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Causes of the American Revolution Text page 131-157 See map text page 133 Discuss areas of possible conflict.

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1 Causes of the American Revolution Text page 131-157 See map text page 133 Discuss areas of possible conflict

2 Control of America Colonial Wars (4) King Williams 1689-1697 Conflict over Nova Scotia English try to take over Quebec Peace –nothing gained by any nation Issues of control still unsolved

3 Queen Anne’s War 1702-1713 Result of war in Europe English try to take St. Augustine Fl. Spanish and French become Allies Port Royal taken by English Treaty 1-Nova Scotia English 2-Newfoundland English 3-French keep fishing rights Other claims left unsolved

4 Queen Anne King George King William

5 King George’s War 1744-1748 Extension of war in Europe Over boundary claims in Nova Scotia Treaty Everything back to pre-war Again final claims not solved

6 The 4 th colonial war to come Albany Plan Ben Franklin Goal: 1- unite the colonies 2- seek friendship with Native Americans Set up: Representatives from all colonies Leader would be appointed by crown Leader would have power to veto This group would be called the grand council

7 Continued Albany Plan Powers: Collect taxes Regulate Indian affairs Raise army Pass laws-that would apply to all colonies Failed Colonies did not want to give up individual powers.

8 the 1 st Political Cartoon

9 French and Indian War After the first three colonial wars Nothing was gained Both French and English keep expanding their boundaries French moved into the Mississippi Valley English moved into the Ohio Valley Conflict Ahead

10 Map

11 Ohio Valley Conflict French try to protect Ohio Valley 1-Build new forts 2-Put up signs no trespassing British determined to stop the French from building forts and build there own Virginia sends 21 year old G. Washington to tell the French to leave the Ohio Valley and to build a fort where two rivers meet

12 Advantages French Small but effective army Strong forts in Quebec Indian support Had unity under the King British Larger population Controlled the Atlantic More supplies Lacked unity

13 Conflict Starts French had built fort Duquesne / same spot Washington was going to build Washington attacks but forced to retreat Washington builds a make shift fort Fort Necessity French overpower Washington, he was released and told relay the message that this was French land to Virginia.

14 Fort Necessity

15 Fort Duquesne

16 British Next Move Send General Braddock with 1400 men to take fort Duquesne Used European methods Did not understand frontier war French ambushed them / 1000 british killed including Braddock Braddock had five horses shot out from under him before he was killed

17 Braddock Mistakes European war Red coats

18 European Warfare

19 New Prime Minister in England William Pitt He is willing to spend what ever it takes to win this war He send the best of the best to America to win this war Washington put in command British gain Fort Duquesne and re-name it Fort Pitt (Present day Pittsburgh)

20 Tide of Battle turns Under William Pitt British start to win He spent and spent Pitt sent General Wolfe to take Quebec the capital of New France Quebec was needed by the French to supply all its lower forts If they lost Quebec the war would be over

21 Battle of Quebec


23 End of the French in America British gain Quebec with the battle of Abraham French did not think the British would attempt to enter up the cliff. French thought the British would enter from land Wolfe bold plan –late at night small boats across the river and climbed the cliff

24 Quebec Normally only moved during the day French wake up in am and find 4,000 British troops Battle takes place but French are defeated The fall of Quebec sealed the fate of the French. They could no longer supply lower forts Treaty Time

25 Treaty of Paris British gain French Canada British gain French land east of Miss. River French keep small islands As a result of secret deal between the Spanish and French Spain gets French land West of the Miss. River Spain gives British Florida

26 Result French removed from North America Peace returned since everyone had so much new land, no new conflicts for a while. Next conflict in America will be the British own 13 colonies rebelling against them because of all the new taxes the British started in order to pay the cost of the war.

27 Map after the war

28 Summary Queen Anne War—started over /gained King William War—started over / gained King George War—started over / gained Albany Plan--- goal 2 /powers / reason failed / who made it / how it was set up French and Indian war– why started / French fort / British fort / advantages / Braddock mistake/ New Prime Minister / What he did that changed things-turn point / battle that leads to the fall of French-explain / Treaty of Paris- explain by map

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