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1 JRC – IPTS Seville Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence (SWAMI) : "Dark" scenarios SWAMI FINAL CONFERENCE 22 nd March 2006 – Brussels I. Maghiros,

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1 1 JRC – IPTS Seville Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence (SWAMI) : "Dark" scenarios SWAMI FINAL CONFERENCE 22 nd March 2006 – Brussels I. Maghiros, Y. Punie, S. Delaitre

2 2 JRC – IPTS Seville Introduction AmI vision The promise: embedded intelligence that works (cost/efficiency) The challenge: manage vast amounts of linkable heterogeneous data The risk: serious potential threats, far beyond what is known today Objective SWAMI scenarios:Identify important things that can go wrong with regard to identity, privacy, security, … Discuss social, economic, legal, technological and ethical implications Why dark scenarios To contrast the predominance of bright scenarios Alternative vision of the future we do NOT want to materialise However, these are NOT doom scenarios

3 3 JRC – IPTS Seville Dark (adverse) scenarios Characteristics Realistic although fictional (extrapolate from current trends) Description of plausible futures (non-traditional extrapolations) A tool for stimulating debate, structuring thinking, what if games, aiding in synthesis, and raising awareness intuitively potential vulnerabilities and associated threats Highlight potential vulnerabilities and associated threats Expose key socio-economic, legal, technological, ethical risks Identify challenges related to identity, privacy and security Alert policy makers as to the need to develop safeguards

4 4 JRC – IPTS Seville SWAMI Scenario Approach Literature reviewExperts workshopInternal workshopDrafting scenarios Scenario stories Scenario analysis SituationsAmI technologiesAmI applicationsDriversIssuesLegal Technology checkReality check

5 5 JRC – IPTS Seville dark SWAMI dark scenarios Scenario 1: A typical family (at home, at work, outdoors) Scenario 2: Seniors on a journey (travel and health issues) Scenario 3: Corporate Boardroom & court-case (data aggregator) Scenario 4: Risk Society (Digital Divide, environment, traffic & crowd management) Private Sphere / Private concerns Individual / micro level Public Sphere / Public concerns Society / macro level

6 6 JRC – IPTS Seville Dark scenario 1: A Typical Family Story overview A typical family in 3 different but blurring environments at Home, at Work and also outdoors, making use of AmI devices and services. System vulnerabilities and crime opportunities are exploited as the family leads an everyday life. Scene 2 – At Work: Shopping while at work, data laundering, accidental mistake and consequences. Scene 3 – At the Park: Location-based advertising, irritation, consequences, dependence on AmI, exclusion; erroneous identification, AmI facilitated crime, usability/costs. Different scenes Scene 1 – At Home: Digital blackmail, unfounded suspicions due to extensive profiling, impacts on work and home environments.

7 7 JRC – IPTS Seville Dark scenario 2: Seniors on a journey Story overview Focuses on senior citizens and their health related needs while on a bus tour abroad. An exploited vulnerability in the traffic system causes an accident, raising many different issues such as: individual needs vs. economies of scale; reliance on AmI infrastructure; equal and fair access, usability and accessibility principles. Different scenes Scene 1 - News from the police report: Senior citizen dies after bus accident Scene 2 - Travel preparation and check-in procedure for public transportation Scene 3 - Traffic supported by ambient intelligence Scene 4 - Emergency situation Scene 5 - Ambient intelligence and medical care

8 8 JRC – IPTS Seville Dark scenario 3: Corporate Boardroom Story overview A Data Aggregator successfully corners the data market for public and private sector clients until their business model is exposed to society-at-large through insider data theft, and fraudulent data use. Media reports uncover the scandal and a court case puts a stop to abuse. However, it will take the victims much more time to gain control over their personal data that have been exposed. Different scenes Scene 1 – Management Board Meeting: data aggregation and mining, data theft, dependency on AmI infrastructure, risks in business setting. Scene 2 – The Court case: future legal framework does not allow misuse of abuse of data collected, democratic principles prevail.

9 9 JRC – IPTS Seville Dark scenario 4: Risk Society Story overview Different stories on likely adverse consequences of AmI for society at large including public action against personalised profiling, global scale digital environmental divides and public life disruptions. In all cases AmI diffusion is both widening and bridging existing gaps. Different scenes Scene 1 – The Anti-Personalised Profiling Action Group (APPAG). Scene 2 – AmI Divides Scene 3 – Public Life Disrupted by Virus Attack Scene 4 - AmI-system aided mass risk management

10 10 JRC – IPTS Seville Contents of Dark scenarios DarkScen1DarkScen2DarkScen3DarkScen4 Technologies/ Devices Embedded tags; home sensors; biometrics; personal wrist communicator Sensors / actuators; interfaces; comms; Health monitoring devices. Biometrics; displays; voice activated cmds; surveillance; location implants; RFIDs; sensors & actuators. Smart dust; positioning sensors; data mining; traffic routing; comms networks. Applications Security; spy ware; surveillance; tracking/monitoring LBS, DRM. Communication Mngt system; support for elderly; health monitoring systems. Immigration control; personalisation; profiling; targeted marketing; counter- terrorism. Personalisation; environmental monitoring; security; anti-virus; crowd management. Issues Loss of control; disproportionate reactions due to profiling; exclusion, human factors in security. Dependence; loss of control; privacy; exclusion; complex risk assessment; identity; crime; Power Concentration; illusion of security; digital divide; trust; differences in legal regimes. Personalised vs. group profiling; victimisation; digital divide; loss of control; dependency.

11 11 JRC – IPTS Seville Dark scenarios: Conclusions (1/3) Varied because of AmI infrastructure touches upon all aspects and areas : work, transport, health, entertainment, private life, business, political etc. Wide because dark situations can encompass dark feelings (ranging from irksome to burdensome; and entail annoyance and embarrassment) but also dark experiences such as theft, harassment, accidents etc. Deep because the impact can be severe (e.g. digital divide) and difficult to revoke (e.g. profiling, ID Theft) Varied, Wide and Deep Issues Varied & Context dependent Safeguards Varied: political, economic, social, legal, technological involving different stakeholders Context dependent especially in terms of multi – stakeholder involvement

12 12 JRC – IPTS Seville Dark scenarios: Conclusions (2/3) Privacy Identity Security Trust Loss of Control Dependency Exclusion Victimisation Key SWAMI Issues There are obvious advantages to AmI space although intelligence lies firmly with people. Zero-risk is not possible. Impact on personal life is likely to be much greater than what we perceive it to be today.

13 13 JRC – IPTS Seville Dark scenarios: Conclusions (3/3) Successfully highlighted potential vulnerabilities & associated threats Detailed analysis of situation as to technologies/devices, applications, drivers, issues, legal analysis. Raises awareness as to possible incentives, contextual and trust factors More than appealing scripts: reality and technology checks. However, delicate exercise (prospective research). Need to handle known weakness: few qualitatively new risks identified current behavioural patterns may induce more risk in tomorrows AmI world Methodological Issues

14 14 JRC – IPTS Seville Thank you ! Any Questions ? Contact Details Ioannis Maghiros Project Officer EC – DG JRC – IPTS – Seville

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