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The future of EU research Rudolf Meijer, European Commission Prague, 26 May 2004 Annex X.

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1 The future of EU research Rudolf Meijer, European Commission Prague, 26 May 2004 Annex X

2 Priorities for the enlarged Union Europe must work together for higher growth with more and better jobs Attain the Lisbon objective of becoming one of the most competitive economies Strenghten the European effort in RTD by - realising a European Research Area - raising European effort to 3% of GDP - increasing financial support at EU level

3 Main themes for EU action Support projects carried out by individual research teams selected EU-wide Support key infrastructures at EU level Set up public/private partnerships based on technological platforms concept Stimulate European poles of excellence based on networking and co-operation Improve co-ordination of national and regional research programmes

4 Effort in S&T related fields Space applications: - positioning and navigation, - earth observation and monitoring - telecommunications Security: - bio-terrrorism, - cyber crime Education and training

5 First orientations for FP7 More necessary than ever for Europe to invest more in research Europe can become an area of scientific and technological excellence Need various instruments: legal, financial, both through MS efforts, and those of EU (and co-ordination of all of these !!) Support at EU level must be reinforced

6 Six challenges Stimulate competition between individual research teams Develop research infrastructures Launch technological initiatives Consolidate the co-operation Reinforce human resources Promote co-ordination

7 Support for individual teams New challenge for EU: no transnational co- operation, nor mobility, required Will cover also basic research fields Needs autonomy and flexibility Would be managed by an EU agency, in close association with the scientific community itself

8 A European research agency Responsible for support to individual teams Covering all fields of science Guaranteeing quality by peer review Overseen by a European Research Council consisting of independent personalities Management Board composed of representatives of Commission and scientific community

9 Human Resources initial training at EU level (also across disciplines) and European Chairs transfer of knowledge and technologies (especially for less advanced regions) promotion of intersectorial and university/ industry mobility international mobility life-long learning and career development (discipline change, re-integration)

10 Financing sources EU budget through Framework Programme European Investment Bank (innovation!) Also, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and national banks Structural Funds can support infrastructures and human resources – complementarity needs to be enhanced

11 Time-table Adoption of Commission document later this year, for discussion in Council and Parliament, and with scientific community Concrete proposals for FP7 only in 2005 Contributions to the debate welcomed especially also from scientific community of the new Member States

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