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Southeast Asia. Portugal Explores Vasco da GamaAlfonzo de Albuquerque.

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1 Southeast Asia

2 Portugal Explores Vasco da GamaAlfonzo de Albuquerque

3 Portugal Races to SE Asia In 1497 Vasco Da Gama finds new route to India. 10 month journey from Portugal to west coast of India looking for spices. To-long of a journey many men died. However spices to rich to pass so more expiations were set up. Opens the door to the East and they form a trading empire.

4 In 1511 Portugal sends Alfonzo de Albuquerque to try to link spice world of India to unexplored world of Asia. Threw force on the open seas and was inland he took control of the Muslim world and open trade takes with Asia. Portugal now controlled the spice trade between Europe and Asia. Portugal Races to SE Asia

5 I. Portugal's Empire in the East Albuquerque ended Muslim dominance by burning coastal towns and sinking Arab fleets Afonso "the Great" de Albuquerque - Builder of Portugal's Eastern Empire Albuquerque’s goal was to turn the Indian Ocean into a “Portuguese lake.”

6 I. Portugal's Empire in the East Within 50 years, the Portuguese built a trading empire of military and merchant outposts

7 I. Portugal's Empire in the East Throughout the 1500s, Portugal controlled the spice trade but remained on the fringe of Asian trade

8 I. Portugal's Empire in the East Lacking the ability to conquer empires in India and China, they sought permission to trade

9 I. Portugal's Empire in the East Religious intolerance caused resentment - the Portuguese sank Muslim pilgrim ships, destroyed Hindu temples, and introduced the Inquisition

10 To Sum Up Portugal never took control of SE Asia. Never gains access to Far East Only had a factor in spice world. There exploration did lead to unrest in the Muslim world causing many in SE Asia not to want to trade with them.

11 II. Rise of the Dutch The Dutch were the first Europeans to challenge Portuguese domination in Asia

12 A. Sea Power 1599 - a Dutch fleet returned from Asia carrying a cargo of pepper, cloves, and other spices The Return of the Dutch East India Fleet, 1 May 1599

13 A. Sea Power Investors earned a 100% profit, leading to a frenzy of overseas activity

14 A. Sea Power Dutch warships and trading vessels put the Netherlands in the forefront of European commerce. Ships try to take control of India Ocean and SE Asia. Along with tip of Africa.

15 A. Sea Power The Dutch used their sea power to set up colonies and trading posts around the world

16 B. Dutch Dominance 1602 - a group of wealthy Dutch merchants formed the Dutch East India Company Dutch East India Company Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie

17 B. Dutch Dominance 1641 – The Dutch captured Malacca from the Portuguese and opened trade with China

18 B. Dutch Dominance The Dutch used military force to establish a monopoly over trade and shipping in the Spice Islands

19 B. Dutch Dominance The Dutch forged closer ties with local rulers than the Portuguese, and many merchants married Asian women

20 B. Dutch Dominance Trade made the Dutch wealthy but by the 1700s, England and France had taken over

21 III. Spain Seizes the Philippines Magellan claimed the Philippine archipelago in 1521; within 50 years, Spain had colonized the islands

22 Spain Enters the Fun Ferdinand Magellan is first explorer to go down under South America to reach East Indies and Philippines. He was killed by his own men in a munity because he lied about the length of the trip.

23 III. Spain Seizes the Philippines The Philippines became a key link in Spain's overseas trading empire

24 III. Spain Seizes the Philippines The Spanish shipped silver from Mexico and Peru to the Philippines and used it to buy goods in China

25 IV. Mughal India and European Traders Before the 1700s, European traders made little impression on India

26 A. Industry and Commerce India was the world leader in textile manufacturing and exported large quantities of silk and cotton cloth

27 Culture of SE Asia The land of Spices Area filled with diverse people and languages. Women had greater equality this was strange for an outsider. They could trade, have money, rule lands, choose or divorce a husband, and had natural rights.

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