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Bulgarian National Geological Data Sets

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1 Bulgarian National Geological Data Sets
Valeri Trendafilov, Nikolay Markov Ministry of Environment and Waters National Geofund and Geology

2 Paper Topics Bulgarian National Geofund Bulgarian Geological Data Sets

3 National Geofund A huge amount of data has been collected in a field of Geological Sciences in Bulgaria in the last 50 years. More than 7000 reports are available in National Geofund covering all aspects of geological activities in Bulgaria including geological mapping, geophysical and geochemical surveys, hydrogeology, exploration of mineral deposits etc. The National Geofund is responsible for collecting and storing all geological data in Bulgaria. Part of the data is published. The National Geofund is in charge of disclosure of unpublished information to another organizations under established rules.

4 National Geofund The oldest geological report dated from 1925
Two ways to find reports of interest In “GeoArchive” Data Base for the reports -using keywords querying. Some keywords - Author name,Title, Year , Location, Map Sheet, Methods, Mineral Resource and etc. Using graphical interface for the areas in which geological works have been done(an example follows).

5 National Geofund

6 Geological Data Sets The metadata for 32 geological data sets and 14 images as examples were prepared for the GEIXS project. The metadata were sent via to Jan Jillema on 2 times. The short descriptions of data sets follow below.

7 Geological Data Sets 1.Geological Map of Bulgaria, Scale 1:500000.
Published map in 1989, 2 flat coloured sheets covered all territory of Bulgaria, Bulgarian-English edition. The map is compiled on the base of the Geological map of Bulgaria scale 1: and available data of the National Geofund. Digital model available (MapInfo).

8 Digital Map

9 Digital Map Fragment of 1: map in real scale

10 Geological Data Sets 2. Geological Map of Bulgaria, Scale 1:100000.
Published Map Series, 86 coloured flat sheets, covered all the country, available in Bulgarian or in English edition. All available in digital form (MapInfo).

11 Digital Maps

12 Digital Map, example.

13 Geological Data Sets 3. Geological Map of Bulgaria, Scale 1:25000.
Unpublished map series, standard indexed map sheets, covered mineral potential areas. Reports are available in National Geofund. Some of map sheets are available in digital form(MapInfo). The results from new field geological mapping program are produced directly in digital form and printed. Only Bulgarian edition available.

14 Digital Maps

15 Digital Maps, example.

16 Geological Data Sets Geological Maps, Scale - 1:500000,1:100000,1:25000 in GIS format - different layers of information : Geological boundaries Stratigraphy Lithology Tectonics Rivers Infrastructure - towns, roads, railway

17 Geological Data Sets 4. Geomorphologic Map of Bulgaria, 1: Unpublished map series, map sheets correspond to geological map in scale 1:

18 Geological Data Sets 5. Geochemical Map of Bulgaria, 1:100000.
Unpublished series, presents point-source geochemical data. The point data have been gridded to create colour classified digital maps. 6. Gravity Map of Bulgaria, 1: Unpublished map series, Bouguer anomaly contours and location of observations

19 Digital Maps

20 Geological Data Sets 7. Magnetic Map of Bulgaria, 1:100000.
Unpublished map series, ground magnetic anomaly contours and location of digitised data points.

21 Geological Data Sets 8. Map of Mineral Deposits of Bulgaria, 1: Unpublished map series, consists of point objects that represent location of mineral deposits, occurrence and indication. 9. Geoarchive - Data set in Bulgarian language about all the reports available in National Geofund with the key words for searching. 10. Oil and Gas Wells. Data set for all the oil and gas wells drilled on the territory of Bulgaria, onshore and offshore. 11.Seismic Lines in Bulgaria. Data set consists of information from seismic surveys, onshore and offshore.

22 Example of interpretation using information from seismic survey, wells and well logs.

23 Geological Data Sets 12.Aeromagnetic and Gamma Ray Spectrometer Data. Regional aero data: Location of digitised data points along flight lines and calculated values of magnetic fields and U,Th, K.

24 Geological Data Sets 13. Exploration Drillholes and Mining Workings. Data set consists of information from drillholes and mining workings of mineral exploration programs. 14. National Balance of Reserves and Resources. The data set consists of reserves and resources of all metallic, industrial minerals, oil and gas, coal deposits in Bulgaria. 15. Tectonic Map of Bulgaria, 1: Published map, 2 sheets, Bulgarian-English Edition, 1976.

25 Digital Map 16. Magnetic Map of Bulgaria, 1:500000.
Contour map of Za(nT), produced from grid 5x5km

26 Geological Data Sets 17. Metallogenic Map of Bulgaria, 1:1000000.
Published 1coloured map sheet, English edition, 1989 18. Map of Delimited Areas of Gold Deposits in Bulgaria. Computer map, produced from digitised series of maps of scale ranging from 1:1000 to 1:25000. 19. Map of Uranium Mineralization in Bulgaria. Computer Map with uranium deposits, occurrences and radioactive anomalies, digitised from maps of scale 1:

27 Geological Data Sets 20. Physical properties of the Rocks.
Data set containing information for rock samples-coordinates, type of rock, geologic end tectonic position and major physical properties. Currently updated. 21. Pan sampling data. Data set contains information about position of pan samples and quality and quantity of minerals. Currently updated.

28 Contents of gold grains in pan samples

29 Geological Data Sets 22. Geological Study Areas in Bulgaria. Computer maps of the areas in which geological works have been done. 23. Register and Cadastre of Prospecting and/or Exploration Permits. Register and Cadastre of permits for prospecting and/or exploration of underground resources issued by the state authorities according UNDERGROUND RESOURCES ACT. 24. Specialised Cadastre of Deposits and Register of Discoveries. Data set contains maps of mineral deposits and information about the discoveries of underground resources made as a result of geological research.

30 Geological Data Sets 27. Map of Underground Waters, 1:500000.
25. Map of the Geological Hazards in Bulgaria, 1: Published Map accompanying with explanatory text in booklet, 1 folded colour sheet, Bulgarian-English edition, 1994 26.Groundwater Monitoring Design for Bulgaria, 1: Computer map for Groundwater Monitoring Design on the base of Geological Map 1: 27. Map of Underground Waters, 1: Unpublished map, paper copy. 28. Map of Mineral Waters in Bulgaria, 1:

31 Geological Data Sets 29. Hydrogeological Map of Bulgaria, 1:200000.
Published Atlas containing 28 coloured map sheets and 16 hydrogeological sections. 30. Map of Resources of Underground Waters in Bulgaria, 1: Published Atlas containing 28 coloured map sheets. 31. Map of River System in Bulgaria, 1:25000. Digital map sheets produced from topographic maps. 32. Protected Caves in Bulgaria. Data set contains information about 113 protected caves with maps of caves and protected areas.

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