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South Asia - Physical Geography

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1 South Asia - Physical Geography
Chapter 2 Section 1 South Asia - Physical Geography

2 Section 1- South Asia Physical Geography


4 Himalayas Natural boundary between South Asia and the rest of Asia

5 India Largest nation in South Asia Pakistan and Afghanistan- west
Nepal and Bhutan- north Bangladesh- east Sri Lanka and Maldives- south

6 Rivers Ganges River Indus River
Ganges flows east and empties into Bay of Bengal Indus flows west from Himalayas into Pakistan

7 Plains and Plateaus Plains cover northern part of Indian subcontinent
Alluvial plains- made of soil deposited by rivers Have rich, fertile soil Deccan Plateau- south of Indian plains

8 Monsoons Summer Monsoons- from June to October- blow in from the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean Winter Monsoons- winter months- monsoons change direction, winds blow from frigid northeast


10 Land Use 70% of population live in rural areas Cash crops
Iron ore and coal plentiful Small amount of oil Rely on hydroelectricity and nuclear power Most people live in coastal areas

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