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1 Supporting the Dreams David M. Kennedy Senior Programme Manager EURESCOM

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1 1 Supporting the Dreams David M. Kennedy Senior Programme Manager EURESCOM

2 2 6FP Consultation Meeting What must FP6 do? To prepare the world for Next Generation Living –To integrate the sociological and demographic views –To help design services that people want to use: work & leisure To generate the critical mass that will allow future networks and services to be self-sustaining –To shorten the time to market of new services –To seed markets, support ventures –To promote common solutions e.g. security (trust) To direct resources to the major challenges –technologies –integration (networks, services, business, etc.) –harmonisation of market rules, privacy, protection

3 3 6FP Consultation Meeting Technology Advancement The era of combinations & communicating devices Protocols - PIPP Post IP Protocol, –a new protocol that can support variable bandwidth but can guarantee efficient networks, reliability, availability, and includes support for QoS, management and charging Interfaces, (everywhere please) Distributed Service Platforms, Middleware - the control plane Security, Terminals, Displays, Optical Switching, Softswitches Processors, Software, Chipsets

4 4 6FP Consultation Meeting Service Advancement Consumer awareness/education, U Must Think Simple Customisable services Can use any access network/terminal Open Service Platforms Innovative services, Innovative delivery, Smart converged terminals and/or Single function terminals, (disposable?) Business Advancement –Improving the business models of every industry with new communications possibilities (and their work practices)

5 5 6FP Consultation Meeting Network Advancement Many network technologies - Integrated networks, - one network behaviour Always-on (or virtually always-on) Ad-hoc networks, Seamless service delivery Intuitive (or automatic) procedures Easy handovers, connect anywhere - support for mobility Open Network Policies can restrict network investment

6 6 6FP Consultation Meeting How revenues come... 500$ per Mbyte SMS 2$ per Mbyte Voice on mobile 0.1$ per Mbyte Voice on Fixed 0.001 per Mbyte Television

7 7 6FP Consultation Meeting kick-start conundrum: Pervasive infrastructure enables mass market services Mass market services justify pervasive infrastructure It needs help from (E)U

8 8 6FP Consultation Meeting About Eurescom Eurescom is a not-for-profit collaborative research organisation in the field of telecommunications. The focus of our work is on the challenges facing the network operators and service providers. Eurescom is owned by 20 network Operators from 19 countries Eurescom is open to all: –Network Operators and Service Providers may join as shareholders and, –Vendors and suppliers may join as members Eurescom is planning to have a significant involvement in the 6th Framework Programme

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