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Brussels Enterprise Agency Brussels Region & eco-businesses Patricia Foscolo.

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1 Brussels Enterprise Agency Brussels Region & eco-businesses Patricia Foscolo

2 Regional policy « Contrat pour lEconomie et lEmploi » ( C 2 E) 2005 - 2010 approved in march 2005 Objective : economic redeployment of the Region A strategic tool to stimulate a sustainable economic development 3 lines access to employment economic modernisation & revitalization upgrade of public tools 27 actions planned ACTION 20 : support for 3 sectors dealing with innovation ICT Environment/sustainable construction Health

3 Regional policy « Plan Régional pour lInnovation » approved in december 2006 Objective : promote innovation as a carrier of economic development 6 strategic lines promote sectors dealing with innovation (sustainable construction) reinforce the creation of innovation stimulate the use of innovation promote the internationalization of innovation attract and keep innovative activities in the Region create a favorable environment for innovation

4 Regional policy Objectif 2013 « Programme opérationnel FEDER » approved in march 2007 Support the territorial competitiveness Objective : raise the economic & employment dynamism in the area 2 operation groups Support for development & creation of economic activities Support for the implementation of a centre for urban development bound to the economic sectors of the environment Support the territorial cohesion Objective : improve the attractiveness of the area & the quality of the surroundings 2 operation groups Improve the attractiveness & image Reinforce the nearby infrastructures regarding employment & training Thematic priorities

5 One regional instrument The Brussels Enterprise Agency Mission : advise and guide every start-up, SME or foreign investor who wants to set up or develop in the Region Created in 2003 Funded by the Minister of Economy of the Region Leading contact entity Business portal in Brussels Platform to other Brussels institutions

6 The public contact in the Region for businesses in the environmental & green energy sectors The Environmental Technologies B.U. within the BEA A green portal for companies dealing with innovation and environment Watch Directories Services R & D support IPR support SIS Financing Technologies IPR Market Companies R & D Centers Education Public services Trade organisations

7 The Environmental Technologies B.U. The Ecobuild cluster launched in october 2006 Objectives : raise the competitiveness of SMEs attract newcomers in the approach Means : increasing the visibility stimulate partnering collect first hand information (public procurements, watch,…) coordinate collective activities (events, projects, funding,…) Structure : strategic Comitee partners candidate-members members / a part of the BrusselsGreenTech website Difficulties : to much demand, not enough companies lack of trained people easier to build as usual lack of official standards for sustainable construction …

8 Thank you for your attention Brussels Enterprise Agency Tour & Taxis Avenue du Port 86C – B211 1000 Brussels Tel 32 2 422 00 20 Fax 32 2 422 00 43 Environmental Technologies B.U. Patricia Foscolo Manager Tel 32 2 422 51 28

9 o Thank you for your attention o Questions?

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