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1 ScanBalt BioRegion

2 Where? Biotech and Life Sciences in: 11 countries Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, North Germany, Northwestern Russia. 85 million people Reykjavik Oslo Stockholm Helsinki Copenhagen Warsaw Vilnius Riga Tallinn St. Peters- burg Berlin ScanBalt BioRegion

3 Who ? Initiated as a project early 2002, co-funded by the Nordic Innovation Center (NIC). Since 1 August 2004 a not for profit association

4 ScanBalt – a Network of Networks PLUS: Universities Hospitals Companies Science and Business parks Tech transfer organisations Other institutions Sunrise Valley Triple helix (academia – industry/hospitals – authorities)

5 Why? No individual biovally, biocluster, university or company has the critical mass to be visible globally and to attract human, economic and other resources to compete with major biovalleys and bioclusters internationally Very few existing biovalleys in Northern Europe has reached the mode 3 status where there is a productive mix of large, small and middlesized companies, academic research and education and applied research

6 How? By shaping a meta-network we can together: Shape critical mass and create visibility Create identity & infrastructure Focus on competences and complementarities By using bottom up action lines we can make it a strong force By working together we can form a platform for dialogue with supranational institutions and increase the financing possibilities in ie. EU, the Nordic Council of Ministers By working together we can give added value for all partners in the metaregional value chain

7 For who? ScanBalt Bioregion The academia The hospitals The companies The authorities For all, together, in a triple Helix formation What´s in it for me? should be what´s in it for us?

8 ScanBalt bodies General assembly Executive committee Representatives of founding members Chairmanship Chairman: Bo Samuelsson Vice chairmen/women: Wolfgang Blank, Boerge Diderichsen, Jaanus Pikani Joint secretariat General secretary: Peter Frank Liason offices Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Rostock ?

9 Members – Regional Networks BioCon Valley Bioforum Oulu/Technopolis BioMedico Forum BioTeam South Biotop Berlin BioTurku Estonian Biotech Association MedCoast Scandinavia Medicon Valley Academy Norgenta/Bay to Bio Öresund Science Region

10 Members – Universities and Research Institutions Adam Mickiewics Univ Biomed. Res. Univ. Of Latvia Center for Intell.Prop.Studies Chalmers Univ of Technology Inst. of Biotechnology, Vilnius Inst. of Exp. Med. St.Petersburg Inst. Of Fundamental Techn. Research, Warsaw Sahlgrenska Univ. Hospital Linköping University Lund University Medical University of Gdansk Nordic Inst.of Dental Materials Rostock University Sahlgrenska Univ. Hospital Scandinavian International SIMI Technical University of Denmark Technical University of Warsaw Turku Biomaterial Center University of Bremen University of Gdansk University of Göteborg University of Helsinki University of Kalmar Universitätsklinicum Hamburg- Eppendorf

11 Members – Industry and Tech Transfer Activision Life SA Centre of Tech.Transfer, Gdansk Copenhagen Capacityt Hedmark Innovation Center/BioInn Helsinki Business and Science Park Innovation Norway Kaliningrad Regional Economic Development Agency Lithuanian Innovation Center Monsanto Crops Science Novo Nordisk Sponsor People Steinbeis Foundation Tartu Biotechnology Park Triip LTD

12 Some funded projects ScanBalt Campus (Interreg 111B) ScanBalt Network of Networks (NIC) ScanBalt Competence Region (EU FP6) Boosting Baltic FP6 (EU FP6) Boost Biosystems (EU FP6) TRAYSS Prime (EU FP 6) Educational mobility (NIC) Economic Barriers for borderless Cooperation (NIC) Biotech, one click away (NIC) Communication in ScanBalt BioRegion(NIC) ScanBalt IP Knowledge Network (EU FP6) ScanBalt Marine Biotech (NorFA) ScanBalt Clinical Research Network (NIC) ScanBalt AgroBiotech (NorFA) ScanBalt Stem Cell Network (NorFA) MetaregionaI identity and infrastructure Thematic projects– networks of competence Total funding: more than 4.2 M EURO

13 O x f o r d R e s e a r c h ScanBalt - a string of competency clusters - -North-West Russia Biotech Cluster -Lithuania Biotech Cluster -BioCon Valley-BioTeam-South -North Poland Biotech Cluster -MedCoast Scandinavia -Bio Turku-Kalmar BioScience -Estonia Biotech Cluster -Medicon Valley Current Impact Biotech Workforce Human Capital Risk Capital R&D Input -Latvia Biotech Cluster MappingNavigation GuideMethodology Benchmark Scientific Fountains Co-location clusters Mode 3 clusters

