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Fall Open House 2015 “A Year of Endless Possibilities”

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1 Fall Open House 2015 “A Year of Endless Possibilities”
Mrs. Schroeder’s Class/Pre-K

2 Conference Period Mon.-Fri. 11:15-12:00 Please call or and we can arrange a date/time to meet.

3 Teacher Expectations To create a classroom environment where students are academically engaged and socially comfortable. To have all students ready for kindergarten. To work as a team with parents in the best interest of their child. To instill a love of learning and confidence in all students.

4 Student Expectations To respect others in the classroom and treat each other with kindness. To take responsibility for their educational advancement (completing class assignments and homework, asking questions, being engaged).

5 Parent Expectations To check their child’s backpack nightly for important papers or assignments in their “Home Folder”. To aid their child in completing homework assignments. Read daily with your child. To contact me with any questions or concerns.

6 Class Schedule 7:50-8:20 Students Arrive (attendance, backpack, Table Task, read/puzzle) Students are tardy after the 8:20 bell. 8:20-8:30 Complete Morning Work 8:30-8:50 Literacy Circle (concept words, phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge) 8:50-9:00 Restroom 9:00-10:00 Center Time/Small Groups 10:00-10:20 Recess 10:20-10:35 Story Time (amazing words, story elements, sequencing/retell) 10:35-10:50 Math/Science/Social Studies Circle (calendar, counting, sorting, patterns) 10:50-11:00 Wrap Up (re-cap of day, announcements, pack up) 11:05 Dismissal (bus/car/daycare/walker pick-up procedures)

7 Specials Schedule Computer Lab – Scheduled as needed
Library – Friday (9-9:30)

8 What does the READING block look like
What does the READING block look like? (uses books to engage in pre-reading skills, compound words, rhyming words, retells a story) Vocabulary: Oral Language Word Wall: Alphabet Knowledge Whole group reading skills instruction Daily reading centers to reinforce concepts

9 What does the WRITING block look like
What does the WRITING block look like? (uses scribbles/writing to convey meaning, uses letters or symbols to make words, writes name) Whole group mini lesson(Today’s News) Independent Writing(Center Time/Small Group) Teacher conferencing Sharing either in partners or whole group Spiral “Homework Notebook”

10 What does the MATH block look like
What does the MATH block look like? (rote count 1-30, subitizing 1-3, ordinal terms, sorting, recognizes numerals 0-9) Calendar Whole group instruction Hands-on practice or assignments Weekly small group math center

11 What does the SOCIAL STUDIES block look like?
What does the SCIENCE block look like? (personal safety, health/hygiene, nutrition/exercise, life cycles, seasons, measuring devices) Whole group instruction Labs/Hands-on activities Center Time/Small Group What does the SOCIAL STUDIES block look like? (similarities and differences in characteristics of families/people, community workers, identifies flags) Whole group instruction Center Time/Small Group

12 Homework A “Home Folder” will come home daily. On Tuesday, please sign the Pre-K Communication Sheet and return the next day in the folder. Your child will also bring home a “Homework Spiral” weekly (beginning the 5th week). Please help them write the letters on the first page, and on the back, please draw pictures or cut out pictures from magazines that start with the same letter that we are studying. Please write the name of each picture on the bottom of the picture. Please return on or before Friday.

13 Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Ready to Learn
Behavior Management Our classroom behavior system is based on positive reinforcement. Students receive a lot of verbal praise. Classroom Rules Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Ready to Learn

14 Classroom Consequences and Rewards
Awesome Super Good Job Oops! 2nd Warning Time Out Students all start on green. All students on green will get 1 sticker for the day. All students on blue will get 2 stickers for the day. All students on white will get 3 stickers for the day. When their card is full (25 stickers), they will pick from the “Treasure Box”.

15 View your child’sgrades online!
-Visit -Parent Connection Create an account for yourself and add each child (you will need your child’s social security number and lunch pin).

16 End of the Year Goals Child remains focused on engaging group activities for about 20 minutes. Child demonstrates understanding in a variety of ways or knowing the meaning of 3,000 to 4,000 words, many more than he or she uses. Child names at least 20 upper and at least 20 lower case letters. Child recognizes at least 20 letter sounds. Child independently writes some letters on request. Child uses software applications to create and express own ideas.

17 Upcoming Dates Sept. 15-29 PTO Fall Fundraiser
Sept Friendship Week Sept. 25 Friendship Flashlight for DEAR Oct. 12 Student Holiday/Elementary Parent Teacher Conferences Oct Fall book Fair

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