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Jump Start: Lewis and Clark’s Expedition- Please Read Below.

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1 Jump Start: Lewis and Clark’s Expedition- Please Read Below

2 The Age of Jefferson, 1800-1808

3 The Election of 1800

4 Jeffersonian Philosophy Jefferson was determined to cut back on the influence of the national government ◦ laissez-faire government, or “hands off” Jefferson drastically cut the army and navy and end many taxes such as the tax on whiskey Also allowed the Alien & Sedition Acts to expire Was able to bring in money with tariffs and the sale of western lands.

5 Louisiana Purchase (1803) Spain closed the port of New Orleans to U.S. trading and shipping France gained the land from Spain U.S offered to buy New Orleans but was offered the whole territory ◦ Napoleon needed money for war Bought it for $15 million in 1803 ◦ Doubled the size of the U.S. Purchasing land not mentioned in Constitution… wasn’t Jefferson a strict constructionist ?

6 The Louisiana Purchase

7 Lewis and Clark lead the Corps of Discovery

8 Ironies of Jefferson Although he was a “man of the people,” Jefferson was extremely wealthy & lived unlike the common man Although he believed the Federalists did not protect individual freedoms, as president he appointed military governors to rule Louisiana Although he was a strict constructionist, he made the Louisiana Purchase – which was clearly beyond the scope of Constitutional power

9 Ironies of Jefferson Although he was determined to cut back on the power of the national government, he expanded the power of the national government Even though he was against Hamilton’s financial plan, he used Hamilton’s plan to finance the Louisiana Purchase

10 Marbury vs. Madison The night before he left, Adam’s appointed 42 new judges Adams’ Sec. of State failed to deliver all of the commissions (William Marbury’s was one) Jefferson told James Madison NOT to deliver Marbury’s commission (and others) Marbury sued Madison Justice Marshall ruled that part of Judiciary Act was unconstitutional Ruling established the precedent of judicial review ◦ The Supreme Court has the final say in interpreting the Constitution Created the lasting balance between the branches

11 Jefferson’s Foreign Policy Only planned to deal with domestic issues However, that plan was doomed to fail: ◦ U.S. involved in global trade ◦ Louisiana Purchase (1803) opened the country to westward expansion ◦ We had little control over the actions of other countries

12 Impressment At first, we benefitted from foreign wars: ◦ Louisiana Purchase in 1803 ◦ Trade increased French/British continued threats on US ships ◦ Neither wanted the U.S. to supply their enemies ◦ England set up a partial blockade ◦ Also British started impressing U.S. sailors (kidnapping them to work on enemy ships)

13 Embargo Act of 1807 Trying to remain neutral, Jefferson asked Congress to pass a law stopping all foreign trade Embargo Act of 1807: ◦ American ships could not sail to foreign ports ◦ Closed American ports to British and French ships Hurt the U.S. more than it hurt British or French ◦ Farmers lost markets for their goods ◦ Merchants and tradesmen lost business

14 Four Quadrants FACTINFERENCEQUESTION Things you can tell just by looking at the section of the photo. These are facts that can be pointed out in the picture. Things that you can infer about the picture using your background knowledge and evidence from the section. Things that the section of the photo makes you wonder. Your questions might be answered w/additional sections. STUDY 1.With your partner, STUDY each section of the photograph carefully. FIQ chart 2.Fill in the sections of the FIQ chart w/information. As sections of the photo are added, adjust your chart accordingly. TITLE 3.Create a TITLE for the document. 4.Add document information to your chart.


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