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Food And Entertaining Chapter 25.

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1 Food And Entertaining Chapter 25

2 Objectives 1. Plan a social gathering 2. Create a theme
4. Know what to include on an invitation 3. Prepare appetizers

3 Planning For Entertaining
Most enjoy getting together with family and friends Planning will help it to go more smoothly Gatherings should allow both the guests and hosts to relax and enjoy Planning involves: Money, Time and Energy

4 The Theme Princess Party White Party Fiesta Mardi Gras Spiderman
Social gatherings have themes You can turn almost any idea into a theme Sport events and Holidays are popular What are some other themes? Theme helps you determine: What to wear What foods to serve What decorations to have Ideas for Activities Mardi Gras Spiderman Candles and Cupcakes

5 The Guest List Keep peoples interests and personalities in mind
Common interest will help your guests get to know each other Keeping personalities in mind will help ensure that guests have a good time The number of people invited should fit comfortably in the space available

6 The Invitations For large parties Invitations are more convenient
A formal event always requires Invitations Invitation should include: Date Time Place Specify if the party is in honor of something Indicate need for special clothing or attire (i.e. swimsuit for pool party) RSVP :French phrase meaning please respond Contact information

7 The Menu Almost any foods can be party foods
Kind of gathering can help you plan the menu Think about guests preferences Choose foods that your guests will like Ex: offer foods that you have seen them eat, offer meatless items if any are vegetarian Consider budget, time schedule, cooking skills and equipment

8 Menu con’t Appetizers: small, light foods served to stimulate the appetite These are popular party foods They can be conveniently served to a large group Remember select a variety or flavors colors and textures and hot and cold appetizers Always make the food look appetizing as well

9 Host Responsibilities
Before your Guests arrive: Make sure your house is clean and tidy Put fresh soap and clean towels in the bathroom Be sure there is a specific place for hats/coats and purses As your Guests arrive: Make introductions, try to say something interesting about each person A planned activity helps people get to know each other. Games, dancing and music help break the ice Participate in the party as much as possible, it’s up to you to make your guests feel welcome

10 Assignment Plan an event with invitations, decorations and appetizers
Follow the directions on the sheet that will be given to you Be ready to set up and Present your even on Friday at our “Event Planning Lab”

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