the project's innovative character and the leverage it provides for the neighbourhood, district or city; the justification of the project's overall quality based on the following criteria : a) its value for use or the way in which the project capitalises on current and evolving user needs and the changing circumstances in the neighbourhood or district; b) the experiential value or the social and cultural significance which the project contributes to the city, the surroundings, the principal and the user; c) the environmental value or how the project interacts with its surroundings in a meaningful manner; d) the durability or the manner in which the project considers long-term development in terms of built-up space, heritage, welfare and the environment; e) the process quality and the communication for setting up a project in collaboration with all the stakeholders; f) co-financing by other authorities (Europ, federal...) or additional financing by the Government of Flanders for the entire project or subprojects thereof; 4° the private contribution to the project, as set out in Article 5, 5°, of the Parliament Act listing the private partners, the nature of the collaboration, and the way in which the legal framework is created for binding financial commitments; 5° the project's feasibility and potential for implementation, with special attention for a phased approach and planning schedule, quality management (including the project management structure and approach), the timely availability of the required permits and an estimate of the cost 6° the way in which consultations are/shall be organised with (potential) residents.

7 Area development projects The Flemish Parliament Act of 22 March 2002 on support for urban renewal projects The Flemish Government Decree of 16 March 2007 governing subsidies for urban renewal projects

8 DBFM(O) projects Example of sport infrastructure – Many swimmingpools, – Widespread need for other local sport infrastructure – Sport infrastructure plan initiated by Flanders – Encourage the use of DBFMs Central support through a Sport Facilitator who serves as a central procurement authority The Government of Flanders finances part of the availability fee

9 DBFM(O) projects = PPP construction (Public-Private Partnership), whereby various projects are clustered and tendered by subarea (ordinary sport halls, ordinary swimmingpools, artificial turf). All multifunctional sport infrastructure projects are tendered individually. After the private partners have been selected a private project company (SPV or special purpose vehicle) is established for each subarea and multifunctional sport infrastructure project. This project company will then conclude a DBFM agreement (Design, Build, Finance, Maintenance) with the selected local government. The SPV is responsible for designing, building, financing and maintaining the facility for 10 or 30 years and in the case of the multifunctional sport centres also for their maintenance. In exchange for this service the local government pays an annual availability fee to the SPV. Every year the Government of Flanders subsidises maximum XX% of this availability fee.

10 DBFM(O) projects Flemish Parliament Act of 14 May 2008 on catching up with investments in sport infrastructure through alternative financing Flemish Government Decree implementing the Flemish Parliament Act on catching up with investments in sport infrastructure through alternative funding, adopted by the Government of Flanders on 18/7/2008. Basic building program for artificial turf enshrined in the Ministerial Order of 12/11/2009 Basic building program for ordinary sport halls enshrined in the Ministerial Order of 12/11/2009 Basic building program for multifunctional sport centres enshrined in the Ministerial Order of 12/11/2009 Basic building program for ordinary swimmingpools enshrined in the Ministerial Order of 10/03/2010 Flemish Government Decree modifying the maximum subsidies allocated for an ordinary sport hall of 12/03/2010

11 Some learnings The importance of standardisation The importance of market conformity The importance of cooperation …

12 Thank you for your attention. Questions?

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