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Outputs from Traceability projects presented by Kieran Jordan representing:

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1 Outputs from Traceability projects presented by Kieran Jordan representing:

2 Traceability project outputs Actual outputs that benefit the consumer –Food and feed chains –Fish, Beef, Dairy, Water, etc. –Microbiological and chemical contaminants –Traceability Benefits for industry automatically benefit the consumer –Safer food –Fresher food –Cheaper food

3 Outputs Traceability projects

4 GDH + & AT + Four sub-themes in outputs Improved detection methods for contaminants Risk Assessment Computer technology/Labelling improvements Additional consumer benefits

5 Improved detection methods presented by Kieran Jordan representing:

6 The problem Contaminant detection is an issue for the manufacturer/producer – but it impacts on the consumer Current problem is that many contaminant detection methods are inadequate and expensive Traceability projects have addressed this problem and developed many improved detection methods

7 The solution Many projects have outputs in better detection methods –Salmonella, Norovirus, Listeria, air sampler Anti-parasitic drug residues: simultaneous detection of 38 compounds

8 Kieran Jordan, BIOTRACER Project Thank you for your attention

9 Risk Assessment presented by Dr. Fergal Tansey Project Manager - SigmaChain Project School of Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine University College Dublin, Ireland

10 Risk Assessment Outputs A Stakeholders Guide: assessment of food chain vulnerability to contamination Decision support tools: assist producers to make informed decisions Quantitative hygienic control concept

11 Stakeholders Guide to risks Case studies on 4 high vulnerability products, representing three major food chains: –drinking water - a rapid contamination chain –milk powder - a batch mixing chain –poultry meat - a long geographic chain –farmed salmon - a long geographic chain A Stakeholders Guide will allow users to assess food chain vulnerability to contamination and to prevent or minimize contamination at the weakest steps in the chain, producing a safer product for the consumer Helps to identify key detailed chain information on production and vulnerabilities and so form a link with early warning systems for the food industry.

12 BIOTRACER Decision Support Tool A model that supports reasoning and decision making under uncertainty – quantitative risk analysis Complex high-tech user interface for domain modelling experts Requires a high level of understanding of the mathematical models and the domain being model Not appropriate for non- modellers -A basic IT infrastructure for advanced mathematical models on the Internet using simple web forms -Simple for any user

13 Development of a software based model for Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) of cold chains Integration of the QMRA into a computer based Decision Support System (DSS) to enable informed decision making in the cold chain Chill-On Decision Support Tool

14 Fergal Tansey, Sigma-Chain Project Thank you for your attention

15 ICT and Sensor Technology presented by Christian Colmer, CHILL-ON Project ttz Bremerhaven

16 eCHILL-ON smart label Time Temperature Indicators (TTI) Novel Smart Labels for the wireless transfer of temperature data together with product/batch ID Server Reader / Data storage

17 Global Information System Advantage: - Tracking of products during transport phase - Displaying on maps geographically referenced information of products Suggestion for the future: - Calculation of CO2 Footprint ID WLAN GSM TRACECHILL Server

18 Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) Used by companies to record quality control information Problem: No link to connect this information from one LIMS to another to enable traceability Solution: Development of a prototype model to link LIMS to traceability

19 Christian Colmer, CHILL-ON Project ttz Bremerhaven Phone: +49 (0) 471 4832 150 Fax: +49 (0) 471 4832 129 Email: Fischkai 1 – 27572 Bremerhaven – Germany Thank you for your attention

20 Additional Consumer-related Ouputs presented by Jeffrey Skiby Dissemination Coordinator, BIOTRACER, Technical University of Denmark

21 Is my hamburger safe? Focus-group discussions and survey on beef safety conducted by ProSafeBeef –What is safe beef? –Who is responsible? –Who do you trust?

22 Can I get a slushie with my fish? Bubble Slurry TM ice developed through CHILL-ON –Fast and efficient cooling of just-caught fish –Ice completely encompasses the product, without air pockets

23 Is my French wine really from France? Food mapping developed by TRACE –Worldwide network of scientists collecting geological and climatic information –Product can be tested to prove it comes from a specific region

24 Dont trace only the packaging, trace the food inside! TRACEBACK new food- chain traceability system –Ensures safety and quality of foods from raw material to sale –Combines software and sensors

25 Jeffrey Skiby, BIOTRACER Project Thank you for your attention

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