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INFSO/F3 1 Bruxelles, 4 - 5 May 2000 1st IST Environment Concertation Meeting TEN-Telecom Environment Projects Antonella Fresa European Commission Expert.

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1 INFSO/F3 1 Bruxelles, 4 - 5 May 2000 1st IST Environment Concertation Meeting TEN-Telecom Environment Projects Antonella Fresa European Commission Expert INFSO/F3



4 INFSO/F3 4 Trans-EU application-service focus Content ICT Industry EU Markets Physical infrastructure TEN-TELECOM ACTION: Telecommunications networks based applications and generic services

5 INFSO/F3 5 An independent action which: bridges the gap between research results and emerging technologies, and the market, in areas of general interest supports market validation for new services based on Trans-European telecommunications networks exploits the global (trans-European) dimension of these applications and services Distinctive Features -Summary-

6 INFSO/F3 6 FORMS OF COMMUNITY FUNDING (up to 10% of total investment cost) - Direct grants - Interest rebates - Contributions to guaranty fees - Risk capital participation - Direct grants - Interest rebates - Contributions to guaranty fees - Risk capital participation PROJECTPHASES FUNDEDPROJECTPHASES FUNDED (technical studies, design and development, technical validation) Business plan Market validation Evaluation of Business plan Initial Market deployment Full Market deployment Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 PREDEPLOYMENTPHASESPREDEPLOYMENTPHASES DEPLOYMENTPHASESDEPLOYMENTPHASES Project Phases and Funding Research and development - Co-funding of Business plan and Market validation (up to 50 %) - Co-funding of Business plan and Market validation (up to 50 %)

7 INFSO/F3 7 Project characteristics Technical maturity Relevance for market deployment Partners commitment Open market standards Trans-European dimension

8 INFSO/F3 8 Types of projects Market Validation –18 month maximum –main deliverable: business plan, on-site validation in a real environment, confirmation of business plan and market approach Initial deployment –24 month maximum –main deliverable: investment done, application up and running, business plan implemented

9 INFSO/F3 9 Projects of common interest Generic Telecommunications services Applications in: - distance education and training - cultural heritage - services for SMEs - transport and mobility - healthcare - city and regional information networks - environment and the emergency management Yearly calls for proposals on these projects

10 INFSO/F3 10 Value-added environmental information services (such as air, water, soil, bio-diversity) On one part, there is a growing demand from the environmental managers in both public administrations and private enterprises, to enable them to comply with existing and emerging national and European policies and directives. One the other hand, trans-European value-added services based on harmonized environmental public data will create new markets with more user-oriented products and services (e.g. weather information, pollution, ultraviolet and pollen levels). Environment & Emergency Management (1)

11 INFSO/F3 11 - Emergency management and public safety systems (such as, but not limited to flood management for urban areas, rivers and estuaries, forest fires and industrial risk management) Reliable communication systems and networks (mobile, satellite, radio, etc.) and accurate positioning of resources form the essential backbone for real-time decision aid in crisis situations. They are also important to forecast natural disasters and estimate the damage they cause. Remote sensing applications utilizing space borne and terrestrial data will play a more prominent role in environmental emergency management and monitoring. Environment & Emergency Management (2)

12 INFSO/F3 12 Conditions for Community aid Community Aid : only if financial obstacles < minimum necessary for launch of project total amount < 10% of total investment costs Projects should be of common interest

13 INFSO/F3 13 Trans-national coverage A single organisation is eligible Proposals must have a trans-national nature Shall be implementable in several Member States Implementation in a single Member State allowed if it contributes to a broader trans- European interest

14 INFSO/F3 14 Projects examples (1) Innovative services in the field of waste management, material and products recycling: access to integrated source of information public-private partnerships to provide up-to-date information of public interest; development of new business models for the sale for information services. ENINFO ENINFO - Environmental Venture Incentive Information ERNET ERNET - European materials and products Recycling Network

15 INFSO/F3 15 ENINFO Project characteristics: Internet based system to provide informative and consultative tools for: environmental legislation and fiscal incentives, consulting company directory and certification providers, journals and magazines directory, listing of authorized industrial waste treatment companies, latest pollution abatement technologies, on-line consultation and waste mall. Static information, information from relational databases and geographic information are provided.

