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Week of Sept. 16 Focus for this week: Wrap up Unit 1 and take test, finish draft and revise Personal Narrative, Revising techniques.

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1 Week of Sept. 16 Focus for this week: Wrap up Unit 1 and take test, finish draft and revise Personal Narrative, Revising techniques

2 * Active and Passive Voice – * Active voice occurs when the subject performs the action. * In Passive voice, the subject of the sentence is acted on by another agent. * Example * Passive – Snuffles was taken to the vet by my dad. * Active – My dad took Snuffles to the vet. * Rewrite in Active Voice * The menu for my graduation open house was chosen by my mom.

3 * Do Lesson 4 – pick up your computer when finished. * Review feedback from me on Introduction. * Revise Introduction to make it flow and add thesis statement. * Have draft ready for submission. * Check MLA format. * Learning Targets: * I will consider audience and purpose when combining my introduction, body, and conclusion.

4 * Thesis Statement should identify your career/college plan and specify what you have done to prove this is good option. * My love of the outdoors and my family have influenced me to pursue a career as a conservation officer. * From my experiences in CTC and my family members who currently work in construction, I have decided I want to study to be an engineer. * Introduction – Goal is to introduce YOU – let reader get to know you – and NOT repeat what is in body. * Reread introduction * Need to “tweak” it – make thesis last sentence * Transition – As I am finishing my senior year, I have started thinking about my future. OR Everyone keeps asking me what I am going to do after high school, and I am close to making a decision.” * Take out material that is repetitive to body * Review goals of introduction

5 * Body 1 – take first reason and discuss in detail – tell anecdotes, give specific experience, evidence to support your choice. End with statement that ties what you have said to your thesis. * Body 2 – repeat for 2 nd reason. * Conclusion – Your plan * How will you go from where you are now to your career, internship, program, etc. * Most will begin something like - As a senior who is about to graduate… or In June, I will be graduating from….

6 * Print out a copy to use tomorrow and Wednesday. * Save it somewhere “safe” that you can get to any day you need to this week. * Homework – Mastery Review p. 7, Part A. * Revised Time Line – * Discuss revision process – self and peer. * Submission of draft will be Wednesday. – Sept. 18 * Peer Revision will be Thursday – Sept. 19 * Final will be submitted on Sept. 23.

7 * “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Walt Disney

8 * Correct Mastery Review, Do Part B and Correct * Discuss Improving your writing * Specific Word Choice * Sentence Variety * Using Mature Vocabulary * Using a Variety of Transitions

9 * Improving Writing – Focus on words * Activity * How to use “Ten Errors, “Transitions,” “Effective Writing,” and Openings with vocabulary. * Review purpose of these items. * Take out your paper. * Where can you “bump” up the level of your vocabulary? * Where can you change up your sentences – varying how you start sentences, varying the transitions you use? * Write these changes into your paper.

10 * Take out Mastery Review, do p. 8 21-25 - correct * Pick up computer * Make changes, improvements to essay * Check MLA format * Special request – increase spacing from double * Submit to Turn it it. * Decide who will review your paper and whose paper you will review. * This will be open to you as of 6 pm tonight.

11 * Please check board for schedule so you are ready when bell rings * Have homework completed. * Use time effectively. * No electronics unless I direct otherwise. * When using computers – be doing what you are supposed to do – any time you spend doing anything else is a waste of your time.

12 * Opening: Please correct the following. * The student, who turned in the 3-D project showing a remodel of the hallway, has been nominated to receive an award. * Grab your computer as soon as you are finished.

13 * Review rubric for editing * Discuss who will read/share other’s paper * Peer review * Use the rubric and questions * Use your transition sheet and vocabulary and ten errors handout * Finish Mastery Review for Friday * Learning Targets * I can edit for sufficient use of detail and clarity in another’s paper. * I can correctly edit sentences for correctness in punctuation.

14 * Learning to review is a life skill * You are providing feedback – try to help this person * Keep rubric and peer review questions in mind. * Take your time. * Peer feedback will be released at 6:00 pm today –

15 * Goal of Intro – give sense of the person – not repeat what is in body. * Body – Each should be a point mentioned in thesis * Is it specific? Would someone who did not know this person understand the examples? * Does last sentence tie back to thesis. * Conclusion – Goal is to explain how person will move towards the thesis statement plan.



18 * Correct Mastery Review * Review comments from peer editors. * Look over your submission sheet. * Make changes, improvements, revisions to your personal narrative. * Submit final to by end of day on Monday. * If you have a problem, talk with me – email me your paper. I will help this time! * Submission also include filling out your submission sheet. You can work on this as you revise your paper. * Print out items requested. * Highlight what is asked for – Turnitin will take it that way. * You may either turn in to me today or on Monday. * Review Unit 1 for Test on Monday. * Journal 4

19 * Prove you looked at and understood revision comments * Print out * Make changes * Explain what you changed * Prepare final * Make it something you would be proud to hand to a boss, recruiter, college as an example of your best work. * Read directions on submission sheet.

20 * Monday – Unit 1 Test * Be sure Paper is submitted both hard copy materials to me and final copy online * Journal 4, 5, 6. * Unit 2 Case and Agreement * Collage assignment

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