14 © AVEDAS AG 2006 ScanBalt project partners competence profiles: Number of publications COMPETENCE AREA Med- coast Medicon Valley Bio Turku KalmarBioCon Valley GdanskLatviaEstoniaLithuniaSt. Peters- burg Biochem. & Mol. Biol.43222 2112 Biophysics33211 1112 Biotechnology4322 1112 Cardiovascular33221 1 Cell Biology33221 112 Developmental Biology232 1 Endocrinology44211 1 Biomed. Engineering343221 Genetics & Heredity3322 2112 Hematology33221 1 Immunology44321 1 Infectious Diseases 4332 1111 Biomaterials343221 Medical Informatics33 Microbiology443211 1112 Multidisc. Sciences3311 12 Neurosciences33221 211 Oncology44222 111 Pharmacology43221 211 Physiology43221 213 Virology333211 221 Source: CWTS Leiden, Benchmark analysis is based on Thomson ISI publication data comprising yrs. 2003 & 2004 Evluation criteria: 4: number of publiations of cluster >= Top 10 World, 3: Top 10 > cluster >= Top 100, 2: Top100 > cluster >= Top 500, 1: cluster < Top 500 Human Capital

15 © AVEDAS AG 2006 Publication benchmark analysis of top ScanBalt member clusters vs. Stockholm-Uppsala region COMPETENCE AREA MedcoastMedicon Valley Stockholm/ Uppsala Biochem. & Mol. Biol.434 Biophysics334 Biotechnology434 Cardiovascular333 Cell Biology334 Developmental Biology233 Endocrinology444 Biomed. Engineering343 Genetics & Heredity334 Hematology334 Immunology444 Infectious Diseases 434 Biomaterials343 Medical Informatics333 Microbiology444 Multidisc. Sciences333 Neurosciences334 Oncology444 Pharmacology434 Physiology434 Virology334 Source: CWTS Leiden, Benchmark analysis is based on Thomson ISI publication data comprising yrs. 2003 & 2004 Evaluation criteria: 4: number of publiations of cluster >= Top 10 World 3: Top 10 > cluster >= Top 100 2: Top100 > cluster >= Top 500 1: cluster < Top 500 Human Capital

16 © AVEDAS AG 2006 Publication benchmark analysis vs. top science clusters of the world COMPETENCE AREA SCAN BALT 10 (project partners) Biochem. & Mol. Biol.34343 Biophysics34243 Biotechnology34223 Cardiovascular22143 Cell Biology23143 Developmental Biology11144 Endocrinology34332 Biomed. Engineering34134 Genetics & Heredity34234 Hematology12143 Immunology34243 Infectious Diseases 34134 Biomaterials44123 Medical Informatics11143 Microbiology44122 Multidisc. Sciences11143 Neurosciences23234 Oncology34244 Pharmacology34224 Physiology44132 Virology34334 SCAN BALT 13 (members) Stockholm / Uppsala Boston Area London Area Source: CWTS Leiden, Benchmark analysis is based on Thomson ISI publication data comprising yrs. 2003 & 2004 Ranking criteria: The ranking was done in relation to the number of publications of the top performing cluster, which was set 100%. 4: number of publications of cluster in range of 80-100% compared to leading cluster 3:number of publications of cluster in range of 60-79% compared to leading cluster 2:number of publications of cluster in range of 40-59% compared to leading cluster 1:number of publications of cluster below 40% compared to leading cluster Human Capital

17 ScanBalt Incubator Service to the Members Identify key stake holders Attract pilot project funding Provide initial secretariat assistance Prepare large scale funding applications Act as a Communication Platform Strategic communication

18 ScanBalt Campus Creating Critical Mass and Mobility in Education and Research Interreg IIIB co-funded, total budget: 817.350 EURO

19 Strategic challenges for ScanBalt Campus Pioneering in putting the Bologna process into practise No university alone hosts leading expertise in all disciplines in the biotech and life science area Improve collaboration with industry and hospitals Attract resources for research and education Improve balance between demand and supply of education Improve flexibility in a rapidly changing scientific area

20 Scopes of the pilot project Formulate the structure/concept Establish transnational Knowledge Networks Establish the ScanBalt Academy Identify examples of shared curricula Create Media services Create Visibility

21 Scanbalt Campus board Bo Samuelsson, Göteborg University, Sweden (chairman) Horst Klinkmann, BioCon Valley, Germany Wieslaw Makarewicz, Medical University of Gdansk Poland Børge Diderichsen, Vice President, Novo Nordisk, Denmark Valdis Pirags, P.Stradins University Hospital, Latvia.

22 ScanBalt Academy Purposes: ¤ Add credibility to the scientific quality of ScanBalt projects and initiatives ¤ Serve as advisory boards of ScanBalt Campus (SBC) and other SB activities ¤ SBA Fellows to give lectures or teach courses ¤ SBA Fellows to act as ScanBalt Ambassadors ¤ SBA Fellows to act as evaluators on proposals for new SB activities and projects ¤ SBA to help reverse brain-drain from SB BioRegion and attract SB expatriates to engage in SB activities ¤ Annual SBA Symposium, possibly in conjunction with SB Forum.

