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ALT 2010 2010 Novak GM.

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1 ALT 2010 2010 Novak GM

2 Implementing GM in the Labour Inspection 2003-2010
2003/2004 GM-project group (TQM) -> concept for implementation of GM in the labour inspection 2005 GM-working group LI, GM-Experts, contact persons (TQM) 2007 GM-network ( LI - internal) (since Diversity) 2008 external GM-networking – embedded in the Austrian OSH-strategy

3 labour inspection – BMASK 2003 / 2009
Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection 20 regional labour inspectorates are directly responsible to the Central Labour Inspectorate. Altogether some 415 persons are employed in labour inspection. Approx. 300 field service colleagues (221M/76W) care for some workplaces and supervise compliance with the provisions for the protection of approx. 2.4 mio employees. Each of the federal provinces has at least one labour inspectorate. Each labour inspectorate has a medical labour inspection service. Total head count

4 Labour Inspection – OSH framework strategy
TQM Projekt ( ): Development and introduction of a comprehensive quality management system in the 20 regional labour inspectorates, including full coverage of interfaces to the Central Labour Inspectorate. This (especially for a federal authority) outstanding project triggered a lot of tools and projects like: Mission Statement , framework-strategy, performance indicators, intranet, homepage…. ► Core principles: „Fulfilling its legal mandate labour inspection ensures the protection of life and health of employees. It thus contributes towards the prevention of accidents and work-related illness,…. .. encouraging the balancing of interests of men and women at work ► Image: „The labour inspection staff act.. ..considering the different situation of women and men in a working enviroment and .. regarding to the fact, that OSH measures should be gender-sensitive Rahmenstrategie im ArbeitnehmerInnenschutz: GeM-Strategie - Kernauftrag: Die labour inspectorate gewährleistet den Schutz of Leben und Gesundheit der Arbeitnehmer/innen durch die Erfüllung ihres gesetzlichen Auftrags. Sie trägt so bei zur Vermeidung of Unfällen und arbeitsbedingten Erkrankungen Weiterentwicklung des Arbeitnehmer/innenschutzes gesellschaftlichen Akzeptanz des Arbeitnehmer/innenschutzes Förderung der Chancengleichheit of Frauen und Männern im Arbeitnehmer/innenschutz. - Image: Die Mitarbeiter/innen der labour inspectorate handeln wirksam und objektiv im Sinne eines fairen Wettbewerbs verlässlich und vertrauenswürdig konsequent bei der Durchsetzung der Beseitigung of Mängeln unter Bedachtnahme auf unterschiedliche Arbeitssituationen of Frauen und Männern unter Berücksichtigung geschlechtsspezifischer Wirkungen of Arbeitnehmer/innenschutzmassnahmen 4

5 GM – Starting Position labour inspection 2003
Internal Mission Statement labour inspection - Equal opportunities by encouragement (of women) „Action plan to promote women“ - GM-Strategy in all working-fields of the ministry Three Decisions of the Council of Ministers – Duty of Releasing a report concerning women‘s policy Legal Duty: § 3 ArbIG – The labour inspection has to contribute towards enhancing OSH at work, EU-Common-Strategy for OSH at work ( ) (OSHA fact sheets 42, 43)

6 Gender–Facts OSHA: Gender-Report, risk assessment

7 Phase 1: 2003/2004 - GM-Project labour inspection (TQM-task)
* General Director´s Request: Prepare a concept for implementation of GM in the labour inspectorate GM-Definition - labour inspectorate/OSH -> framework-strategy Offer of GM-informations - eg. Infotrail (= intranet, end 2003), GM-Information for multiplicators Status Quo survey about GM – including all interfaces Tools – How to create indicators, GM in checklists, GM in project proposals Good Practice – GM-criteria (what about „good GM?“) Cooperation with selected actual projects – eg. nursing homes, Good Practice, guideline for internal documents, KoLMUS (noise/investigation on female musicians), SHMS -> Results: draft for implementation with five focal points -> Realisation from 2005 on 7

