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1 Strategy, Results and Good Practices EUROINNOVA NAVARRA Rafael Muguerza Eraso Innovation and Information Society Service Director Navarra Government.

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1 1 Strategy, Results and Good Practices EUROINNOVA NAVARRA Rafael Muguerza Eraso Innovation and Information Society Service Director Navarra Government Brussels, DG REGIO 23 November 2009

2 2 EUROINNOVA NAVARRA EUROINNOVA NAVARRA 1. Strategy of the Programme 2. Actions and Results 3. Good Practices 4. Conclusions

3 3 1. Strategy 1. Strategy Objective 2 Region 2000-2006 Period Competitiveness and Employment Region 2007–2013 Period Region of Navarra Region of Navarra

4 4 Navarra Macro economic Figures 1. Strategy 1. Strategy Surface area10.391 sq. km. Population 620.377 people Unemployment rate10.39 % GDP (2008)19,218 M GDP per person30,614 % PIB EU27129.2

5 5 1. Strategy 1. Strategy SectorGDP % Agriculture2,7 % Industry28,4 % Construction9,5 % Services59,4 %

6 6 Investment 2008 R&D&I Investment 2008 R&D&i expenditure (as GDP %): 1,92 % Companies R&D&i expenditure: 67,78 % People working on R&D&i/working population 17,51 1. Strategy 1. Strategy

7 7 Third Technological Plan 2008-2011

8 8 EUROINNOVA NAVARRA PROGRAMME ERDF Initiative: Regional Programme of Innovative Actions Total Budget:4.892.000 ERDF Contribution:1.733.500 Implementing period: 01/01/2006 – 31/12/2008 1. Strategy 1. Strategy II Regional Programme of Innovative Actions on Navarra

9 9 EUROINNOVA NAVARRA Strategy Sectorial and regional integration European integration Regional intelligence 1. Strategy 1. Strategy

10 10 EUROINNOVA NAVARRA Strategy Intra Regional Cooperation (Regional dimension) Inter Regional Cooperation (European dimension) Focus on 3 sectors: Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Renewable Energies, and a cross-cutting sector :ICT´s Implication of the Regional Innovation System Stakeholders OPEN INNOVATION 1. Strategy 1. Strategy

11 11 2.1. POLES OF EXCELLENCE 2.2. INNOVATIC 2.3. INNOVANETWORKS 2. Actions and results 2. Actions and results

12 12 Goal: Designing, Developing, testing and reviewing a new methodology for the elaboration of R&D Integrated Projects in Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Renewable Energies. 1. Methodological development of the Poles of Excellence - Three sector-based studies and analysis of 45 businesses, bodies and research centers in the three sectors to identify the barriers for the cooperation - Setting up of a technological watch system for these three sectors. - Sector-based committees for the identification of integrated projects (dinamization) 2. Execution / Experimentation - Support the execution of three Integrated Projects (one per sector). - A mean investment of 660,000 per project in Integrated Projects -3. Methodology - Drawing up of a Methodological Guide and a Data Base for the execution of Integrated Projects 2.1. Poles of Excellence 2.1. Poles of Excellence

13 13 3 rounds of Sectorial Committees : 57 agents involved. 17 Working Groups with Projects. 9 Co-Financed Integrated Projects: 2 Universities, 8 Research Centers y 32 companies 2.1. Poles of Excellence 2.1. Poles of Excellence

14 14 Technological watch and Strategic Intelligence System (VIE- Navarra) in: Nano, Bio and Renewable Energies: system establish in 8 Technological Centers and Technical Institute of Research from Navarra. Report about barriers and proposals of improvement for the cooperation between enterprises and centers of knowledge. Methodology (MEUPOLE.pol) designed and good practices identified. 2.1. Poles of Excellence 2.1. Poles of Excellence

15 15 RESULTSEXPECTED EXECUTION 2008 % EXECUTION Sectorial studies 33100 Analysis of agents with potential in R+D 45 100 Sectorial Committees held 911122 Number of meetings held 272696 Number of agents involved at the Committees 4557127 Technological Watch Surveillance 33100 Analysis of suggested integrated projects 1534227 Supported integrated projects 39300 Mean investment in integrated projects 600.000 1.315.092 219,20 Jobs positions generated 25ND- Methodological guide 11100 Data Base of good practices 11100 2.1. Poles of Excellence 2.1. Poles of Excellence

