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Psychologist vs Psychiatrist w Psychologist w Masters (2yrs) w Doctoral (3-5 years) PhD or PsyD (clinical) Cannot prescribe drugs Practitioners Academic.

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1 Psychologist vs Psychiatrist w Psychologist w Masters (2yrs) w Doctoral (3-5 years) PhD or PsyD (clinical) Cannot prescribe drugs Practitioners Academic Researchers w Psychiatrist w Medical Doctor M.D. w Medical school with internship in psychiatry w Can prescribe drugs w Counselor w Master’s degree (MSW or MC) w Less severe mental health problems w Family, relationship, substance abuse, anxiety

2 Types of Psychologists w Clinical- w Counseling w Social w Experimental w Physiological/neurological w Cognitive w Developmental w Psychometrics w Industrial/Organizational w Education/school w Forensic


4 Careers in Psychology: Percentage of Psychology Degrees by Specialty

5 1909- Clark University Psychology Convention w C:\Documents and Settings\REEDS\Desktop\images.jpg C:\Documents and Settings\REEDS\Desktop\images.jpg

6 Defining Psychology w Defined-The study of behavior and mental processes w Goals of Psychology To fulfill a genuine curiosity about behavior To understand the contributions of genetics and environment (social and cultural) in behavior and mental process To study behavior using methods that deem the study scientific

7 Roots of Psychology in Philosophy w Psyche (life/self) logos (logic) w Plato (400BC)- Rationalism, deductive reasoning w Aristotle- Associations w Descartes- Dualism- Mind and Body, Nativism w John Locke- Empiricism, tabula rasa

8 The Roots of Psychology and science w In the late 1800’s both physiologists and philosophers will be investigating the mind w Philosophy- “Why?” w Physiology_ “How?”

9 Psychology-A scientific discipline w Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) Works to have psychology become an independent science Founds the 1st psychology laboratory in Germany (1879)

10 w Structuralism Wundt and Titchener Structuralism focused on the structure of consciousness Premise-The content of conscious experience can be analyzed into its basic elements Competing Schools of Thought That Shape Psychology

11 Psychology Comes to America w G. Stanley Hall (1846-1924) A student of Wundt Establishes 1st American laboratory at Johns Hopkins (1883) Founded 1st American psy journal (1887) Founded American Psychological Association- APA (1892)

12 Woman and minorities w Few woman and minorities in early 1900’s Woman w Margaret Floy Washburn- first PhD 1894 w Mary Calkins- first president of APA w Currently woman get about 70% of PhD’s African American Francis Sumner- first PhD in 1920

13 Competing Schools of Thought That Shape Psychology w Functionalism William James and G. Stanley Hall were the primary proponents Interested in studying the functions of consciousness Premise-the function of a conscious experience in providing adaptation of the organism is more important than the structure of that conscious experience

14 Current Perspectives w Psychoanalytic w Behavioral w Cognitive w Biological w Humanistic w Others evolutionary, sociocultural,

15 Current Perspectives in Psychology

16 Psychoanalytic early 1900s (Freud) Freud- Interpretations of Dreams (1900) w Behavior influenced by unconscious processes w Stressed early childhood experiences determine later behavior w Negative view of humanity (aggression, sex)

17 Early behaviorists Pavlov (1913)- Dog Watson (1925)- Little Albert Skinner- Box, rewards and punishments

18 Behaviorists (Skinner, Watson, Pavlov) w Environment determines behavior (Clean slate) w Stimulus Response w Reinforcements and punishment w Studies observable (overt) behavior and stimuli, not concerned with internal states

19 Humanistic w Emerged as a revolt against behaviorism and psychoanalytic approaches w Carl Rogers founder w Inherent Goodness of Human Beings w FREE WILL w Unconditional Positive Regard

20 Cognitive w Thoughts and mental processes w Stim Mental process Behav w Rational emotive therapy

21 Biological w Observable behavior given physiological explanations w Genetics, biochemical, neurological

22 Seven Themes of Psychology w Psychology is Empirical w Psychology is theoretically diverse w Psychology evolves in a sociohistoric w Behavior has multiple causes w Behavior is shaped by cultural heritage w Behavior is influenced by heredity and environment w Our experience of the world is highly subjective

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