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European Cooperation Day 2012 Sharing borders, growing closer A joint success story!

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1 European Cooperation Day 2012 Sharing borders, growing closer A joint success story!

2 E European Cooperation Day 21 September 2012 (and surrounding days) A campaign to celebrate the achievements of European Territorial Cooperation Coordinated by the INTERACT Programme

3 Conception Original idea by ETC programmes from all strands (May 2011) Voluntary participation: open to all ETC, IPA CBC and ENPI CBC programmes Design of the campaign by INTERACT together with volunteer programmes (name, format, logo, slogan, etc) Joint approach to all events, variety of actions throughout Europe

4 70 programmes organised events 42 Cross-border programmes (out of 53) 7 Transnational programmes (out of 13) 2 Networking programmes (out of 4) 8 IPA CBC programmes (out of 10) 11 ENPI CBC programmes (out of 13) = 79% of all programmes! 281 local events across Europe Events took place in 36 countries Albania Austria Belarus Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Moldova Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom Facts and figures

5 European Cooperation Day Visual Identity Designed Items: Logo + Slogan Style Guide Stationary Rollup Banner PPT Templates Produced Items: T-Shirts Flyers Postcards Posters Rollup

6 MEP Marie-Thérèse Sanchez-Schmid: I am very happy that the achievements of cooperation between European regions have been honoured through the European Cooperation Day campaign At European Cooperation Days Kick-off at the European Parliament with Commissioner Hahn and MEPs Commissioner Johannes Hahn: I am delighted that this first ever celebration of territorial cooperation is taking place Institutional support

7 Committee of the Regions edited and disseminated a catalogue of European Cooperation Day actions, as local events of the Open Days 2012 Institutional support

8 Highlight events Race between a Lithuanian horse, Belarusian tractor, a Polish Maluch car, a Latvian ambulance and a Russian Volga Swimming marathon between Greece and Albania Classical concert in a cross-border cave between Hungary and Slovakia Bus tour for journalists and politicians in Latvia Press conference on a boat in Budapest Puppet theatre for children in Valencia Cross-border football match Finland-Russia Graffiti art between France and Spain or at the airport in Larnaca (Cyprus) Photo competitions

9 This was European Cooperation Day!

10 European Cooperation Day in the media… National Media Press: 196 Regional Media Press: 466 National TV: 41 Regional TV: 73 National Radio: 34 Regional Radio: 89 European Media: 5 Other Media (blogs): 1063

11 … on the web Video trailer in 8 languages, watched 7040 times online Of which 53 liked it/no negative scores Click to watch! 72443 Watched the video at events across Europe More than 80.000 TV viewers

12 Dedicated website: Click to watch!

13 The website

14 In social media…

15 15 Facebook Viral reach and demographics

16 16 TWEETSRETWEETS 104 MENTIONS 204167 104 204 @cooperationday #ecday Twitter

17 17 8 uploads, 35 favourites

18 European Cooperation Day 2012 is co-financed by the Euroepan Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Whats next for INTERACT? The Campaign will be repeated on 21 September 2013! Most of the programmes plan to participate again Even better in advance planning: improved media strategy and more cooperation with ETC stakeholders and with EU partners

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