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Plans for injection/extraction R&D S. Guiducci INFN-LNF KEK - ILCDR07, 18-20 Dec 207.

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1 Plans for injection/extraction R&D S. Guiducci INFN-LNF KEK - ILCDR07, 18-20 Dec 207

2 2 Work Package 14 Injection and Extraction systems First meeting of WP14 after the specification of deliverables and resources In the following I’ll try to organize regularly short (phone)meetings to exchange information I’ll give a short description of the WP activities and leave time to the discussion

3 3 Work Package 14 Injection and Extraction systems Deliverable title Design damping rings injection/extraction system satisfying specifications for 6 ns and 3 ns bunch spacing Date to be achieved 06/2010 Collaborating institutes LNF (Coord.), KEK, SLAC, LLNL

4 4 Brief description of deliverable Develop injection/extraction kickers and fast pulser satisfying damping ring specifications The total kickers pulse duration should be less than twice the bunch spacing (6 ns and 3 ns) with a burst frequency of 3MHz and 6Mhz respectively Perform beam test of fast pulser and stripline system to demonstrate specifications on pulse time structure, time and amplitude jitter, long-term reliability and stability. Design damping rings injection/extraction system satisfying specifications for 6 ns and 3 ns bunch spacing.

5 5 Major tasks and milestones Install single-bunch extraction system in ATF Demonstrate single-bunch extraction from ATF Develop fast high-power pulser meeting damping ring specifications Develop technical design for kicker striplines Perform beam tests of available fast pulsers with kicker striplines at ATF and DAFNE Design damping ring injection/extraction system

6 6 Input for other Work Packages WP1 - Lattice design and acceptance : integrated strength, good field region and number of kickers WP4 - Instrumentation, diagnostics, controls: timing and control specifications for fast pulsers WP5 - Impedance and impedance driven instabilities: beam impedance of stripline kickers WP13 - Vacuum system: design of kickers vacuum chamber

7 7 Work Packages providing input WP1- Lattice design and acceptance: Lattice of injection/extraction sections WP13 - Vacuum system: Vacuum specifications of kickers vacuum chamber

8 8 Resources 2008 - 2010 Proposed by LNF, KEK, SLAC, LLNL beginning of November Other labs expressed an interest: Cornell, LBNL, UIUC Physicists and Engineers Support Staff and Technicians Materials and travel (k$) 20084.02.2245 20094.82.2395 20102.00.593

9 9 SLAC - LLNL Plans DSRD program –develop a ±5 kV modulator that will be delivered to KEK under the US-Japan joint research program. –goal parameters: ~1 ns rise and fall times, ~2 ns flattop, into 50 ohms –use a pair of DSRDs from Ioffe (St. Petersburg) that will not have any internal heat sinks. Therefore, the effects of thermal loading may limit the maximum prf and/or pulse train length. –The output stage will be pumped by a MOSFET array developed at LLNL. – Diversified technologies, Inc. will work with Voltage Multipliers, Inc, to commercialize the Ioffe DSRD technology. This will also include the improvements in packaging and thermal handling of DSRD junctions required to achieve higher voltages at high prf.

10 10 SLAC Plans Inductive adder program –attempt to refine the high switching speed circuits, Cascode and hybrid driver/FET, demonstrated in FY07 and combine them into parallel arrays capable of 400 A (required current for an inductive adder of ±10 kV into 50 ohm). –We have concluded that it is unlikely that conventional inductive adder structures can achieve the <1 ns rise/fall time required for 3 ns bunch spacing. Therefore, we plan to investigate alternative adder designs; such as the transmission-line transformer. A scale system (~2 to 5 kV) will be tested as soon as the driver arrays are available.

11 11 KEK plans Demonstrate single bunch extraction at ATF with trains of 20 bunches, 3 ns bunch distance and 3MHz repetition frequency –two 10kV, 3 MHZ pulsers from FID Co. are under test and other two have been ordered –Strip line design is done –Since there is no space for installing enough strip-line kickers an orbit bump and an auxiliary septum magnet will be added –Beam extraction test spring 2008 Continue beam tests of available pulsers

12 12 LNF Plans Test timing stabilization system with Fid pulsers –Time difference between the to kickers of the injection bump must be stable within tens of ps Commission DAFNE kickers for stable operation during luminosity runs –Test pulsers robusteness –Test the kicker system at high currents 1-2 A Install an abort kicker that can be used to test other pulsers Continue design and optimization of ILC DR striplines

13 13 42 striplines Length 30 cm Voltage ±5 KV Gap 30 mm 23 striplines Length 30 cm Voltage ±10 KV Gap 70 mm 4 sections 180º phase advance About the injection optics

14 14 Injection line - New version Taking into account: septum thickness 4 mm kickers good field region Good safety margin for failures: with a ± 10 KV pulser we could use 29/36 striplines Injection lattice design has enough flexibility!

15 15 Pulse shape Development of fast pulser is certainly the most challanging issue We will pursue all the solutions that allow relaxing the pulser specifications, an example: –Apply Naito’s solution to reduce the rise time with an extra kicker of opposite sign (test long term stability of the compensation) –Take advantage of the fact that bunch trains are extracted starting from the tail of the train and relax the requirement on the fall time of the kickers –With the above conditions consider using a longer stripline (45 cm for maximum efficiency) to reduce the voltage

16 16 Final Deliverable: Design injection/extraction systems Specifications of the pulsers based on beam tests Optimized design of striplines electrodes Information for updated lattice design (WP1) Kickers vacuum chamber design (WP13) Impedance evaluation (WP5) Timing signal control and stabilization (WP4) Layout and requirements for conventional facilities (WP16)

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