8 GM-Corner im AI-Infotrail 2004

9 Phase 2: 2005 - GM-Implemention in labour inspection
accompanied by the permanent GM working group 1 Trainig for the inspectors GM in LI-basic-training (all new LI) GM-training for managers, teaching LIs, experts, GM-standards for internal training 2 Public relations – Awareness-raising, Marketing Infotrail-Corner/know-how exchange GM-Folder, GM-LI-Logo OSH-Award/GM since 2006: AI-Website including GM 3 Reports / Statistics M/F-data collection (generally and in projects) Annual report with GM-Inputs (eg. cleaning project) 4 Extending the organisations-structure towards GM permanent GM working group (accompanying the realisation) GM-experts in the organisation, contact persons in the local LIs linking multiplicators (managers, quality officers, ) since 2007: GM-network (mailing list, „annual“-meetings) 5 GM-benchmarking, controling GM in LI-strategy GM involved in LIs annual workplans GM reports LI/ZLI benchmarking with other organisations (OSH-strategy)

10 2005 Structure of the GM working group,
ALT 2010 2010 2005 Structure of the GM working group, GM-Arbeits-gruppe AION 1 GM-B AION ZAI GM-E GM-ASP AI 5 AI 10 AI 16 AI 17 AI 13 PV AI 9 AI 2 „New hope“ GM contact-persons in the local LIs GM-Ansprech-personen in einzelnen AI Ansprechpersonen Contact Persons GM-Beauftragte: GM-Representative GM-AG = GM-Experts Novak GM 10

11 AWP Cleaning 2010 - Occupational accidents W/M

12 Guideline: residential care (for elder people)

13 first „effects“ (2005) Mainstream gender into daily work of inspectors
Increasing awareness (supported by checklists) „with whom do I speak“ (W/M), does my advice cover both women and men? Will men and women equally benefit from my advice? GM lead better focus on OSH problems and improved external efficiency Mainstream gender into the labour inspectorate by „Mixed teams“ in the preparation of campaigns and for special inspections Improving the cooperation and communication between the field service colleagues and the office colleagues Gender training for LI-managers and OSH-multiplicators helped to bring gender experts to most of the LI-projects


15 Poster-series Community of Vienna

16 http://www.labour

17 European Week 2007: Webfeature MSD
M/F in different branches – different risks / exposures different health complaints W/M industrial design: genderproof design of working equipment coincidence of risks – multifactorial strains eg. psychosocial strains with back pains consideration of gender aspects while doing assessment of MSD

18 Phase 3: 2007- labour inspection GM-network
Linz, Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt 2011 Wien 18

19 from 2007: network-development
Kick-Off with external Coaching (Linz) GeM – Vernetzungstreffen labour inspectorate 2007 29. bis 30. November AI Linz TeilnehmerInnen: Harald Frimmel, Heidi Fritz, Dr. Margarete Grünberger, Ing. Ferdinand Hauer, Elsbeth Huber, DI Walter Hutterer, DI Franz Jäger, DI Josef Kurzthaler, Elisabeth Martin, Renate Novak, Ing. Klaus Rosenberger, Dr. Friederike Sachornig-Tumlirz, Heike Seifried-Weber, Franziska Simma, DI Günter Schinkovits, Ingrid Theuermann-Weikinger, Ingrid Voraberger, Susanne Wieshofer

20 labour inspection´s GM/D-network – in the BMASK
ALT 2010 2010 labour inspection´s GM/D-network – in the BMASK GMD-Netzwerk AION (43) GM-AG AION (6) AG GM BMASK (2 VB=4) (3) GM-B AI-GM-Experts, ASP (13) 1 GM-B Arbeitsrecht Nunmehr wieder im BMASK daher bessere Vernetzung mit den anderen Abteilungen (BSB; AM-Verwaltung, Konsumentenschutz) in einer eigenen Arbeitsgruppe (Kästchen) - gelber Kreis: Novak (ZAI), Schinkovits, Wieshofer (AI) GM-NW AION Novak GM 20

