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European Commission Directorate-General Information Society INFSO/F3 -ID20300 INFORMATION DAY 20 March 2000.

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1 European Commission Directorate-General Information Society INFSO/F3 -ID20300 INFORMATION DAY 20 March 2000

2 INFSO/F3 2 Welcome and introduction Spyros Konidaris acting Director INFSO/F, EC TEN-TELECOM Information Day

3 INFSO/F3 3 AGENDA 09:45 Introduction and Welcome Mr. Spyros Konidaris, acting Director INFSO/F Opening Speech Mr.Erkii Liikanen,Commisioner Enterprise and the Information Society TEN-Telecom Work Programme Mr. Olivier Pascal, INFSO/F3 Call 2000 on Generic Services and Applications Mr. José Soler, INFSO/F3 Guide for proposers Mr. Willy Maes, INFSO/F3 12:30 Close 13:00 Meeting Commission officials ( Desks A - G ) 16:30 Close

4 INFSO/F3 4 TEN-Telecom and the eEurope initiative Erkii Liikanen Commissioner Enterprise and the Information Society, EC TEN-TELECOM Information Day

5 INFSO/F3 5 TEN-Telecom Work Programme Olivier Pascal Deputy Head of Unit INFSO/F3, EC TEN-TELECOM Information Day

6 INFSO/F3 6 The role of the work programme A flexible instrument for executing the action Updated regularly in consultation with industry The basis for calls for proposals


8 INFSO/F3 8 Trans-EU application-service focus Content ICT Industry EU Markets TEN-Telecomprogramme Telecommunications networks based applications and generic services Physical infrastructure

9 INFSO/F3 9 Multimedia applications Interconnected networks A three dimension action Generic services (Internet based)

10 INFSO/F3 10 Projects of particular importance Generic services Applications in: - distance education and training - cultural heritage - services for SMEs - transport and mobility - environment and the emergency management - healthcare - city and regional information networks Yearly calls for proposals on these projects

11 INFSO/F3 11 Project characteristics Technical maturity Relevance for market deployment Partners commitment Open market standards Trans-European dimension

12 INFSO/F3 12 bridges the gap between research results and emerging technologies, and the market, in areas of general interest supports market validation for new services based on Trans-European telecommunications networks exploits the global (trans-European) dimension of these applications and services Distinctive Features -Summary- An independent action which:

13 INFSO/F3 13 Updated according to the current technology and market trends and after three years of experience Clarifications on project specifications and related Community aid No further need for publicly financed partners Enhanced support measures Small share of the budget can be used in the form of risk capital The updated Work Programme 2000

14 INFSO/F3 14 FORMS OF COMMUNITY FUNDING (up to 10% of total investment cost) - Direct grants - Interest rebates - Contributions to guaranty fees - Risk capital participation - Direct grants - Interest rebates - Contributions to guaranty fees - Risk capital participation PROJECTPHASES FUNDEDPROJECTPHASES FUNDED (technical studies, design and development, technical validation) Business plan Market validation Evaluation of Business plan Initial Market deployment Full Market deployment Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 PREDEPLOYMENTPHASESPREDEPLOYMENTPHASES DEPLOYMENTPHASESDEPLOYMENTPHASES Project Phases and Funding Research and development - Co-funding of Business plan and Market validation (up to 50 %) - Co-funding of Business plan and Market validation (up to 50 %)

15 INFSO/F3 15 Forms of Community aid Cost-sharing (up to 50%) in the study phase: business plan elaboration, and market validation (<10% of the total estimated investment cost) Co-funding initial investment for deployment (max. 10% of the established initial investment cost)

16 INFSO/F3 16 Enhanced support measures Exploitation of the programme knowledge Preparation of business plans Improved co-operation between national contact points Post-project activities Awareness in accession candidates countries (East Central Europe and Mediterranean countries)

17 INFSO/F3 17 Selection criteria Contribution to TEN-Telecom objectives Initial sound business case and financial package Long term viability Sound and mature technical approach Strong and committed partnership Gearing effect of Community intervention on public and/or private finance Effectiveness of project management

18 INFSO/F3 18 Calendar of calls 2000 Call for proposals 2000/1 17/03/2000 --> 16/06/2000 Indicative Budget 43 MEUR Rolling Call on support actions close end 2000 Indicative Budget 0.9 MEUR Rolling Call for experts for evaluation/review activities close end 2001

19 INFSO/F3 19 Call for Proposals 2000/1 Telecommunications Networks-based Generic Services and Applications José Soler INFSO/F3, EC TEN-TELECOM Information Day

20 INFSO/F3 20 Work Programme Three layers and a number of sectors within each: Trans-European Generic Telecommunications Services Trans-European Telecommunications Applications Trans-European Telecommunications Basic Networks Flexibility in calling for project proposals