16 16 2.2. INNOVATIC Goal: Promoting and developing the ICT sector as an accelerator of technological change and regional economic growth. Through Integrated projects in R+D that integrate the ICT in sectors with high potential for growth. 1. ICT Cluster Dinamization - Sectorial mixed Committees (ITC Companies and companies from the Bio, Nano and Renewable Energies sectors) - Identification and evaluation of mixed integrated projects in the already mentioned sectors - Promotion of the ICT Cluster of Navarra 2. Horizontal support to integrated mixed projects - Support to 5 projects - Mean investment per project: 170.000

17 17 Elaboration and promotion of 3 reports with bussiness opportunities in the ICT sector in the 3 target sectors 2 Committee mixed meetings with the participation of 93 agents Reception of 45 ideas of mixed projects. Creation of 18 Working groups of Projects 6 Co-Financed Integrated Projects 2.2. INNOVATIC

18 18 Legal support for developing agreements of collaboration between consortiums of the integrated projects co-financed Promotion of the Navarra ICT Cluster activities Methodology (MEUPOLE.tic) designed and good practices identified 2.2. INNOVATIC

19 19 2.2. INNOVATIC RESULTSEXPECTED EXECUTION 2008 % EXECUTION Mixed sectorial committees 56120 Attendants in the mixed sectorial committees 5093186 Evaluated mixed integrated projects 201890 Promotion actions of the ICT Cluster 5360 Supported mixed integrated projects 56120 Mean investment in integrated projects 170.000388.319228 Job position generated 10ND-

20 20 2.3. INNOVANETWORKS 2.3. INNOVANETWORKS Goal: Advancing towards the integration of the regional innovation system into the European Research Area (ERA), through methodologies in the creation on interregional networks and shared common resources. 1. Developing analytical and inter-regional technological planning (Foresight) - Creation of an analytical and inter-regional cooperation group with the participation of at least 5 European regions and development of an foresight exercice in at least 3 sectors. 2. Definition of supranational frameworks for the financing of projects -Transnational call for R+D projects in cooperation with at least two regions. 3. Constitution of and participation in networks of excellence: - Inclusion of 15 centers and companies from Navarra in networks of excellence. - Creation of a research network led by Navarra partners. - Holding of an International Congress on a specific theme attended by at least 200 participants. 4. Assessment and Transfer of results - Drawing up a guide to include the experimented methodology.

21 21 Development of an European Map of regions, networks and research centers of excellence in each of the sectors of Biotechnology, Renewable Energy and Nanotechnology. Development and promotion of the Navarra Profile in Biotechnology, Renewable Energy and Nanotechnology. Development of a Interregional Foresight, conducted by the Observatory for Industrial Technology Foresight (OPTI) International Congress of Biofuel 2G (Second Generation Biofuels) that took place in Pamplona in January of 2008. Participation of more than 220 experts. 2.3. INNOVANETWORKS 2.3. INNOVANETWORKS

22 22 3 Foresight Panels hold with the participation of: East of England (UK). Lombardy (Italy). Brittany and Pays de la Loire (France). Navarra. Participation of more than 50 regional experts. 3 Visions and Road Maps agreed between the regions that participated in the development of structures and tools that promote the inter-regional cooperation in the 3 key sectors. Draft of an interregional call for proposals for the support to projects and actions of cooperation. 2.3. INNOVANETWORKS 2.3. INNOVANETWORKS

23 23 Linking Agents and Coordinators of the integrated projects have dinamized the participation and incorporation of agents from Navarra in European networks. Support to the participation of agents from Navarra in these forums, ferias and european networks: Bioforum San Diego,USA. Eurobio, France. "Promoting a Competitive Food Industry in Europe, Rennes, France. European Technological Platform for the construction Exposition E5xpo of Energy and Environment (UK)... 2.3. INNOVANETWORKS 2.3. INNOVANETWORKS

24 24 Results from the incorporation of agents from Navarra in networks Support to the creation of the European network NAVENET (Navarra Vector Network Development) lead by the Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA). Navarras participation in the Council of European Bioregions. The Public University of Navarra joint 2 networks and the University of Navarra 1. 5 companies joint 4 networks 3 research centers joint 4 networks AH Asociados joint the European Technological Platform for the construction. 2.3. INNOVANETWORKS 2.3. INNOVANETWORKS

25 25 2.3. INNOVANETWORKS 2.3. INNOVANETWORKS RESULTSEXPECTED EXECUTION 2008 % EXECUTION Interregional foresight group 11100 Attendant regions in each group 55100 Foresigth exercises (sectors) 33100 Transnational call for proposal 1-- Collaboration agreement with European excellence centers 151280 Research Network lead by an agent from Navarra 11100 Call for proposals submitted to the 7 th FP 611183 European turn over 600.0004.142.800690 International Congress 11100 Attendants to the international Congress 200220110 Promotion of the results Conferences held 2150 Methological guide 11100

26 26 3. Good Practices Methology MEUPOLE Available in the web: Practical Guide with the methodology and Good Practices published. 11 Good Practices identified.

