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TENtec Information System

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1 TENtec Information System
TENtec Information System The iReport Online Module EC DG-MOVE-B1 Helmut Morsi – Deputy Head B1 & TENtec Team Leader TEN Committee Meeting Brussels, 22 February 2010 EUROPEAN COMMISSION

2 Overview Policy: current step implementing the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) iReport within TENtec Roadmap The TENtec Team Demo of iReport

3 Policy: The Open Method of Coordination
The current step: Moving iRep from offline to online Using the TENtec Portal function Improvement of co-operation MS – COM Improving efficiency: Introducing virtual teams Improving user friendliness: the TENtec data pre-fill feature Further improvement of the data quality (offline -> online) Final iRep product: PP Progress Report 2010 Additionally: online availabitity of all data to MS, COM & TEN-T EA

4 The TENtec Information System - Open Architecture: Common Frame & Individual Modules
ECAS authentication COM TENTEA TENtec Decision module ePMS TENtec eSub module S-NET On demand synchronization TENtec iReport module TENtec Database TENtec Portal Interface module Public TENtec OMC module On demand synchronization Internet Authorization GIS TENtec COM Reporting module TENtec Security module Contributors TENtec Public Reporting module Applicants Other COM applications (e.g. CIRCA,ASR,SAP)

5 Assessing iReport External user roles: Nomination of the validator
The Validator (1 per ministry) The Editor(s) (as many as needed per MS) Nomination of the validator Nomination of the editor Registration process for all external users ECAS – general access to TENtec portal iRep module – registration Validation of data: the overall process

6 TENtec Private portal (online)

7 TENtec iReport module (online)

8 Roadmap – 2010 & beyond 12 Jan 2010 (TEN-T EA Workshop) – online eSub & offline eSub-2010 presented 5 Feb – production level at Luxembourg data centre for modules eSub, iRep, ECAS, proposal/eval/decision plus all TENtec data 22 Feb – start of TEN-T’s PP Progress Report 2010 exercise 25 Feb – iRep opened for external access (no maps) Mid March – limited maps functionality April/May – GIS server in production level (outside TENtec/dir B control) April - Public Portal (Acceptance level) June-Dec – Implementation Report exercise (via OMC module) End May – Public Portal (Production level) 8 June Saragossa Conference (TEN-T Days 2010 & Progress Report 2010 publication) Aug-Nov - Integration of TEN-T EA special project manag. Modules: ASR & SAP July-Dec Development of data bridge between DG-TREN and DG-REGIO Future Upgrades 2011 New bridges to other TEN-T stakeholders (indicative): European Investment Bank Upgrade of citizens outreach Integration of other specialised module(s)

9 iReport Demonstration
Online Demo of iRep by Sebastien Lim (Technical Coordinator) Hands-on experience in next pause (3 online laptops available – including guidance by TENtec team members)

10 Thank you for your attention!
TENtec Team (European Commission DG-MOVE-B1: “TEN-T Policy, RTD Coord. & ERNP”): Sorin Andrei (GIS developer), Thomas Gascoigne (TENtec developer), Mohammadi Laazzouzi (Content coordinator), Sébastien Lim (Technical coordinator), Helmut Morsi (Team leader) Further information: Link for the TENtec Portal: see demo Link to DG Energy and Transport (EC DG-MOVE) TENtec Technical Help Desk (managed by EC DG-MOVE-B1): TREN Phone: +32 (0)

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