21 INFSO/F3 21 Sectors addressed in this Call Priority sectors of common interest: Generic Telecommunications Services Seven Trans-European Telecommunications Applications sectors Content fully defined in the work programme

22 INFSO/F3 22 Generic Services - Generic Information Services Access to and management of multimedia, multi- lingual information - e-Services for Industry and Commerce On-line secure trading, promotion of goods/services, protection of intellectual property rights - New Access Methods, Mobility and Convergence Access to higher capacity networks, access to services from portable devices and in mobile situations

23 INFSO/F3 23 Applications of public interest (1) Trans-European telecommunications networks for: Education and Training - Commercial deployment of networked services (schools, universities, business schools, training centres) - Brokerage services for existing facilities - Promotion of existing services as models of good practice (for the promotion of digital literacy, training on info technology, long term unemployment and job creation)

24 INFSO/F3 24 Applications of public interest (2) Access to Europes Cultural Heritage - Intermuseum virtual exhibitions (bring together multimedia information from various collections) - Cultural heritage educational products (deploy multimedia products exploiting Europes cultural heritage)

25 INFSO/F3 25 Applications for SMEs - Information retrieval and push services (geographic information data, public sector data: customs and taxation information, trade statistics, etc.) - Electronic tendering - Networks for SMEs support organizations (access to qualified resources and solutions) Applications of public interest (3)

26 INFSO/F3 26 Applications of public interest (4) Transport and Mobility - Logistical support for transport industries (freight and fleet management) - Security, emergency support services (anti-theft services, Europe-wide emergency phone number) - Traffic data acquisition and integration - Travel, tourism, traffic information (trip planning, route guidance) - Integration of networked services (tourist information, air quality monitoring, geographic information, global positioning)

27 INFSO/F3 27 Environment and Emergency Management - Value-added environmental information services - Emergency management and public safety systems Applications of public interest (5)

28 INFSO/F3 28 Applications of public interest (6) Health - Public health information services (e.g., Internet-based health portals) - Continuity of care and health management (shared access to patient-related information) - Telemedicine (teleconsultation, telediagnosis, remote supervision of patients and citizens with special needs)

29 INFSO/F3 29 City and Regional Information Networks - Cost-effective services for public administrations - Easy exchange between administrations- citizens-business (single point of entry for registration at public offices, tracking of administrative requests, payment of taxes and bills) Applications of public interest (7)

30 INFSO/F3 30 Budget for this call No pre-allocation of budget per project sector Indicative budget 43 MEUR

31 INFSO/F3 31 Timetable of the call Publication 17 March, close 16 June Evaluation of proposals: end June Final selection of proposals: end July Contract negotiation: August-September Contract signature: November December Projects start: January 2001

32 INFSO/F3 32 Content –No business case –No public interest of the venture Planning –Milestones either missing or too general –Links missing between objectives and work plan Management –Allocated responsibilities not clear –Unconvincing consortium –Unrealistic cost estimates or inappropriate financial plan Lessons learnt of failed proposals

33 INFSO/F3 33 What makes a good project? Sound and committed partnership Reliable project organisation and management Clear identification of the service to be marketed Concrete exploitation aims, viable financial targets Proven technology ensuring interoperability of and open access to services Trans-European nature well evidenced Well defined project proposal

34 INFSO/F3 34 Guide for proposers Willy Maes INFSO/F3, EC TEN-TELECOM Information Day

35 INFSO/F3 35 Project Types Market Validation –18 month maximum –main deliverable: business plan, on-site validation in a real environment, confirmation of business plan and market approach Initial deployment –24 month maximum –main deliverable: investment done, application up and running, business plan implemented

36 INFSO/F3 36 TEN-Telecom Work Programme Call for Proposals 2000/1 text Guide for Proposers Relevant Documents for Proposal Preparation

37 INFSO/F3 37 Rules of Participation (1) Financing by public entities no longer required Community Aid : only if financial obstacles < minimum necessary for launch of project total amount < 10% of total investment costs Projects should be of common interest CONDITIONS FOR COMMUNITY AID

38 INFSO/F3 38 Rules of Participation (2) A single organisation is eligible Proposals must have a transnational nature Shall be implementable in several Member States Implementation in a single Member State allowed if it contributes to a broader trans- European interest TRANSNATIONAL COVERAGE

39 INFSO/F3 39 Rules of Participation (3) All legal entities in EU Participants from outside EU as observers or sponsoring participants; no TEN-Telecom funding WHO CAN PARTICIPATE?