21 GM/D – network activities 2007/2010
GM-network-platform Infotrail new: NW-platform (access for each LI, inter- active, topics colour coded) Events GM-good practice + tools Gender + Diversity Links Archive GM and Diversity in OSH management systems risk assesment Outlook-Mailing-List AION NW: Active inputs for … Gender sensitive graphics (eg. in MLH, screen work) LI-projects (like annual working plans, campaigns (e.g. working time) Austrian OSH strategy (WG 3) GM/Diversity-training 2009 2010 handicaped workers (This time focus on deafness) 2011: labour migration AI-Website Gender + Diversity

22 + Leaflet: Gender & Diversity in
the cleaning industry Arbeitssicherheit und Gesundheitsschutz im Reinigungsgewerbe unter Einbeziehung of Genderaspekten mit Genderzielen

23 In the Austrian Occupational Safety and Health Strategy 2007 - 2012
2010 In the Austrian Occupational Safety and Health Strategy representatives of institutions directly or indirectly involved in occupational safety and health, such as ministries, state governments, accident insurance companies, social partners, stakeholder groups, safety engineering and occupational health centres, research centres, universities, regulatory agencies, companies, associations etc. commit themselves to cooperate to improve OSH conditions sustainable and under special consideration of Gender and ageing aspects 5 working groups: Risk assessment and hazard awareness Accident prevention Prevention of work-related and occupational diseases Instruction and advanced training and information concerning OSH, Improving the activities of preventive services Raising awareness of occupational safety and health. NEU: Die Beteiligten haben sich erstmals und freiwillig zur Berücksichtigung of Gender- und Altersaspekten verpflichtet 23

24 Phase 4: from 2008 – Austrian OSH strategy 2007 - 2012

25 Working group 3 - Austrian OSH strategy
Prevention of work-related and occupational diseases Branchen: von Bau – Reinigung – beide Hautschutz In rechten Kästchen: auch Berücksichtigung of AN mit migrantischen Hintergrund

WG 5 Good / Best Practice LOAD-TIME-LIMITS (LTL-TABLE) 26

27 Austrian social insurance for occupational risks (AUVA) Skin-care
ALT 2010 2010 Austrian social insurance for occupational risks (AUVA) Skin-care Sonnenschutz Nackenschutz GMD Arbeitsschutzstrategie (ASB) 27

28 GM in LI-projects and annual campaigns
website, intranet noise/investigations on female musicians annual campaigns: nursing homes safety representatives OSH-organisation-check (SiGeO-check) manual handling of loads (European Week campaign) manual handling assessment tables (OSH strategy, WG 5) age based working annual campaigns: cleaning (2008, 2010) campaign working time limits (retail trade – food/electronics) risk assesment – psychosocial risks planned 2011: ergonomic and psychosocial risks in the hotel and restaurant industry since 2008 increasing external cooperation based on the OSH strategy eg. concerning skin protection, MSD, risk assessment, statistics …

29 Thank you for your attention!
Everything is difficult – before it gets easy ... Thank you for your attention!

30 GM - Sucess factors clear mandate from the top management
„Mixed“ teams (W/M, manager, field service, office, regional, GM-experts) Choose the „right“ topics for campaigns, projects .. Set language standards and check them Good cooperation with TQM – using synergies promote the use of networks create GM-standards for projects (data collection, team members, project leaders, reporting, ..) Gender-trainings for different peer-groups offer GM-information and discussion platforms holistic approach

31 gender-sensitive OSH - IF ...
criteria is „gender“ – not the „average male worker“ avoid gender stereotyping (categorization according to f/m attributes) representative participation of women/men in OSH (planning – realisation, ressources ) risk assessment: ALL, REAL strains, employees, work-places, nonresidence working-places, building sites, … Information, instructions: according the target group (knowledge, language, who instructs whom, ..) check understanding Personal protection equipment : W+M, individual, suitable Preventive services: MSD, psych. strains, violence Safety representatives: W+M for ALL representatives (safety experts, occupational physician, fire-fighter, first aid..) Zeile 2 : Achtung – Rollenzuschreibung nicht verstärken

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