23 ScanBalt Academy Kaare Norum, chair, Oslo Leena Paloti/Peltonen, vicechair, Helsinki Based on criteria endorsed by the ExCo a core group of about 30 has been built up. All ScanBalt countries represented Scientists from academia as well as industry and authorities are represented The ScanBalt Academy was inaugurated at ScanBalt Forum, September 2006

24 Criteria for ScanBalt Campus Knowledge Networks Transnational, thematic, networks in research and education, aims at connecting key competencies and create critical mass. - The activities have to be inside life sciences and biotechnology - Activities can be both research and education - Requirement of mobility between at least two countries - Activities to be based on win-win situations for the partners - When possible activities should strengthen links to industry

25 Knowledge Networks Molecular Diagnostics University of Gdansk/Medical University of Gdansk. Regenerative Medicine University of Rostock and BioCon Valley, Germany Environmental Biotechnology Göteborg University, Sweden. Informational Biology. Åbo Akademi University, Finland. Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Linköping University, Sweden

26 Knowledge Networks Intellectual Property and Bio-entrepreneurship Chalmers University, Göteborg, Sweden. Baltic Entrepreneurship Training Baltic Entrepreneurship Centre, Rostock, Germany. Education and training of leaders for the life science industry of the future Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. High quality training for small and medium enterprises in the field of life sciences in the ScanBalt Region TuTech Innovation GmbH Diagnostics and Therapeutics based on IgY technology University of Hamburg Entrepreneurship and Innovation Pending

27 ScanBalt ScanBalt Executive committee ScanBalt Academy ScanBalt projects Infrastructural: Thematic: ScanBalt Campus ScanBalt Marine Netw. Clinical Research Netw. Competence Region IP Knowledge Center Boost. Baltic Biot. FP6 Agrobiotech Stem Cells Lund Universtity Tallinn University of Technology Strandins University Hospital

28 Summer schools Individual coarses xx Baltic Entrepreneurship Training Informational Biology Education and training of leaders for the life science industry of the future Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Intellectual Property and Bio-entrepreneurship Regenerative medicine Molecular diagnostics Environmental biotechnology ScanBalt Academy ScanBalt Campus Board ScanBalt Executive committee Universities, companies, partners Rostock University Greisfwald University Göteborg University Gdansk University Novo Nordisk ¤¤¤¤ ¤¤ ¤ Knowledge networks Lund University University of Turku – Åbo Akademi University of Helsinki

29 Centre for Environment and Sustainability (SE) University of Copenhagen (DK) Copenhagen Business School (DK) Danish University of Pharm. Sciences (DK) BioMedicoForum (DK) Øresund Environment Academy (SE/DK) Aalborg University (DK) Novo Nordisk(DK) Turku BioValley (FI) University of Oulu (FI) Aabo Academy (FI) Helsinki University (FI) Turku School of Economics (FI) Steinbeis Transfer Center (DE) Norgenta (DE) TuTech Innovation (DE) BBB Management (DE) BioConValley (DE) University of Rostock (DE) Göteborg University (SE) MedCoast Scandinavia (NO/SE) University of Kalmar (SE) Öresunds University (SE/DK) Center for IP studies (SE) Norwegian School of Vet. Sci. (NO) Estonian Genome Foundation (EE) P. Stradins University Hospital (LV) Fermentas (LT) Medical University of Gdansk (PL) University of Gdansk (PL) Research Inst. of Exp Medicine (RU) 31 Partners

30 Explore the possibilities to take part of SBC activities!

31 ScanBalt liason office in Mecklenburg Vorpommern Financed by the ministry of research, education and culture in Mecklenburg Vorpommern, 200.000 EURO/year for 2 years (Ministerpresident Harald Ringsdorf) Tasks –Regenerative medicine network of ScanBalt Campus –Other networks –Weiterbildung in North Germany

32 Strategy 2006-2008 Priorities From 2006 and 3 years ahead ScanBalt will focus on three interrelated priorities in order to support the formation and development of new ideas, networks and projects and ensure output in terms of concrete results. The three priorities are: Identity and Infrastructures Communication and Transparency Coordination and Consolidation

33 ScanBalt BioRegion is a very concrete and visionary example of how the Baltic Sea Region can become a global centre of excellence Chairman of Baltic Development Forum and former Danish foreign minister Uffe Ellemann-Jensen Europe´s Most Succesful MetaRegion Nature Biotechnology, July 2004

34 We´ll do it together! ERBI Silicon Valley ScanBalt The big fish – little fish model

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