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The cycle of a TAIEX request

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1 The cycle of a TAIEX request
TAIEX - Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument Nicolò Gasparini Communication officer Institution Building Unit - IBU DG Enlargement

2 TAIEX requests – the workflow

3 Application Requests of assistance are submitted to the IBU either through: - Application forms available via the website or - Letter, fax, (under the condition that the basic information requested in the application form is provided) through the National Contact Point / Programme Administration Office

4 Registration Applications are registered into the TMS (TAIEX Management System), our working tool Dispatched to the relevant team – depending on the topic concerned The consultation is automatically launched

5 Consultation All relevant actors are involved and have the possibility to raise their concern: DG Devco for all ENPI applications NCPs / PAOs EU Delegations geographical Units either in DG ELARG or at the EEAS Country coordinators in IBU Line Directorates General of the Commission (manually)

6 Consultation Compulsory Adopted for ALL activities
‘Positive silence’ rule (under which a failure to respond within 5 days implies an implicit approval) Team leaders follow up closely Veto power – Devco for all ENPI countries and other key stakeholders

7 Consultation - Strengths of a participative approach
Transparency Analysis Coordination Communication Visibility

8 Decision Based on the result of the consultation and
on 10 standard approval criteria each application is decided upon at a weekly meeting ("planning meeting"). Team Leaders present their assessment of each application. Following a discussion, the Head of Unit takes a decision

9 Decision - 10 TAIEX approval criteria
Eligibility Acquis related (IPA) ENP priorities (ENPI) Applicant relevant Targeted participants relevant Added value Timely No overlap/duplication Requested action clear Stakeholders’ endorsement

10 Directorate General Enlargement Institution Building Unit
European Commission Directorate General Enlargement Institution Building Unit TAIEX Instrument Nicolò Gasparini Telephone: Website:

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