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Detail of William Clark with Shoshone guide Sacagawea at Three Forks of the Missouri in 1805. The Presidency of Thomas Jefferson shapes the U.S. government.

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1 Detail of William Clark with Shoshone guide Sacagawea at Three Forks of the Missouri in 1805. The Presidency of Thomas Jefferson shapes the U.S. government. The Louisiana Purchase and the War of 1812 strongly affect the nation. The Jefferson Era, 1800–1816

2 Jefferson Takes Office When Jefferson becomes President in 1801, his party replaces Federalist programs with its own.

3 Breaking the Tie House of Representatives break Burr/Jefferson tie Federalists control the House of Representatives Some Federalists fear Jefferson’s views

4 The Talented Jefferson Jefferson has many talents: -advises Washington D. C. architects -skilled violinist, horseman, scientist, devoted reader Book collection becomes core for the Library of Congress

5 Jefferson’s Philosophy Jefferson wants to unite Americans, promotes common life style Believes such a nation upholds strong democratic values Wants U.S. to remain a nation of small, independent farmers Believes in a modest role for the central government

6 Undoing Federalist Programs Jefferson seeks to end many Federalist policies: -allows Alien and Sedition Acts to end -reduces number of Federal employees, government debt

7 Undoing Federalist Programs He reduces size of Army and Navy and halts constructions of new Naval ships. But he kept a couple things still in place: -Treasury Secretary Gallatin wants to keep National bank -Gov ’ t continues to pay off state debts from Washington ’ s presidency.

8 New Cabinet Albert Gallatin-Secretary of Treasury James Madison-Secretary of State

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10 Jefferson purchases the Louisiana Territory in 1803 and doubles the size of the United States. The Louisiana Purchase and Exploration

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15 The West in 1800 Many settlers move to region between Appalachians, Mississippi River, 1 million by 1800 France, Spain want Louisiana Territory, Britain claims land in region Kentucky, Tennessee become states (1800), Ohio becomes state (1803)

16 Louisiana Purchase Louisiana Territory between the Mississippi River, Rocky Mountains Spain settles California, Russians settle Pacific coast Americans want and need free use of Mississippi River and New Orleans’ port

17 Spain gives Louisiana Back to France In 1800, Spain signs treaty with France giving them back. Louisiana. Jefferson knew Napolean wanted to conquer Europe. Napolean needed Louisiana to grow food and ship it to French Islands in the West Indies. A revolution in Haiti caused these plans to change.

18 Jefferson decides to try and buy Louisiana Jefferson sends Robert Livingston and James Monroe to buy New Orleans from Napolean. They had $10 million they could spend. They meet with Talleyrand, the French Foreign Minister.

19 Offer They Can ’ t refuse After losing Haiti, Napolean gives up on America and needs money. Talleyrand now asks Livingston if the U.S. wanted to buy all of the Louisiana Territory.

20 Here ’ s the Deal-I-O Livingston offers $4 million Talleyrand says it was too low and they should “ Reflect and see me tomorrow. ” They agreed to pay $15 million for Louisiana even though they didn ’ t have the authority to do so.

21 “ From this day the United States take their place among the powers of the first rank.”

22 Now Jefferson has one major question Nowhere in the Constitution does it give the president the power to buy land. He reasoned that he could because the had the power to make treaties.

23 Louisiana Purchase Treaty Passed The Senate approved the Treaty and it went into effect in 1803. The size of the nation has now doubled.


25 This sets the stage for…

26 But he doesn ’ t know the territory.. 1803, Congress provides money to study new lands Jefferson chooses his private secretary Meriwether Lewis to head expedition (long voyage of exploration) Lewis asks William Clark to go with him

27 Jefferson ’ s Plan for Lewis and Clark Map a route to Pacific Ocean Geography of the Territory – Climate/planting season/animals

28 Learn about Indian nations – He wanted to trade with them like English, French, and Spanish did. – Tell the Indians of “ our wish to be neighborly, friendly, and useful to them ”

29 Corps of Discovery Lewis and Clark pick aprox. 50 men to join expedition on basis of: character, strength, hunting skills, ability to survive in wilderness. Group included York, a slave who had been Clark’s companion since boyhood.

30 May 1804 Lewis and Clark start up the Missouri River from St. Louis. They are going upstream.

31 The broad grassy plains marveled them.

32 Animals of the Plains Buffalo Antelopes Deer Elk

33 They met various Indians They brought many gifts – Peace medals stamped with US seal – Mirrors – Beads – Knives – Blankets – Sewing needles – fishhooks

34 They meet Sacajawea While staying with the Mandans in N. Dakota area they were worried about how to cross Rockies Sacajawea, a Shoshone agreed to accompany them with her French Canadian husband.

35 Sacajawea Knew about healing qualities of plants and herbs Her presence with her baby showed Indians they encountered they were friendly

36 Early Spring 1805 Sacagawea guides the expedition over the Rockies. They met some Shoshones including Sacajawea ’ s brother. They supply food and horses and helped them get over the Rockies

37 Continental Divide

38 Continental Divide-mountain ridge that separates river systems flowing toward opposite sides of the continent


40 November 7, 1805 Lewis and Clark reach their goal….. They reach the Pacific Ocean A year later, Americans celebrate the return of Lewis and Clark to St. Louis.

41 Zebulon Pike From 1805-1807 Zebulon Pike explored the upper Mississippi River, Arkansas River, and parts of what is now Colorado and New Mexico.


43 Pike ’ s Peak In 1806, Pike viewed a mountain peak rising up above Colorado plains.

44 Pike Pike ends up going southward into Spanish territory. He gets arrested and all of his maps get taken. He hides a map in the barrel of his gun. He ends up dying in War of 1812.

45 Settlers end up moving into the Louisiana territory from the Mississippi River westward. Louisiana itself becomes a state in 1812.

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