16 INFSO/F3 16 ENINFO Partners: IBERINSA (Spain), Co-ordinator Fed. Empr. Ind. Quimica Espana (Spain) Sema Group SAE (Spain) Technologia Medio Ambiente (Spain) Started on January 1999 Completed on January 2000

17 INFSO/F3 17 ERNET Project characteristics: European network of recycling offices, from the existing regional and national initiatives in various EU member states, able to offer pan-European environmental services to different agents of the waste market: access to data and information about re-cycling market agents, products, technical requirements, legislation and initiatives across Europe; integration and digitalization of existing public data in the field of waste recycling; support services for managers in public administrations and private organizations.

18 INFSO/F3 18 ERNET Partners: SEGASA (Spain), Co-ordinator ACR-AVR (Belgium) Copenhagen County (Denmark) HERA (Germany) IBGE-BIM (Belgium) Institut Cerdà (Spain) O2 France (France) Started on January 2000 Expected completion date June 2001

19 INFSO/F3 19 Projects examples (2) Innovative services in the field of risk prevention, forecast and management of emergency situations: authorities to co-operate cross-border, to avoid catastrophes and to manage consequences more effectively; sustainability and long-term viability; leading role for industry to define viable business models open architectures and interoperability GENESIS 2000 GENESIS 2000 - Geospatial Emergency management Network for Support by Imagery Services RIPOSTE RIPOSTE - River Pollution Status in Europe RIMS RIMS - Risk Management Systems

20 INFSO/F3 20 GENESIS 2000 Project characteristics: On-line access to geospatial information derived from space imagery and ground sensors, through the integration of advanced satellite earth observation and telecommunication technologies (satellite and ground networks) Decision support system for: flood cases, coastal pollution, forest fires, earthquakes and landslides. Territorial information service providers to serve final target users: local administrations (regulatory plans/disaster prevention), civil protection authorities (risk mapping, emergency planning and operation, damage assessment and recovery), insurance/re-insurance companies (risk evaluation and damage assessment).

21 INFSO/F3 21 GENESIS 2000 Partners: Matra S&I (France), Co-ordinator Alenia Spazio (Italy) ESA/ESRIN (International Organization) Faculté Univ. Gembloux (Belgium) Meteo France (France) Planetek Italia (Italy) Sertit University Strasbourg (France) Sethy MET Walloon Region (Belgium) Spot Image (France) Started on January 2000 Expected completion date March 2001

22 INFSO/F3 22 RIPOSTE Project characteristics: Water, soil, air monitoring services, based on networking of intelligent data loggers, sensors, telecommunication systems and Internet applications: - engineering, installation and maintenance of environment monitoring systems; - provision of environmental diagnosis. Numerous and different applications: urban water monitoring, river or lake quality, industry survey or audits, potable water production, groundwater catchments, air pollution for civil security, soil applications, etc.

23 INFSO/F3 23 RIPOSTE Partners: Thomson-CSF Texen (France) Co-ordinator Indra (Spain) Interlab (Spain) IRH (France) Started on January 2000 Expected completion date June 2001

24 INFSO/F3 24 RIMS Project characteristics: Intranet oriented services for risk managers, e.g.: civil protections, insurance and re-insurance companies, industries such as oil companies, etc. IP communications over satellite with public domain products, providing: videoconference, co-operative work, portal for homogeneous access to heterogeneous databases, tele-training. Four national civil protections will participate to the project trials, with the support of the Council of Europe, the European Space Agency and the Joint Research Centre.

25 INFSO/F3 25 RIMS Partners: Bull (France) Co-ordinator Alcatel Space Industries (France) Dir. Défense Sécurité Civiles (France) Dir. General Protección Civil (Spain) Gen. Secret. Civil Protection (Greece) Nat. Service Civil Protection (Portugal) CTI (Greece)ISD (Portugal)Regra (Portugal) Started on January 2000 Expected completion date June 2001

26 INFSO/F3 26 Open Call for proposals 2000/1 43 M indicative budget close: 16 June 2000 All the information available on the TEN-Telecom website: Help desk:

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