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Planning ports in TEN-T Victor Schoenmakers TEN-T Days – Zaragoza, 8-9 June 2010.

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1 Planning ports in TEN-T Victor Schoenmakers TEN-T Days – Zaragoza, 8-9 June 2010

2 Summary 1.Introduction 2.Steps towards the core network 3.Role of the comprehensive network 4.Financing

3 1. Introduction Seaports are at the service of Europes competitiveness Seaports have been largely ignored in the past priorities of TEN-T policy The TEN-T network so far mainly consists of national priorities Also ports were hesitant about a more pan-European approach It is time for a change of attitude, identifying genuine European priorities ESPO supports the dual core + comprehensive network

4 2. Steps toward the core network 1.Identification of current main port regions in Europe: 2.Identification of future trend scenarios + implications for core network 3.Policy guiding principles: sustainability, market- based, efficiency and flexibility & responsiveness 4.Listing common infrastructure and other bottlenecks

5 Identifying ports in the core network Focus on freight: container, bulk, roro and general cargo Multi-port gateways, stand-alone gateways, transhipment hubs Balance between concentration and flexibility Main criteria (work in progress): Gateway function linking main EU markets with the rest of the world Connection to maritime and land-based networks Market responsiveness and reliability (quality services) Potential for decarbonisation and limitation of external costs: Volume concentration (critical mass) Limit total transportation time and cost to main markets Modal split in favour of co-modality Network with inland ports and dry ports (decongestion) Innovative use of existing infrastructure

6 3. Role of the comprehensive network Support and complement the core network: Connect regions with the core network Serve regional or national priorities (e.g. connect peripheral areas, optimise local situations) Need to identify operational criteria: Current TEN-T criteria for ports could be basis Probably no need for categories A,B,C

7 4. Financing Core network: Developed in top-down, pan-European manner Multi-annual TEN-T budget reserved to resolve main bottlenecks and missing links Comprehensive network: Developed in bottom-up manner by Member States proposing concrete projects Uses annual TEN-T budget

8 Thank you for your attention Victor Schoenmakers – Chairman European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) Treurenberg 6 – B-1000 Brussel / Bruxelles Tel + 32 2 736 34 63 – Fax + 32 2 736 63 25 Email: –

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