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Application Production Process and tools Commerce using MPEG-4 on Internet with QoS Project Leader : Christian Bertin, CCETT

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1 Application Production Process and tools Commerce using MPEG-4 on Internet with QoS Project Leader : Christian Bertin, CCETT

2 Applications VIRTUGUIDE Application Home shopping application for Turism Products (extended city trips) VIRTUCAT Application Home shopping application for Commercial Centre products (sport, video, etc.)

3 VIRTUGUIDE Application - Young overstyled blonde - History student - Charismatic artist type - Techno D.J.ane - Jobless coffeedrinking actor 360-degree prerecorded video sequence so you can see in any direction around you A set of recommended choices (appearing and disappearing) for interaction A global map of Berlin with the guide position A local map (zoom on global Berlin map) with the guide position As you follow your guide through Berlin, you can see in addition to the 3D Video: You are following one of the 5 guides through Berlin :

4 VIRTUGUIDE Screen HTML Page consisting in : Applets (global map, local map, recommended choices) MPEG-4 3D Scene with a video displayed on a hemisphere) Problem : Text display quality is not acceptable in VRML/MPEG-4 => Java AWT.

5 VIRTUGUIDE Application Characteristics 360 degree shooting with a hemispheric mirror above the camera : 512x512 pixels Future : Video divided in 8 planar video segments Circular video to be mapped on a hemisphere Future : Only 3 or 4 Video segments sent at a time to be mapped on a cylinder


7 VIRTUGUIDE.VFF file (Virtuguide File Format) SEQ I_1 # Videosequence number FPS 25# number of frames per seconds SHEETI_1_1 # sequence number TITLE "XP1-Rose in" - "Extended Version I.1.1-4!" # BEGIN 0I_1_10 PA #NoPA$PALINKINOUT 1"excuse me..."0370700 2"hi, where are you up to ?"I_2_1370660 3"wow, wonderful dress you have"I_2_1370660 4"hey! is this the new berlin style?"I_2_2370660 PAEND MAP # x y t -0.615 0.859 0 -0.6150.859 598 -0.615 0.859 1181 MAPEND END ########## SHEETI_1_2 TITLE "XP1-Rose leaves" - "Extended Version I.1.1-4!"

8 VIRTUGUIDE Production process Audio-Video shooting (Filmakademie) Audio-Video MPEG-4 encoding (LEP) Scenario production (Filmakademie) Scenario textual coding (Filmakademie, textual editor) Screen implementation (CCETT, html pages, applets) Scenario MPEG-4 coding (CCETT, VFF file parser => Textual BIFS update => MkScene BIFS encoder => Binary BIFS)

9 VIRTUCAT Application Bike shop screen Do it yourself! Please select : - a frame, - a fork, - a wheel and you will see the result : a 3D model of your bike with all the selected elements together You can go around the bike you are building yourself You can browse the sets of frames, forks and wheels for selection You can order your bike (BUY button) You can go back to the shop selection

10 VIRTUCAT Screen Characteristics MPEG-4 Scene with : 2D scene with 2D textures 3D Bike Model HTML pages for order form Server ASP Script to handle the contents of the customer trolley and corresponding order form

11 VIRTUCAT Production Process 3D Commercial centre Tower Navigation production (Lightwave, 3D Studio Max, convertion to MPEG-4 with some limitations due to the Compositor 3D Bike model Production (Filmakademie, 3D S. Max) 2D Textures (Frames, Forks, Wheels) (Filmakademie, JPEG encoding) Bike Shop Screen composition (CCETT, no 2D tool, text editor only)

12 VIRTUCAT Production Process (continued) EAI (Enhanced Authoring Interface) Java Programs (to get the selected bike elements and to position the bike elements) ASP Script behind BUY button to run on the server (Finsiel)

13 File formating for server use RTP IETF Generic Payload Video Pump RTP Flex Mux Video Pump Access Unit File Video Encoder Video Raw Data File Access Unit Formater Super AU Formater Super Sync Layer - PDU Formater Index File Super AU File Index File Super SL-PDU File Server Operation RTP Flex Mux Synch. Layer Video Pump

14 Application Production Issue BIFSTEXT Files OD Cross-ref. File BIU Files BIA Files MP-4 Video Files MP-4 Audio Files JPG, GIF Files Storyboard App. Exec. CGI Scripts Server Code Files Html Form Creat. Html Pages Files Java Byte Code EAI Script Prod. Java Class Files Object Descriptor Creation OD-ES Prod. OD Files OD-ES Files 2D Graphics & animation & text creat. Texture & Still picture Creation Audio Video Shooting 3D Graphics & animation Creation VRMLD1/YUV Lossless JPEG/GIF MkScene MkAnim JPEG (photos) GIF (others) Still picture Coding Audio/Video Coding BIFS Specific Add-on JPEG/GIF ES Prod. Video ES Prod. Audio ES Prod. Audio ES Files Video ES Files JPEG/GIF ES Files BIA-ES Files BIU-ES Files File name replacement by OD ID BIA-ES Prod. BIU-ES Prod.

15 Electronic Commerce Requirement on MPEG-4 We will use MPEG-4 only when MPEG-4 Tools and Servers offer : User input to get Password, User ID, User Address, User Comments, Order Forms, Database Product Search Criteria, etc. Dynamics in scene using scene skeleton and dynamic elements updated with information coming from a database (price, product description, product pictures, product videos) Possibility to jump at a Random Access Point in an MPEG-4 scene

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