27 27 3. Good Practices Good Practices (Meupole.pol): 1. Involvement of Liking Agents and dinamizators with sectorial and regional vision for the identification of collaborative integrated projects. 2. Setting up of sector-based committees with specifically defined objectives, and pre-selection of agents on the basis of their R+D experience. 3. Grouping of partial proposals into ambitious integrated projects which bring together common interests. 4. Identification of the Scientific/Technological Supply and its dissemination Good Practices (Meupole.tic): 5. Formation of Transversal Groups for the identification of Poles of Excellence– ICT cooperation projects. 6. Drawing up of documentation and provision of support services for the drafting of proposals for the development of transversal projects

28 28 3. Good Practices Good Practices (Meupole.reg): 7. Approximation to European regions of excellence in each of the target sectors 8. Constitution of international sectorial panels. 9. Carrying out an exercise of common technological analysis (FORESIGHT). Good Practices ( 10. Accompanying companies in the process of their involvement in existing networks of sectorial interest 11. Compilation of existing opportunities and networks of interest to these sectors

29 29 4. Conclusions 4. Conclusions Evaluation of the Strategy Program results achieved above the expected. Highlights the number and quality of integrated projects supported. Extremely positive rating of the stakeholders in the dynamics of cooperation undertaken and facilitated collaborative climate. Continuity of forum and flexible instruments are required with motivated elements enough to promote cooperation. Successful transfer of MEUPOLE methodology to the INNOVATIC actions and to INNOVANETWORKS. Also replicated by the Automotive Cluster of Navarra and the ICT Cluster.

30 30 Sectorial targeting has confirmed the strength of the 3 targets areas selected. Progress in increasing specialization of the ICT sector. Promotion of networking of the CTE system players of 5 European regions in foresight exercises and joint reflection on the future of their regions, promoting international cooperation. Flexible and effective measures to support mobility and participation of stakeholders in international fairs and forums have demonstrated the permeability of the stakeholders in the internationalization of their business. 4. Conclusions 4. Conclusions

31 31 Sustainability of the Strategy Alignment of the strategy with priorities and instruments of the III Technological Plan: Cooperation Axis: Boosting of strategic sectors and dynamics of Clustering. Individualized analysis oriented to R & D & i co-operative projects at regional and / or national level R & D & i co-operative projects in the framework of joint programs with other regions.... 4. Conclusions 4. Conclusions

32 32 Sustainability of the Strategy Alignment of the strategy with priorities and instruments of the III Technological Plan: R&D&i Internationalization Axis: Individualized analysis oriented to R & D & i co-operative projects at European and international level Mobility an stages (in other regions) of the R & D staff of companies and research centers. Supporting the participation of companies in European technology platforms. Research centers projects in cooperation with other countries centers..... 4. Conclusions 4. Conclusions

33 33 Navarra Government – Department of Innovation, Enterprise and Employment. Gobierno de Navarra, Departamento de Innovación, Empresa y Empleo. Navarra Agency for Innovation and Technology. Agencia Navarra de Innovación y Tecnología. ANAIN. Navarra Association Industry. Asociación para laIndustria Navarra. Technological Industrial Foresight Observatory. Observatorio de Prospectiva Tecnológica Industrial. OPTI. Main Involved partners:

34 34 National Centre of Renewable Energies. Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables. CENER. Centre for Applied Medical Rsearch. Centro de Investigación Médica Aplicada. CIMA. National Centre of Food Technology and Safety. Centro Nacional de Tecnología y Seguridad Alimentaria. CNTA. LUrederra Foundation for Technological and Social Development. Fundación LUrederra. Main Involved partners:

35 35 Thanks for your attention! Rafael Muguerza Eraso Innovation and Information Society Director Navarra Government E-mail: Tel: + 34 848 427 663

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