40 INFSO/F3 40 Rules of Participation (4) Provision of services based on open market standards Open access to proposed services and applications OPEN MARKET STANDARDS

41 INFSO/F3 41 Evaluation 6 criteria for Overall Project 4 criteria for Phase receiving EC funding Proposals must reach a threshold score to be considered for funding These proposals are ranked on total score

42 INFSO/F3 42 Evaluation Criteria Overall Project Contribution to the TEN-Telecom Objectives Long-term Economic Viability Strong trans-European Partnership Socio-economic Effects Sound and Mature Technical Approach Contribution to Interoperability

43 INFSO/F3 43 Evaluation Criteria Project Phase Stimulative Effect of Community Intervention Adequacy of the Project Workplan Soundness of the Financial Package Effectiveness of Project Management (Market Validation or Deployment)

44 INFSO/F3 44 Proposal Negotiation Based on evaluators recommendations Assessment of financial viability : participants to demonstrate that they have all the necessary resources needed for carrying out the project If successful conclusion of negotiations contract

45 INFSO/F3 45 The Contract Market Validation Projects (cost-based) Deployment Projects (deliverables-based) Draft model contracts available on the Website Two Different Types of Contracts:

46 INFSO/F3 46 Financial Issues Joint and Several Responsibilities Actual Costs Financial Contribution by Contractors and Members

47 INFSO/F3 47 Characteristics of the Contract for Deployment Projects Well identified investment conditions Real critical factor is time-to-marketReal critical factor is time-to-market Main characteristics: – important investors must be Contractors –budgetary authorities to sign Letters of Investment Commitment – milestones + request for payment relating to actual investments –investment check and technical audit if necessary

48 INFSO/F3 48 Agreement of the National Authority Co-ordinator must contact National Contact Point for co-ordinates of National Authority Co-ordinator sends copies of 3 Forms to National Authority: Information on National Authority(T6) Proposal Summary Description(T2) Co-ordinator contact point(T3)

49 INFSO/F3 49 Proposal Structure –Part A : series of forms downloadable from the Website –Part B : textual description Use appropriate structure for part B: market validation or deployment Two parts:

50 INFSO/F3 50 Part B Section I: overall project Section II: market validation or initial market deployment phase Each of the sections and subsections corresponds to an evaluation criterion Be concise and factual: Part B < 50 pages Consists of two sections:

51 INFSO/F3 51 You Need Help? Website: Help Desk: National Contact Points

52 INFSO/F3 52 The Intellectual Property Rights Helpdesk Website: The LIFT Service Website: Other Help Facilities


54 INFSO/F3 54 Questions & Answers TEN-TELECOM Information Day

55 INFSO/F3 55 TEN-TELECOM means: business plan focus deployment and not research interoperable generic service-based applications solid consortium commitment maturity of technology applications and services of common interest

56 INFSO/F3 56 Rolling Call for Proposals 1998/3 for support and co-ordination actions José Soler INFSO/F3, EC TEN-TELECOM Information Day

57 INFSO/F3 57 Background Rolling Call published on 14 March 1998 with closing date on 31 December 2000 Based on work programme of 1998, updated in March 2000 Indicative budget from 1998 till 2001: 2 MEUR Remaining indicative budget 900.000 EUR Projects can be funded up to 100% Proposals evaluated in June each year

58 INFSO/F3 58 Support Action Tasks Exploitation of the programmes knowledge Facilities for the implementation of projects Co-operation with Member States to extend the trans-European dimension of national initiatives Programmes observatory service Assessment of post TEN-Telecom projects Identification of needs and development of awareness in Eastern and Central Europe, and in the Mediterranean area.

59 INFSO/F3 59 Task open for proposals Guidance and assistance in preparing and improving the business plan of TEN-Telecom funded projects Limited free individual and informative assistance to TEN-Telecom project Information on existing tools and tutorials available for the preparation of business plans Orientation towards existing organisations (local, national, European)helping in the preparation of business plans Dissemination of best practice for the preparation of business plans for future investment

60 INFSO/F3 60 Useful information - Publication March 2000 - Next evaluation June 2000 Guide for Proposers for the Rolling Call on Support and Co-ordination actions available on:

61 INFSO/F3 61 Meeting Commission officials (1) - Discussion on specific inquiries for proposals - 15 minute from advanced reservations - Last minutes reservations at Info-Desk - Desks A to G (13.00 - 16.30) Afternoon sessions

62 INFSO/F3 62 Meeting Commission officials (2) A - Generic Services Ciaran Clissmann B - Applications and services for SMEs Simon Holland C - Education and training, Access to Cultural Heritage Henry Oleksy, Antonella Fresa D - Transport and mobility, Environment and emergency management Willy Maes, Gustav Thommes E - City and regional information networks, Health Joakim Nilsson, Eleni Borg F - Deployment projects Olivier Pascal, Antonella Fresa G - Support and co-ordination actions Josè Soler

63 INFSO/F3 63 Meeting Commission officials (3) Desks A to G in Room S3 Desk A Desk B Desk C Desk D Desk FDesk G Desk E


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